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I've been around since AOL. I understand Discord is THE NEXT COOL THING, but what really matters is availability. If you're gonna ask people to sign up for yet another platform, chances are they never will. We used IRC because the server we were on had an easily available web app (which later turned to shait), then later Skype because most people already have Skype, particularly after MSN was slaughtered. We always knew Skype has its issues, but the availability and easy access combined (with open group chats and a web ui) made ut suitable as a public chat. I'm all for Discord if it's easy to make new members use it and feel welcome, that was always my intention. Not to use the NEWEST SUPER KEWL CHAT TECNOLOGY oneoneone. I've only used it casually so I don't know if it has a web app we can link (channel in link that sets up a guest user), which I think should be a requirement.
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