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Jason Tandro wrote: IS it too late to change the name of the Blind Debate forum to "Thanks, But No Thanks?"

This is especially funny because earlier, I was musing to myself that if we were to ever implement a "Dislike" button on TLS, it should be called, "Thanks, But No Thanks"

Also - Insofar as all you other folks who enjoyed showing appreciation to poasts, but aren't often in the debates themselves, I totally get ya. I learn a lot from those threads, too – but I think that the advantages for the people doing all the tl;dr-ing in those situations makes it worth giving them a way to do so in more of a vacuum for certain topics.

This is also why I left it open to the idea of topics that necessitated it, or whose primary participants preferred it, and any of those topics can hop on out when they wish (should both parties agree to doing so).

Again, there isn't a picture perfect way ta do it, but if a poast is exceptionally great justice and you have a need to Thanks them, there're always visitor messages, or you can find something small to add, like "Hey thanks for this. Now I have a way to explain ____ to people when it comes up in conversation."

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