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Default Linux n00b. Please gentle.

After dealing with the nightmare of Windows 10, I've decided to finally switch to Linux.

Next week I'm finally gonna get my hands on my new Dell laptop that uses Ubuntu Linux 16.04.

But I got some questions, hopefully not too many as I hope to get the thing up and running in one week.

My most important question is: What is the best firewall, antivirus, and anti-spyware for this OS?

Also, how do I install programs that I downloaded from places other than the Ubuntu Software Centre? I know it involves a command line, but I doubt its the same Windows command line of "CD [directory]" "[installer].exe", etc. I've been looking up some YouTube videos and the only clue I have is "sudo" something.

Is WINE already included with this OS, or do I have to install it?

Also, are there built in media players into the OS already that let me listen to music and watch videos? If not, what Ubuntu Linux media players should I download and install?

I also plan on using VMware to run a Windows XP virtual machine as some sort of "training wheels" until I get used to Linux. Is it preferable to emulate the 32 bit or 64 bit version of Windows XP?
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