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Fangu wrote:
Strangelove wrote: ending spoilers for people who are playing it for the first time

this talk of vaan and panelo's relationship reminds me of how, when the game was still only in japanese, some people interpreted the ending as vaan leaving panelo because he was in an airship and she was looking up on the ground. despite her dialogue saying she was going too.

early info on japanese games from english fandoms can be misleading/just plain wrong
(SPOILER) Them people ignored how Penelo very obviously is in Rabanastre in the end, and Vaan is flying back towards... Rabanastre.

That's funny.
(SPOILER) i once saw someone trying to tell people that vaan was leaving without panelo, because he was piloting an airship with only one seat. despite the fact that you can see an empty seat next to vaan.

i can understand stuff like misunderstanding due to language (like crisis core ending spoilers within these spoilers people claiming that zack says to cloud 'i'm entrusting aerith to you' in the end rather than just saying 'say hi to aerith'). but this is like, ignoring the visual storytelling. maybe if panelo went to the hanger and saw vaan leaving, that would be something. but panelo is looking up at the doors which are opening (implying that vaan's going to land), with vaan flying towards the city in an airship with two seats. also she literally says she's going too.

idk if this was just vaan/ashe shippers reading what they wanted to see into it. at least with a stronger focus on simultaneous releases you get that less often. then you just get people claiming the english version changed it, which also happened with the crisis core thing.
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