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pt 9

How did you handle navigating Sawtooth Cauldron in comparison to other maps?
Awkward to find your way around, I went there to do sidequests before I realised the main plot was taking me there anyway.

I usually just run past encounters rather than waste time with them, and occasionally humiliatingly fall off cliffs.

Angel has referred to Jack as a coward in the past. Do you actually believe Jack will actually come out to actually fight you?
Yes, but I suspect a giant robot of some kind will be involved. Angel hates Jack, her perspective might be skewed.

Assuming that this final plan to take down Jack works, what do you think it will mean for the future of Pandora? Are the bandits still a concern? Or do you see this fight as one for the bandits, even as they try to kill you and you kill them?
It's just another cycle in a long line of failed attempt to civilise Pandora. There'll just be Hyperion ruins as well as Dahl ones on the surface. Pandora won't improve especially.

Do you believe it inevitable that another ‘Jack’ will try to civilise Pandora, (especially considering Jack’s apparent roots as a bandit himself)?
Depends on if it's still full of valuable resources or not. None of the corps were trying to civilise Pandora for its own sake, they just wanted to create mines and such.

As always, got any stories???
Y'know, I never thought I'd actually get to kill a hundred bandits, but this canyon proved me wrong. I just throw my six fire grenades and run away. I accidentally completed two quests because of the amount of bandits you have to kill to get up the tower.

The Sawteeth are definitely the toughest bandit crew there is so far. Although oddly the Bloodshots seem to have the most territory.

Octo, and possibly some other people wrote: You should be able to build your side without tearing another down
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