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Bforbrigitta wrote: The Time Guardian's job is to observe time and ensure that all occurring events are in line with what is destined to happen, no?

Therefore, without Cloud's mother, there would be no Cloud. There would be no coincidental run-in with Barret and co., there would be no AVALANCHE, and therefore there would be no ragtag team of misfit heroes to thwart JENOVA and Meteorfall.

The destruction of Gaia does not align with the interests of the universe, and therefore the Time Guardian has no obligation to disrupt this chain of events.

It is because of this that Cloud's mother, the one who gave life to Cloud and helped steer him along his destined path, is untouchable to the Time Guardian.
Clouds mother provided no help whatsoever during the events of ffvii. Her only attributing factor is that she gave birth to cloud, that said had she not given birth to him then Zack wouldn't have died trying to protect him leading to the possible future where he became the main protagonist protecting the planet...and you know who would be there to record all that? Our little hero the time guardian, seemingly immortal and happy enough to let you navigate his clock puzzle and get a characters ultimate weapon.

Did clouds mum do that? No.
She couldn't even dodge a fire spell from a nutter with severe mother issues.

Deep into that darkness peering,
long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting,
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