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Old 07/29/2009   #1
Default What's your Top 10 games that you've played?

In this thread you talk about your top 10 games that you have played and explain why you choose those games as your top 10. No spamming or flamming in this thread please.

My top 10 games that i've played are:

1. Final Fantasy VII
2. Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core
3. God of War
4. Resident Evil 4
5. The Legend of Zelda
6. Devil May Cry
7. Soul Calibur
8. Super Smash Bros Brawl
9. Quake III
10. Marvel vs Capcom 2

I am a sort of a Role Playing and Fighting gamer than any other types of games. I am not a big fan of shooting games but I have played some of them like Gears of War and Quake III. Anyway this list represents my top ten most favorite games that I have played over the years. I am a big fan of Role Playing Games as you can see one of the best RPG of all times which is Final Fantasy VII is at the top of the list followed by Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core which is a compilation of Final Fantasy VII. Those two games are outstanding because they have great storyline, awesome voice overs, nice battle system and tough bosses.

As we go down to the list we see different types of games such as Role Playing Games, Shooting Games, Horror Game, Action-Adventure Games, Fighting Games, etc. For example, God of War an awesome action-adventure game. God of War is one of my favorite and best action-adventure game out there. Resident Evil 4 which is classified as a Horror Game is one of the best Horror games from the Resident Evil series. Anyway that's all I have about my top 10 games.
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Old 07/29/2009   #2
Alessa Gillespie

1. Suikoden III
2. Persona 4
3. Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
4. Banjo-Kazooie
5. Paper Mario
6. Breath of Fire II
7. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
8. Final Fantasy X
9. Legend of Dragoon
10. Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

Subject to change once I get my hands on MGS 1-3.

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Celes Chere (07/29/2009), Frostwave (07/29/2009), paoo (07/29/2009)
Old 07/29/2009   #3

1. Final Fantasy VI
2. Mario Tennis 64
3. Super Smash Bros.
4. Legend of Zelda: Windwaker
5. Final Fantasy: Tactics Advance
6. Final Fantasy XII
7. Street Fighter Alpha III
8. Tekken 3
9. Soul Calibur
10. Soul Calibur II

EDIT: I decided to add more substance to this post since it's kinda bland as is imo.

I'm a retro child of the 90's. I was introduced solely to racing and fighting games all thanks to my technophile cousins (they slowly converted me into their techie ways ) so I gravitate more towards arcade/console-fighting games then say to RPGs. I think it's the knowledge that I can happily kick someone's ass at Street Fighter Alpha III that compels me to play those sorts of games. I'm pretty competitive by nature in terms of games and stuff so those genres sort of feed into that.

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Old 07/29/2009   #4

Less lists, more motivation please.
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Old 07/29/2009   #5

It is a Top 10, after all.

1. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
2. Final Fantasy 7
3. Super Mario 64
4. Tomb Raider 2
5. Banjo-Kazooie
6. Rayman 2 and 3
7. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
8. Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness
9. Tomb Raider: Legend
10. The Sims 1,2,3

I wasn't sure wich order I should put them in. They all mean so much to me.
What I love with these is the music, characters and story. When it all comes together with the details etc., you fall in love with it somehow. And I have played most of these games since childhood. Ahh
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Old 07/29/2009   #6
Dark and Divine

1. Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy VII & Final Fantasy IX - These three really marked my life. The plot, the characters, the music, the locations, the battle systems...all was beyond epic. My three favourite villains/characters ever came from these games.

4. Final Fantasy X & Final Fantasy XII - The best battle systems in the entire series, imo. Other than that, X had an incredible feel with its tropical environmment. It also had a very engaging story and the ending was one of the best in the series. XII really let the player feel like he/she was really exploring an entire world, providing an outstading feel to it. Other than that, the design of both characters and locations was very detailed and unique, though some of the characters were not very memorable. All in all, two excelent games, each in its own way.

6. Final Fantasy IV - A good story, colorful characters and amusing gameplay make this game a very memorable experience. One of the best FF games

7. Vagrant Story - The story, the characters, the battle system were, in one word, excelent! An instant PSone classic.

8. Gran Turismo 4 - I'm a petrolhead, so GT4 was like a dream game to me. Other than its realism, GT4 had an incredible longevity and it was a very amusing game.

9. Tekken 2 - Epic fighting game. Still the best in the series, imo, only rivaled by Tekken 5.

10. Sonic & Knuckles - Fifteen years later, this game is still quite fun. The best Sonic game, imo.
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Celes Chere (07/29/2009), ForceStealer (07/30/2009), Teva (07/29/2009)
Old 07/29/2009   #7
Celes Chere

Jeez, this will be hard for me to decide...
Edited: Now with description.

