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Yooo let's all remember here that this Smackdown
FancySycamoreTree wrote: The Rules
The gist of the game is this: you, the player, are going to be assigned to a team at random and then given a character at random. Then, using your creativity, you, along with your teammates, will present arguments as to why the character you were given would win in a theoretical fight against the opposing character.
is a debate on who would win in a fight - not necessarily a "fight to the death." And, considering our location, what we have in our hands here is a good ol' fashioned bar fight!

That said, I'd like to recount something my teammate so eloquently stated earlier:

Minato wrote: In the end the Time Guardian is just a puzzle [...] a big clock with an ugly face on it that needs disassembling
Exactly. There is no evidence suggesting that the Time Guardian is even capable of fighting. Yes, it controls time...but again, this is a bar fight! It may be able to speed up time, or slow it down, or reverse it, but that's not fighting. That's not whoopin' some ass. You might argue that the Time Guardian can speed up time so that Mrs. Strife passes away, or something, but again, that's not winning in a fight. That's Mrs. Strife passing away by the natural progression of life. And what are we arguing again? Who will win in a fight!?

And as our darling Fancy so kindly pointed out...

FancySycamoreTree wrote: The last I checked, the Time Guardian is a giant mouth on an ancient rock. No arms to be twisted or nelsons to be wrestled into!
PRECISELY! The Time Guardian is a mouth on a rock. In this case, it's a mouth on a rock in the middle of a bar. Mrs. Strife could nudge it with her foot and it wouldn't be able to fight back. Mrs. Strife could roll it out the door and into a nearby lake and it wouldn't be able to fight back. And not to belabor the point, but my teammate said it best:

Minato wrote: Even if her opponent was equipped with legs, arms and opposable thumbs (it isn't), this arena offers tools far more familiar to a housewife...this place could be rigged to blow by anyone familiar with household tools...The Time Guardian cannot escape any fate Mrs. Cloud constructs for him however. He can hasten it, or postpone it but before the end of time, he must face it eventually.
Remember, honorable Spectators, this is a smackdown. How can a Time Guardian win a brawl when it is incapable of fighting?
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