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f a n c y
Default Badges and Roles as decided by TLS

The results are in
for Admin

”Heads of the Corp”

for Moderator

”The main troops with the powah”

^”same as you”
— Forcestealer

for Site Contributor
Buster Sword

”because they know how to mosey”
— Channy

for Community Manager

”I don't think that anything emphasizes the desire to be a part of things more than the journey that Cloud goes through in AC, especially because everyone keeps seeking him out to make him feel wanted, so while it seems counter-intuitive, I think it's actually quite brilliant.”

for Donator

”iconic but not exclusive, the symbol which brought us all together”
— Channy

for Great Old One

”Jenova, hands down. She’s the closest to a great old one in FFVII.
— Flare

for Staff Emeritus

”Former ShinRa & will never be just a memory”

NB4 ‘heeeeeeyyy waymminnit, that’s not the Fenrir we saw in the survey!’ inorite?? B IS AMAZING SHE CAME UP WITH AN EVEN SEXIER VERSION and I’m so thankful.

Right, thanks again everyone! All that’s left to do now is to tweak/clean shite up and make final decisions on badge colours, which shall all be left to the discretion of those running the site.

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