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I'd like to address a mistake I made in my earlier statement. The 50 Shin-Ra Infantryman challenge is only made available after Chapter 10, when Zack awakes from his coma and has already cut ties with Shin-Ra. It is a fantasy, one unconnected with the actual telling of Zack's journey.
The only time when Zack faces the numbers that the other team means to imply SOLDIER eats for breakfast is during the battle in which he loses his life.
This is the SOLDIER First Class we are talking about, the one Luxiere freely admits he could never measure up to or even be of any real use to as an actual combatant in the field whatsoever. There is no basis in canon for the difference between a human and an average SOLDIER Second Class to be as great as implied here. Before Crisis shows us that when push comes to shove, with the exception of the First Classes and those already sated to become First Class like Zack, Shin-Ra relies on the Turks far more for their most dangerous missions, even when they are freshly recruited from outside Shinra. Experience in the field, like the normal humans in AVALANCHE build up is weighed more heavily then the meager enhancements the mako infusion Hojo didn't partake in offers in this world. And that, our weathered Chocobo Driver has in bulk.
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