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Cloud's mother is clearly mortal, while the Time Guardian is clearly immortal. If this smackdown is to the death, then the Time Guardian's inability to die means that all it has to do to win is be patient. It doesn't even have to go to 7th Heaven to win. It doesn't have to lift a single finger (or whatever it has instead of hands). It can sit in its dank retreat in the Temple of the Guardians and wait for Mrs Strife to die of old age. Hardly what one would call a fair fight, let alone an exciting one.

But what if it were a nagging smackdown? Who then would throw in the towel first? Not Mrs Strife, that's for sure. She's such a champion nagger, her son literally can't remember her doing anything else. She's got in way more than the 10,000 hours of nagging practice needed to become an expert. Nothing less than Sephiroth's masamune could silence her.

And let's not forget that mother love is the most powerful force in the universe.

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