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f a n c y wrote:
  1. Did you lose any cash to any Rats??
  2. Did you farm the varkids? If so, did you manage to get to Vermivorous the Invincible (only applicable to those playing TVHM+)?
  3. What do you make of Tiny Tina? How about Mordecai?
  4. How did your fight with Wihelm go?
  5. How do you feel about Angelís betrayal? Did you see it coming? For Vets, can you remember how you felt?
  6. Any reactions to the bonus sidequests (use spoiler tags as necessary )?
1. None
2. Varkids didn't prove to be our favorite enemy type, we dispatched as quickly as we could.
3. Tiny Tina is damn hilarious, Mordekai is a bit less memorable to me as something that didn't play the first game.
4. We scrapped him easy peasy.
5. Did not see a straght arrow like her siding with a guy like Handsome Jack coming, but then i don't know much about her.
6. (SPOILER) Going out slaughtering droves of bandits just to collect little hoodornaments they've made in Ellie's, harming no one, just so Ellie can put them up all over the garage, where they look terrible left me feeling that Jack was right about us.
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