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Also, I'm going to upgrade the forum software from 3.8.1 PL 1 (or something) to 3.8.2, which includes some bugfixes that haven't affected us:

Social group dicussion email notifications don't always work (27226)
Access masks not reset properly with paid subscriptions (27385)
Friend requests received by users that are in "Tachy Goes to Coventry" (27213)
Profile field category privacy ignored in "About Me" tab (27453)
BB code case maintained when not parsed (27433)
External.php feeds don't handle thread]/post BB code properly (27276)
Avatars show up in social groups/visitor messages when users don't have permission (27369)
It also re-enables a feature present in 3.8.0 but removed in 3.8.1 due to confusion. It's now possible to get e-mail notifications and stuff about social groups, so you get an overview of social group activity every day or week through your e-mail. Currently upgrading, and cba to shut the forum down so it is possible some errors occur.

Edit: Also, the vB developers are cocks for not offering upgrade only packages. Although I now see they also offer a 'no images' package, which would work just as well.

Edit 2: Thar, upgraded to 3.8.2, fgj.
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