1.MGS2 & 3
-I just love the Metal Gear series, but these two take the cake for me. I haven't played the fourth one yet sadly, so maybe it'll become a favorite too. As much as I loved one, the two after it just captivated me a lot more. Must be the lack of Meryl. Two was really fucked up at the end, and I absolutely adore Raiden. MGS3 had the most amazing story I've ever seen and seriously, the game never gets fooking old. The ending always touches me and gets me teary every time. Not to mention, seeing BB's history is pretty damn spiffy. I actually like the balance of cutscenes and gameplay the most in that one.

2.Final Fantasy VI
Definitely the best Final Fantasy out there. I fell in love with every single character, and the plot was stunning. Kefka has got to be the best villian imho. He's got such a troubled history, and he's just plain insane I totally loved it. Locke and Celes' love story and the whole Rachel thing really tugged at the heartstrings too. Terra trying to find herself, and becoming loved by the children was just the sweetest thing. I normally hate training excessively, but in this game I actually found it fun. Mostly because Setzer is fucking epic.

3.Resident Evil Code Veronica X
This game had the most love story. xD And I like that. It was chalk full of plot and cutscenes, and I LOVE CUTSCENES DAMNIT. Especially good ones. I really liked how you could switch between Chris and Claire, that was nice. And, you even got to control Steve for a split second. Steve is damn awesome too, so that is a big influence as well. xD Let's see, I both love and hate how many times you can fuck yourself over in this game. That makes it more of a challenge.

4.Silent Hill 2
Definitely the scariest and most thought provoking game of the series. Every ending I feel has it's own special touch, not one of them is bad. (some are boring, but not too bad at least) I loved Maria, I loved how awesome James became the more time he spent in Silent Hill, and the plot left me shocked. Not to mention, Pyramid Head.

5.Final Fantasy IV
Gawd, I love this game. Like VI, I fell in love with every character and actually enjoyed training excessively. I liked finding all of the extra stuff within the game too, and the dancers are just hilarious. XD Again, it holds one of the best plots.

6.Devil May Cry 1,3,4.
But really, everyone knows how epic DMC is.

Not many people like it, but I absolutely loved it for some reason. I liked the plot, and how disturbing it was. O_O Totally a button masher, but an ACE stress reliever.

8.Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth
Awesome plot. Awesome characters. Never gets old.

9.Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Classic and fun.

10. Xenosaga
My first RPG outside of FF.

Oo, I forgot about Vagrant Story, D&D. Excellent game is excellent.

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Alexia Ashford (08/10/2009), Omega (07/31/2009)
Old 07/29/2009   #8

I'm just going to go by series, otherwise I won't be able to fit in some really decent games.

1. Final Fantasy (in order -> VII , X , VIII , VI , XII , IX , X2)
2. Shadow of the Colossus
3. Star Ocean (Esp 3)
4. Devil May Cry (not 2)
5. Kingdom Hearts
6. Resident Evil (esp 4)
7. Legend of Zelda series (esp Link To The Past + Ocarina of Time)
8. Super Mario (Esp 64 and World)
9. World of Warcraft (Vanilla + BC)
10. Tekken (Esp 2/3/5)

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Omega (07/31/2009)
Old 07/30/2009   #9

I fail at making a top X, so here's a list of games I consider to be awesome or life-changing or whatever, in no particular order whatsoever.

The Elder Scrolls, both Morrowind (and its expansions) and Oblivion. When I first heard about Morrowind through either some magazine or a TV show, I already considered it to be how RPGs should be. No filling in of lists and fiddling with numbers, you enter the game world in a story-centric way, and your 'class' and such is determined by your actions. You're guided step-by-step into your character, etc. Same with leveling up - Morrowind's leveling and advancement system is nigh-on perfectly how an RPG should be. It's most like real life - you do something, you get better at it. It confounded me why no other game (besides the other TES games) didn't do that before (as far as I knew), and all relied on you killing X enemies for Y xp, and after a Z amount of XP you reach level A. At level A you invest B points in skills C, D, E and F, and that's character advancement - supposedly. TES's system is better.

The first game I played that was epic in scale and had a story to speak of was FFVIII, and which was coincidentially the first FF game I ever played. I was seriously impressed with the TV commercials at the time (although I more remember the FFVII ones, and confused VIII with that ad), with the most awesome CG evar for the time. So I rented it for four weeks at the library (+ some because it was in the vacation), and played it to death almost . But at one point I couldn't advance anymore (my characters were too weak, which was probably also blamed by the fact that I didn't get the leveling system and such, and didn't get that with more amount of a certain spell you got more powarz), and quit, restarted it, and played again for another two weeks until I had to hand it over. A while later I got a CD burner (for my 16th birthday, iirc), got the game again, and copied it . Not sure if I replayed and finished it then though, but I did at one time.

