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I think there will be. Simple and Clean/Hikari and Santuary/Passion both had remix+orchestral versions of their songs, I don't see why Don't Think Twice/Chikai won't have the same.

Edit: By the way, and I know none of you are going to like me for it, but here's part of another interview with Nomura that came up yesterday.

Kingdom Hearts 3 finally brings the Dark Seeker Saga to a close after more than 15 years. Tell me what it means to you to finally finish this story. Are you happy? Are you a little sad that it's finally coming to an end?

Nomura: Yes. It does come to an end, but I'm not fully swayed to one emotion. I'm not really happy, I'm not really sad. Although I do feel a little sad when I think some characters will probably never appear ever again. Once I think about that, it makes me a little sad. But other than that I'm just more relieved that I was able to tell the full story.
Here's the link to the full interview from, which pretty much repeats the previous interviews.
Click here to view the article

Well, everyone knows that Xehanort and most of his incarnations are history after KH3. But yeah, you know.

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