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looneymoon wrote: I wouldn't mind doing some write-ups on IV, VI, IX and possibly Tactics when I have the time. Not to mention, I'd probably need to replay them to do significant coverage. What exactly are the kind of things you're looking for?

I remember a while back I planned to start a lengthy analysis on "mothers" and their presence in the FFVII compilation (including Tifa's mom, Tifa, Cloud's mom, Ifalna/Elmyra/Aerith, Jenova, Lucrecia, Gillian etc.) It's a theme which is taken for granted a little. Of course, I never actually started it due to cba
Their presence, and their absence.

This is a really interesting idea. The relationship between parents/parental figures and their children, the failures of parental figures, and the need for their kids to fix their messes, is a really unexplored theme of this game (of the others, too). In FFVII, the good biological mothers all die, the bad mothers exploit their children, and the best mothers are the ones who pick you up off the street and take you home. The relationship between fathers and their sons is even worse! There are (as you'd expect) lots of parallels with the models of family relationships seen in fairy tales.

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