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>Part Eight
Chapter 14: Where Angels Fear to Tread

Location : Thousand Cuts

Required Sidequest(s)
  • None

Bonus Sidequest(s)
  • None


Chapter 15: Where Angels Fear to Tread Part 2

Location : Opportunity

Required Sidequest(s)
  • Bearer of Bad News

Bonus Sidequest(s)
  • Demon Hunter (unlocks after Animal Shelter)
  • Hyperion Slaughter (All Five Rounds)


Summary and Questions

Summary: After convincing Claptrap to help steal the Vault Key, you travel to Thousand Cuts and power your way through Hyperion defences until youíve made it to the Bunker, where you take down more guards, including a combative aircraft called BNK3R, with Brickís and the Slabs help.

Once the BNK3R is taken out, you travel to Control Core Angel, where you finally meet Angel face to face. You find out that Jack has been keeping Angel imprisoned for years, pumping her full of Eridum, in order to charge the Vault Key. You are told that in order to destroy the Vault Key, you must kill Angel. This sends Jack into a fury and he sends more Hyperion firepower in an attempt to stop you. Luckily, Roland shows up to help.

So does Lilith.

You carry on fighting, Jack pleading with you to spare Angelís life all the while, and Angel telling you to ignore Jackís manipulation. Angel dies and Roland moves in to take the Vault Key, but is stopped by Jack who shoots him in the back. Roland falls to the floor, dead. Infuriated, Lilith attempts to attack Jack, but Jack stunts her power with a special collar and orders her to kill you. Youíre sent to Sanctuary instead.

With Roland murdered and Lilith abducted, you, Mordecai, and the rest of the Raiders are thrown off balance.

  1. Of all the fights you had to take on in these chapters, which was the most frustrating: Infiltrating the Hyperion forces in Thousand Cuts, taking down the BNK3R at ĎThe Bunkerí, or destroying the Eridium pumps whilst fending off Hyperion fire? Which was the most rewarding/fun?
  2. The password to get into Angelís chambers is: I love you. What do you make of Jack and Angelís relationship? Do you believe that Jack genuinely loves her (on some level)?
  3. How did you react to Angelís death? How about Rolandís?
  4. What do you reckon will happen story-wise now?
  5. On a lighter note, did you pick up any sweet loot from your boss fights?

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