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Lex wrote: Shademp all of your points are great as usual but can I just say I've chuckled away at both of your suggestions because they're in some way potentially controversial lol. When a video is made and includes "slapfight" and "crossdressing" as two of the seven best moments in FFVII I can just imagine the comments
Certainly! I completely get your perspective. With the potential controversy in mind, I do not recommend including either of my two nominations in the video.

Keep in mind that while I'm being honest in my posts I am also intentionally trying to be original in my choice of moments. 'Twould be easy to list seventy-seven favorite FF7 moments but far more difficult to list ones that aren't already common mentions.

For good measure, here is a third moment that I think MANY will disagree with:
Acquiring the W-Item materia and using the item duplication trick

Does it break the game? Yes. Does it feel awesome to use? HELL YEAH! It's a moment that reminds you how close you are to disc 3 and all the game-breaking stunts you'll soon be pulling (unless you did some serious grinding on disc 2 already).

If you're a gamer who likes a strict economy with high difficulty, then you will hate the item duplication trick. But if you're like me and want to break the game, be it with natural means or by using Cheat Engine, then the W-Item materia is a blessing.
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