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@Aaron: You took a facetious rephrase a bit too literally, but yes, there have been numerous posts that have been said here, that elsewhere would be seen as blatant flames and grounds for suspension and banning.

Hermione Granger wrote: Oh fantastic, more staff who have no experience working with the common forum user.
Phobos wrote: Or maybe we can all just act like bestest friends, suck up the staff, and be part of a hunky dory internet forum! Right!? DO I GET A GOLD STAR NAO!?
Ron Weasley wrote: She didn't submit her essay on time.
Hermione Granger wrote: Yes, I thought Tennyo would have made an awesome mod.

Ron Weasley wrote: Tennyo would be a fail mod, she can't even speak Japanese. I mean, ffs how is somebody that incompetent supposed to relate to the sizeable and influential hardline nationalist Japanese bloc of TLS members.

I mean really.
Cole Train wrote: Then what is the point of you interjecting yourself as the center of attention and contention then?
Luna Lovegood wrote: well, it's not like you know Japanese or write essays or anything.
Ron Weasley wrote: I think staff didn't appoint Tennyo because she was a woman and they're a group of sexist cowboys on a power trip.
Ⓐaron wrote: Really now, you're expecting a staff whose most active admin flames in virtually every fifth post he makes to enforce no-flaming rules?
Ron Weasley wrote: It's because they don't like you, it means they'll be on your back more.
Ron Weasley wrote: That well-respected, reknowned problem solving think tank that we all trust to not cock things up?

Hermione Granger wrote: OMG MOG, you're really setting a good example for staff responding to members' criticisms and opinions.
Good lord, I wish every staffer were as intuitive and eloquent as you.
And fresh out of the oven, this lovely example.

Phobos wrote: No, I'm talking about in general. Everyone on staff keeps reiterating the same condescending bullshit.

@Mako - maybe not that, but I do think he sucked some cock.
I mean, if you people WANT us to be more heavy handed, I can go infract most of those, and you can complain about the tyranny instead for a change.
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Now this is a compilation entry I want to see.

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