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The last she saw of Emma, she was running off to fight. Lokka helped hide her amid the chaos, she could only feel the embarrassment and fear of being the only one left behind, yet again. She was sick of feeling like a burden the others only bore with because they were forced to. The bushes started to blaze brightly as she watched from a distance, keeping wary for any danger shed need to hide herself from. Not that this had proven very necessary, as the chaos from the fighting proved more than capable of keeping people from noticing her.

Terra could feel her friends around her, fighting, giving their absolute all. The green-haired woman focused on Emmas energy, feeling the comforting strength it gave her. She was going to be alright, Terra knew she had to be, because she knew they had the strength to keep fighting. All of them did, except for her. It made her sick to her stomach, knowing that everyone else was out there, and she was here, the same useless little girl that shed always been, even when she had her powers. Everyone else had changed on their journey, but she remained the same useless child that she knew she had always been.

Her stomach jumped when she felt someone through her mental static having fallen. It was purely instinctual at that point: she scrambled out of the makeshift hovel she'd been hiding in, forgetting entirely how defenseless she was. She was too late when she realized she needed to hide again: someone had already spotted her.

" low, worthless little scant. If I can't remove any of the others the least I can do is erase your repulsive existance!" Mileina snarled at the other Destrillian with murderous rage in her eyes.


The Destrillians' desperate flight from Limnades was marked mostly with terror, as they took deep gulps of air, gasping for the breath that the Lyverius had seemingly stolen from them. Truly, the doctor had become reacquainted with a feeling he had not experienced in many years: fear.

The group, upon their arrival, splintered off and went their separate ways, shards of shrapnel flying apart as they each undertook their separate missions. Thetis and Fiona went off to meet their fate, while Nova sought out Jettison to aid her. Telran's eyes lit upon the chateau itself; flames had begun to spread, threatening to consume it whole from within. This is not good, he thought, heading towards the main entrance at a run, slipping past a pair of screaming women who were running in the other direction. Lyverius on our tail, and another inside...we need to get the hell out of here. His face creased with worry. Did they even find Terra?


Terra didn't have time to defend herself before she attacked. It didn't take much to knock her to the ground, unsteady as she was. Her head cracked against the pavement (it didn't break, luckily, it just made her very dizzy and left her feeling ill). She smashed her fist against the ground, bringing up some dirt but nothing near enough to distract Mileina in any form if she'd wanted to. The psychotic girl now stood over Terra, and wasted no time in landing a swift kick to the fallen Destrillian's gut.

"So pathetic." Mileina scoffed as she kicked Terra again. "You rebel against those you should be grateful to," she added, continuing to batter her enemy with her foot. "And even when you're forgotten about you come and interfere with their affairs." After which she stopped her attack and leant over to calmly place her hands around the earth Destrillian's throat.

"Therefore I shall set things right by my masters with your death." She whispered to Terra, then began squeezing her neck.

Terra squirmed under her grip, her hands instinctively grabbing Mileina's wrist, pushing it away from her. It didn't do much help, considering her already weak arm's uselessness. some1 help plz

Mileina wouldn't let up, her grip getting tighter. The look on her face was that of insane ecstacy; it was all too apparent that this girl had a sick obsession with causing harm to fellow Destrillians. Terra gasped for air, making a sick, wheezing noise. Black spots were clouding the earth destrillian's vision, and her body started to feel only distantly connected to the rest of her.

Telran sped off in the direction of the loudest and most recognizable sounds within the chaos of the chateau: gunfire. Everybody, we've got two Lyverius on our tail - we need to get the hell OUT of here! Did you find Terra?!

"Just die now, just die now, just die n-" When it seemed like at was all about to end, Mileina suddenly stopped. She let Terra's throat go, staring blankly into her eyes for a moment before casually standing up.


eyem... Her words and output faltered from the beating, but she forced herself to continue, out

Terra! Where are you?!

mil foun mii eyem by emma. left hidin spot shud nawt Mileina's shoe cracked against her head, hurting her worse than before. Her vision was spotty and something was dripping from her nose, which she could only barely feel at this point.

I'll be right there!

"I sense him."

