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Holy moly I completely forget about podcasts. Sorry @podcast team lol.
Having that in the open is so good too, just for the simple fact we can maybe try and get more people to join over time and also engage the community like for instance having a Pre-Podcast thread where people can discuss potential discussions for the podcast , and even have like questions they can post up maybe like a day or two before the Podcast is to be recorded to add a bit of community flavor to it too. i.e. "Joe from the TLS forums asks if Hojo uses boxers or briefs..." or something lol

Which in turn could lead to a pretty easy segue of "Want to ask a our podcast team a question? Join our TLS forums and Community!" or something lol.

(If all of this happens already I am so so so sorry @Podcast team, I just dont have the time to listen to a long podcast that much anymore ;_; )

Regarding on going/public news. Honestly it's been a bit since we've done one of those videos (our first two-ish) and we've been focusing on some larger scale series ideas primarily lately that this also just didn't come to mind when making those tl;dr posts.

But yeah definitely agree that is definitely something that there would be no issue to be created in the open with broader input.

A concern I have which I think we can fix just by chatting about really, is just I don't want us to accidentally make someone who contributes in a video thread like that to feel left out or like their idea got ignored or something. Rereading those drama threads that was kind of a reoccurring theme alongside the issue of cliques. I think as long as we remind everyone that a million reasons could contribute to why something doesn't get used in a video or doesn't make the final cut it should be cool.

Like for example at the end of the Sony E3 conference we were all around, deflated and one of us had the idea to make the "where are you FF7 remake" video. The way we made that video was very much like building a plane while its about to drive off a cliff or something lol. Once the idea was sparked a million ideas came flying through and I just couldn't use all of them lol, but idk everyone was super cool about it and stuff.

Idk I just don't want to be the reason someone might feel left out by like forgetting to add their suggestion or not being able to. So I would really appreciate maybe like a disclaimer or something idk lol.

@History/ACF staff.

I see where your coming from and just want you to know this site has done such a kick ass job in regards to not being "that".

I also wanna point out like 2 things though lol. We were children lol, I was like in the 8th grade when I first joined ACF. We took everything srsbnzess lol, and in retrospect I know a ton of the stuff I did and people in my team (SO) was really not warranted against ACF staff.

That's not to say they didn't massssssively suck lol, but we had our fair share of unreasonableness for sure.

Secondly. ACF also kind of fostered and encouraged Clique mentalities almost naturally I think. The whole team system really brought that out in people, heck after ACF died damn near every forum I joined after like a day being there the first thing I suggest in feedback would be a "Team section" haha.

Even the spam section had a secret hidden spam section in it that was invite only lol the trade off is Staff named it "deepground" because they knew we were edgy and pretending not to like FF7, and would loath the name lol

We've certainly come a long way. I know there were some scary missteps here too but over all you guys have done such a good job in that regard you really have.

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