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Celes Chere

Like Octo I'm going to ask everyone the same question and see who answers it best, IMO: if you were made mod what's the first thing you'd do?
Ban Carlie.
It depends on what the situation is at the time? If members have any complaints, I'd listen to them all and try and come to a conclusion by speaking with them and other staff members. I talk to plenty of people on TLS already, I'd have no problem messaging them on msn and such to see what's up. :3

You discover that a member has been talking shit about TLS outside the forum, but continues to visit/post here like nothing happened. Nobody else in TLS seem to be aware about it. How will you deal with it?
There's nothing you can do about that on the site, since they're acting decently on the site. If they brought the off sight drama to the Forum, that'd be different. I'd probably message them on wherever it is they were posting though and find what's up. But that'd be between me and them, and nothing to do with the Forum unless they brought it there.
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