The electric Destrillian now found a pair of uniformed (and heavily armed) guards heading in his direction. Under other circumstances, he would likely have let them live; wanton slaughter was cruel and unnecessary. But leaving them alive would mean two more people to hinder their escape...and their prospects there were already looking rather grim. Without slowing down a bit, he spread his arms wide to catch both of the guards with a clothesline, breaking their necks on impact. Time running short, he hurried on without pause, until he suddenly found himself in what, had the situation been different, would have been a garden of exquisite beauty.

But now it was a warzone.

All around him there was fighting - guards and Destrillians, both friend and foe. Most notable was the hedge maze, ablaze from collateral damage, Emma and Brennan doing battle within. The smell of charred plantlife filled the air, choking him wth its cloying stench, smoke clouding the outskirts of the maze. And, nearby, Telran espied a small hovel of debris, a tiny figure lying prone nearby. And towering over it...

"MILEINA!" he roared, charging toward her at full speed, electricity arcing wildly from his hands in his fury.

Never again.

"Too predictable!" Mileina shouted as she leaped back to distance herself from her attacker, gracefully landing a few feet away.

The girl stood tall, with a scene of blazing fire providing her background, and smirked at her new adversary. "Telran, Telran, Telran....Tant va la cruche l'eau qu' la fin elle se casse. I spared your life once before and you repay me by allying yourself with my enemy. I shall not let you walk away twice."

"Let me? Let me? For what you've done, you'll receive no mercy." Telran's voice was even, but filled with a cold, almost palpable fury. "Make peace with whatever gods you pray to, Mileina, because no one can help you now."

"Hmpth, let's see how long that confidence lasts." Mileina tauntingly replied, reaching under the right side of her skirt and withdrawing a gun-like device that had been strapped to her thigh. She then placed the end of it against her neck and pulled the trigger, at which she closed her eyes as the rush of the chemical worked it's charm, relieving all the stress on her brain from the previous fight. The smirk on her face now grew to an overconfident grin, then her eyes suddenly flicked open and the attack begun.

Telran barely had time to raise an eyebrow at her strange actions before a beam of intensely hot light came speeding toward him. He rolled to dodge and found Mileina bearing down on him as his feet touched the ground. He smiled inwardly; it seemed she'd forgotten that close quarters combat was where he was most at home.

He had time only to block her opening kick before a quick quartet of punches followed them up; Telran waved off the first two and blocked the third, but he'd forgotten her speed and the fourth struck home, a solid blow to the stomach that knocked the wind from him. She lashed out with another kick and it sent him crashing to the ground.

Her wild grin was short-lived, however, as he rose again to face her, a small smile spreading across his face. Ah, the thrill of battle... In the blink of an eye he flicked one of his knives at her from within the shipping uniform he still wore, dashing in behind it. The knife was easily evaded, and Mileina had been expecting him to close the gap, but when she began to dodge the incoming blow, she realized, too late, that the right hook was a feint, as he reached out and struck her in the chest with his open left palm mid-dodge. The brief contact allowed him to send a small jolt to the pain receptors in her nerves; Telran was not cruel, but if anyone deserved to be in pain here, it was definitely the emerald-haired woman opposite him. She skidded back a short distance, then lashed out with a kick of her own to control the distance as she jumped back, hands coming together to fire another beam of superhot light at her foe.

Telran dodged, remaining on his feet this time so as not to give her another opening, and the two combatants began to circle, Mileina clutching her chest, breathing heavily. Mileina had reach, but Telran hadn't just come from a fight with another Destrillian. The injection she'd taken was cause for some concern - probably Distrum - but the hits she'd taken from the fight with Lokka were starting to slow Mileina down. He didn't know where her injuries had come from, but he knew she couldn't last as long as he could, and so did she. All he had to do was outlast her, and he'd won. Unfortunately, she could still hit pretty hard.

And she knew it.

The advantage of speed belonged to the doctor, however, and he knew that to effect a speedy end, he would have to press it. He went on the attack, forcing Mileina to focus on defense, rather than offense, and when he saw his opening, he took it: Mileina's counterattacking kick left her open, and he latched on to her calf, giving her enough of a jolt that she crumpled to the ground on recovery, her balance thrown off.

As Telran rushed in to finish things, Mileina lashed outwith one last, desperate burst of power; Telran's fervor meant that there was no backing down, and instead took a partial hit, which left an angry burn on the side of the doctor's tattooed neck. He grit his teeth against the pain and closed in, hand around Mileina's throat, lifting her into the air.

