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CrashOuch wrote: Yeah actually I totally agree with that. No one who's been making content is ever doing anything other than talking shop, like it's 1000% not a super secret club situation, especially cos anyone could be in it if they prove they're gonna work and contribute and everything. It's like staff in that way innit? (I assume) staff has like a staff section where they could be having a super fun time laughing at us all, but they obviously don't do that and having that section at all is a 'privilege' earned through putting the work in doing their jobs and all.

I guess people who aren't content creators gotta weigh in and say how comfortable they feel about that shit being hidden to protect our content? At the end of the day, it's only a problem if people who aren't there have a problem with it, right?

Yeah basically. For those of you not on the team etc.

As far as I understand for all intents and purposes were "Staff" just like the people who write articles on the front page or do the design stuff are. The thing is since were so new we haven't had our section or titles handed out yet and have been using Discord/Google Drive as a means to collect our thoughts and created content etc.

That said we are human. We chit chat here and there from time to time, it's never about other people or shit talking or anything though. Scrolling through our different chat rooms (they are divided by content type , i.e. videos, scripts , etc.) the most recent "Not totally work" related chit chat is a member saying She's in the process of moving and it's impacted her ability to work on her project, to which several of us replied "your projects still awesome!" and "moving sucks!"

That was 2 days ago lol.

The only time I can think of that a chat was negative is actually what I personally had to say about the potential switch to Discourse forums, and even then I full on copy and pasted what I had said into the Forum Upgrade thread lol, and well no one really replied to my one off rant

I bring up secret clubs and stuff like that because It's just fresh on my mind having read the old drama threads. TLS has always had a peculiar flavor of issues lol and feel that our past can make for some sore spots for members especially in regards to stuff like that and transparency so I really really wanted to chime in that what were doing behind closed doors is really just a bunch of ideas being bounced around, sharing our projects and sharing advice and not a ton else.

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