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Okay I'm here to cast my official vote as a judge of this round. I've been reading all posts since the beginning and have gone back and forth several times. Great work everyone.

First, a little something about the person you're trying to impress:
I have played barely any of FFVII. The furthest I have got is, funnily enough, up to Don Corneo's mansion. I've played CC and watched ACC a whole bunch of times. I've been part of this community (through ACF) for over ten years so have peripheral knowledge of the whole game, but nothing firsthand.

What this basically amounts to is a lack of any real opinion on most all of the characters we're pitting against each other. If you tell me the chocobo driver can time travel, I will believe you. HOWEVER. Be careful what you say as you may be opening your character up to greater criticism. I'll be deciding my winner based on the strength of the team's argument and how convinced I am of their feats.

How I made my choice:
I quickly realised that this wouldn't be easy within the first two posts. Both Lic and Roger opened this smackdown in an incredible way. I was all "OH SHIT DIS GON BE GOOD"

I decided to come up with an almost arbitrary point system to help me keep track of my own journey through these posts. The first post netted a few points for opening the argument and then afterwards I allocated each team between 1-5 points every time I was won over by their side or thought an interesting point had been brought up.

I also allocated extra points based solely on creativity. The raps and images were great and did a lot to endear me to that side.

Finally I wanted to allocate an additional full 5 points to what I considered the best post in the entire fight.
Unfortunately in this case there was a tie between two posts, from opposing teams. They were still took into account but inevitably made no difference.

My Choice

It was really tough and while I won't show the point allocations, believe me it was damn close. The winner for me by a small margin is:

Luxiere !

While Luxiere doesn't seem to come across as an overly strong or courageous individual compared to others, he does have the training and has had the leadership.
What ultimately let Chocobo Driver down here were claims to his time travel shenanigans. Once this apparent feat was brought to the table he became more open to criticism and seemed ultimately weaker as his actions betrayed this apparent truth.

My personal MVP for this round was Licorice for opening the fight and having the stamina to go the full distance in support of her fighter.
Special mention goes to Minato for his first post in defense of his character. Right at the beginning of the smackdown I thought this post alone had sealed the deal as a clear winner. Unfortunately it didn't pan out that way but props where props are due.

Well done to all participants and I'll see you in the next round!

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