The fight was over.

Mileina stuggled in vain to break Telran's grip, gasping for breath. His face a stony mask, the electric Destrillian spared her only a few last words - the last words she would ever hear. "End of the line, Mileina."

And then something struck him, sending him flying, crashing to the ground near Terra.

The Viscount Maruca Avidez had returned from his previous battle and clearly not in a good mood. He clamly walked over to the wounded Mileina, and crouched down to check her. After a moment, his attention directed towards the two beings lying on the floor nearby. "You know Destrillians....perhaps I could have been persuaded to overlook you defiling both the sacntity of my chateau and my corporate headquarters; however, daring to harm my dear Mileina is an act that cannot go unpunished," he said to them as he pushed his glasses up along his nose, the once charming tone of his voice now cold and bitter.

Just managing to get back on his feet, the electric Destrillian made his way to Terra. Gotta get her outta here! Telran was determined to get her to the others; her captors would not lay a hand on her again. He helped her up, and the two had managed to get a few feet when a sharp jolt of energy impacted their bodies. The Viscount was enraged, not holding his power back in the slightest. His oustretched his left hand and relentlessy unleashed a concentrated flow of electromagnetic lightning onto the pair of lowly lifeforms.

For a moment however, his concentration broke as Mileina, trying to stand herself up, instread found herself coughing up a small pool of blood. Avidez knew he had to get her medical attention or she was going to die so would have to cut things short, thus he threw one last massive jolt of energy to finish the two Destrillians.

All Telran could manage to do, as he lost all control of his body, was shove Terra away, hoping to shield her from the brunt of Avidez' power. Every muscle, bone, and synapse screamed out, as did Telran himself, writhing on the ground in pain from the Lyverius' attack. While their two powers were related, Telran's body had never experienced strength of that magnitude, and now it was shutting down. His blood was now freely flowing from his mouth, and his burn had erupted, as well; the blood pooled around him, a deep, angry red, soaking into the earth. He managed one last thought - Terra...please be...all right...

Then darkness took him, and he knew no more.

The Lyverius saw the Destrillians fall, and without even a second thought, picked up Mileina and took off in a hurry to seek help for his companion.


Her fingers sparked with electricity, after she woke up. She remembered when that scary guy had shocked her, and every nerve in her body had been set on fire. Even when Terra opened her eyes, the signal seemed to skip across her nerves, like they'd been overloaded. After her moments of blindness, she let out a low, shaky breath, swallowing. Her throat felt like some piece of jerky jammed down her windpipe.

And she reached out her hands to push herself up.

And she did.

She pulled herself to her (steady?) feet, and took in her breath even more slowly than before. The Destrillian picked her glasses up from the ground, placing them back on the bridge of her nose. Telran wasn't far from her, she saw, though he didn't seem to be as recovered as she was. The green-haired woman bent down and shook his shoulder, but he didn't respond. "You okhay?" She said, without realizing it, voice cracked and dry.

When it finally struck her that she just fucking talked oh holy fuck how did that happen she couldn't talk when did that happen holy shit holy shit holy shit. But she realized this wasn't the time to start celebrating, she had to do her best to help. If that meant carrying one of her friends out of here cause he couldn't walk, she was sure she could do it.

Her right arm hadn't seem much use in a long while, though to be honest, neither had her right leg. She stopped caring about how much they ached from disuse, she only knew she had to be strong for once. She was going to get them out of there, one way or another. Terra slipped her bad arm under Telran's neck, and her good one under his knees. Her good one would be capable of carrying his weight, she assumed. The earth destrillian attempted to pick him up, but the first try, he slipped from her grip.

She tightening the muscles in her legs. She readjusted herself, holding onto him with all the strength she had in her arms. Over and over, the earth Destrillian told herself she could get them away from there. She got to her knees, Telran bound in her arms, as she lifted him from her knees to her feet, and she was up, they were both up, and they were moving.

"We are gohnna leave 'ere." Her green eyes shone in determination as she dragged his unconscious form from the battlefield.

is daddy still a good man?
like a shotgun needs an outcome

don't trust the ones who shake with their left hand



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