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Emma - On the Shore of the Lake

Emma wasn’t sure how much time had passed when she awoke on the shore of the lake, nor did she really know much of all what had been going on since her near-drowning. All she knew was that her head was still pounding something fierce, which struck her as a very odd thing. She hadn’t felt much in the way of pain in her head before she passed out, and she usually seemed to be able to go longer than most of the others before the migraines were too much.

Must be my injuries, she thought to herself. Yes, that had to be it. She had been hurt pretty badly. It would be surprising for her to not be in pain all over.

That’s when it occurred to her: everything else that should be hurting wasn’t. The moon was higher in the sky now, and there were no tall hedges or trees blocking its light from reaching her. Combined with the light emanating from the still-burning hedge maze, she could see her immediate area fairly clearly. Emma sat up, the mouse on her shoulder adjusting himself to keep from falling off. Upon the inspection of her arm the nature Destrillian wasn’t sure whether she should be relieved or horrified: all of her burns were gone.

Indeed, when she stood up to look herself over, she could feel no pain anywhere. There was no more burnt flesh for the tattered, charred remains of her dress to stick to.

“I don’t understand. What happened?”
she asked allowed, not knowing if she really even wanted an answer had there actually been someone around to give her one.

A sudden flash of images in her mind sent her sinking to her knees, groaning as the world spun around her. Red eyes appeared before her as she sat in darkness with her eyes closed. Someone was looking at her, but when she opened her eyes and looked up she was alone, still sitting by the shore of the lake.

The Destrillian she had been fighting was nowhere to be seen, and Emma could not feel their life energy nearby. Either they were dead and at the bottom of the lake, or they had somehow been able to run away. A tiny part of her wished for the latter, for the idea that she had killed him in the manner in which her memories were suggesting seemed to be the most horrifying of the choices that lay out before her.

The young woman clutched her head, shaking as if she could will the truth into nothing.

“No, it’s just like my dream. But it can’t be true. I don’t have the ability! I can't possibly be a...”

Just then a shout from farther away along the beach pulled her out of her thoughts. Looking up, she reached out with her senses and could feel the presence of some of her comrades not too far away. Including…Fiona?

Another fire Destillian. Emma almost laughed. She also felt a sense of relief at knowing that her comrade was well again, despite the two of them having never really been big fans of each other. But in the end they were all in it together regardless of personal feelings, and with that Emma forced herself to stand and make her way along the beach in the direction of where she figured the rest of the group may be gathering.

“Let’s go see if everyone is okay,”
Emma said. Squeak made a small noise in reply.
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