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Literally Who?

I mean if were gonna be talking about the sewperkewl voip chat program that everyone is using these days we wouldn't even be using Discord. It would be a tie between Curse Voice and Slack, and heck Slack doesn't even have voice chat. It's just that popular

I'm not sure how a program that isn't a baseline pre-installed app on a computer (atleast as far as Win10 is concerned) is some how more ease of access than another program that also isn't preinstalled on the OS.

So the big ease of access thing for "new people" would be to say "Hey click our Discord invite!" , rather than "Hey download skype, install it , make an account , add one of us on Skype, wait for us to accept and then wait for one of us to send you an invite to our group chat" lol.

As far as UI , Ease of Access and just general quality of life differences Discord really just curb stomps Skype.

IIRC Skype still actually has a limit on the amount of people that can be in a group chat, I recall seeing that we had to delete long time AFK members to make room for more etc.

That's not an issue on discord. Want 200 people in? NP. Want those 200 people in 1 voice call to ruin your ear drums? NP. Want 100 different chat rooms in the over all server? NP. Want mods and staff to help manage it? NP

The list goes on. Skype was a good start but honestly program like Discord, Curse , hell even shitty af Raidcall are just far better and too robust to just not utilize. Especially when joining is literally as simple as clicking the invite link and spending 2 minutes to sign up. Hell I'm not even sure you have to verify your email to use it lol. You can do it all from your browser , and if you wanna go further you can download it as well.

Plus, Custom Smileys yo.
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