Lessee. I played Pokemanz to death (Red, iirc) (and almost literally, I got very sick and blamed that on playing said game far too intensively), so at the time it was an epic game. Nowadays though, it sucks arse because it's too kiddy and there's no advancement in the series whatsoever - for, what, fifteen years? Well, a long time anyways, there has been no evolution whatsoever in the series, and it's all a regurgitated pile of a repeat of Red / Blue.

MGS 3 is the only game I ever bought for the full price and near its release, and also one of the few that was worth it, besides Oblivion / Morrowind perhaps, but even those I only bought after they were cheaper. It's (imo) the most filmic video game ever, and very good in that aspect. Most games are built up out of some gameplay with a vague storyline interspersed with in-game or pre-rendered movie scenes, often choppy and sudden and whatnot. MGS didn't, . Or well, not as obviously perhaps. It's also one of the better, if not the best game story ever, if not for the story itself, then for the way it's being told and displayed.

A game on-par with MGS3 in terms of story (and possibly how it's being told) is Max Payne. It certainly is one of, if not thé moodiest or stylistic games I've ever played. It's the only 'film noir' game I've seen slash played to date, and its story and characters are almost beyond compare. I've yet to see a traumatized or whatnot character like Max Payne in a video game, or at least one as believable. MP2 was, besides the change of Max's face, on par with the first one - as far as I can remember it, but I need to replay it. I replayed MP1 a few times. If I recall correctly, I played the first game like crazy within three days, and replayed it right away because of its awesomeness. And contrary to what others say, I also liked the movie. So there. It's not what I had hoped for, but it's a pretty good movie nevertheless.

I'm not too sure about Max Payne 3 though, cell shaded graphics are the suck for a game like that.

Half-Life is the first FPS with a story to speak of that I played. I first played it and was scared shitless, and didn't dare to continue once the face huggers appeared. But later I picked it up again and persevered, and it was epic. Don't think I finished it on that second playthrough, but I sure did later on. The game gets weird and uncanny at the end, and the final boss (and how to defeat him) is quite unlike what you'd expect when you first start the game. The opening sequence of the game, where you get aboard a train and 'drive to work', so to speak, is also quite well executed, and gives you a feel for the character - even though you only see what he looks like (a nerd) in the loading screens. The first person perspective on things are very well executed in that game.

Call of Duty 2 is to date the most impressive war FPS game I've played, and I prefer it over 3, 4, and 5 (WoW). You get sucked in, and you don't get the lone supersoldier feel like you do in all other FPS games, but you're just a cog in the wheel, sometimes you get the feeling you're just walking along with the others. It may all be pre-scripted, but I don't mind in the least. It's chaos, there's bullets flying around everywhere, asplosions, you see people dying in front of you (or next, or whatever), etcetera andsoforth. Note that I need to replay CoD 1, .

And Zelda 64. Majora's Mask too. It's cute and kiddy perhaps, but the best action / adventure game I've played to date. I want to get Twilight Princess too, if at all possible.
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Celes Chere (07/30/2009)
Old 07/30/2009   #10

10. Pokémon Red/Blue - Sure it got blown way out of proportion, but it was still a ton of fun. It was the first video game purchase I made with my own money (along with the gameboy) and I played the hell out of it. To this day I would imagine that most of us could put the name to a picture of one of the original 150, perhaps even their type, and MAYBE even when they evolve.

9. Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 - This is another game that I played for hours and hours. It was hokey, but it was supposed to be and I really enjoyed the strategy in this game. The pacing was great and the missions were blast even in subsequent playthroughs. I know everyone else was playing Starcraft (which is great in its own right, don't get me wrong), but I was playing this. Besides, I liked that you could select more than 10 units.

8. Shadow of the Colossus - This gets on here if just for uniqueness. I've never played a game quite like it, and probably never will. This game is the argument for games' capability of being art. You'd be wasting your time trying to use any others. The living painting-style graphics along with the breathtaking scale they managed to portray is truly impressive. Not to mention the fact that this game evoked such confused emotions that no other form of entertainment has. The game is an experience, it just places lower due to the low replay value.

7. Armored Core 1/Project Phantasma - Here's one I bet no one else has. Armored Core is a niche, nerd game if there ever was one. But my friend had Armored Core 1 and its expansion way back in the day and we would play through it and play against each other for hours and hours. The Armored Core games since have all entertained me, but I knew these inside and out, despite the fact that I was not good at them at all. You know a game has something when you long to play it even when you're pretty bad at it.

6. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Cthulhu pretty much expressed my feelings on this. No I've never played Morrowind (sorry...) but Oblivion's world really sucked me in, I was totally immersed as I played this game, often into the early morning. I truly was "role-playing." Also, Yop, Final Fantasy II actually had a experience system like TES, but it wasn't quite as well implemented.

5. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles - The best Sonic game, if not the best game on the stellar Sega Genesis. I've always been a Sonic guy (as opposed to a Mario one), and this was his peak. Some of the best video game music accompanied by imaginative levels and 14 Chaos Emeralds to find made for a very fun experience. Ironically enough, as hard as Sega tries on those damned 4kids storylines on today's Sonic, S3&K actually told a pretty good, subtle story.

4. Final Fantasy VI or X - I really can't decide. It pretty much goes to whichever one I've played more recently. VI was the first game, in my opinion, to prove that one could weave a brilliant and elaborate plot in a video game. The fact that it had such a huge cast and that the vast majority of them are interesting is a testament to that. From memorable scenes such as Cyan's family on the Doomtrain, the famous Opera, and one of the greatest villains' rise to power, it was truly a masterpiece. That said, X also broke some barriers. As much as people love to hate the voice-overs, I never really minded it (except for the abuse of "you know?"). X's graphics STILL look pretty good, it redefined summon magic and had a really imaginative leveling system. X exemplifies the right way to tell a love story (I'm looking at you, 8), and as was previously stated, perhaps the best ending in the series.
A tough choice.

3. Xenosaga Episode I - My first PS2 game, and I am eternally grateful to the gamestop employee that recommended it to me. Yeah, yeah, its a movie. But its a damn good one. Truly a sci-fi epic with large scale battles and all the orchestral accouterments that go with it. The characters were entertained with largely good voice acting. KOS-MOS is a spectacular badass and really cool take on the 'living weapon' thing that anime loves. Albedo was a disturbing, hateful villain with one the best dubbed voice-over roles in video games and anime hands down.

2. Final Fantasy Tactics - The pinnacle of the Final Fantasy job system and the definitive tactical RPG, FFT started things off with a great battle system. Battles took a long time, and losing sucked, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. I've never "rooted for" a hero I was controlled like I did for Ramza. He was so noble and against such incredible odds that I truly hoped for him to succeed. I still am upset by his lack of recognition in the history books, he really is as much a hero I've encountered in any medium. The Shakespearean plot was a ton of fun and the pseudo-Victorian translation of the War of the Lions remake complemented it perfectly and is a game I recommend to anyone.

1. Final Fantasy VII - Yeah, no surprise there. Were it not for this game, I would not have played any of the other RPGs on this list. I may not even be a dedicated gamer were it not for this game. But I believe it deserves number 1 for more than nostalgia and happenstance. I've played this game more than any of the others on here, or if not definitely spent the most time playing, discussing, and playing its spinoffs. VI showed that video games could tell a great story, and VII confirmed it. VII didn't really break any ground within the genre, even with the story. It's just they did something with characters to make them some of the most memorable, ever. Every gamer, begrudgingly or otherwise, knows Cloud, Sephiroth and Aeris. Many remember the tons of memorable moments, lines and revelations. It's no small wonder this is the game that received a Compilation. And that's not to diminish its gameplay either. Its not a wild departure but it did just about everything right. Materia is a great, fun system allowing for tons of customizability and is not nearly as unbalanced and easily broken as, say, VIII or Crisis Core. It's the reason we're all here and still remains my favorite game.

...God I'm a nerd...look at all that..

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Old 07/30/2009   #11

I'll be those annoying people without a list, but random games that are just "good".

Wonderful games...Any Zelda, any FF, some Sonic games, First 3 Marios...well pretty much anyone that isn't shit like "Mario Sunshine" <_<, teh Medal Geer Soleedzz, RE all, but 5 because I have not played, DMC..yeah you, Spyro the first 3 it sucks after that, maybe Silent Hill, TETRIS ftw, Sims, my gawd Diablo O:, and uhhh..some more I just don't wanna ramble too much.

Oh yeah, I gots more....KH, Tekken fer sure.., Sled Storm..ha okay now i'm done.

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Old 07/30/2009   #12

@Force, I never played 2 until I got it on my GBA, which was only a short while ago, .

And your post makes me add one.

Starcraft, which imo was more entertaining than RA or RA2. I must've played the whole campaign (+ the expansion) through three or four times by now, and am half-arsedly working on another playthrough on my laptop when I spend the weekends at the parents'. It's got probably the most original storyline of all RTS games I've played to date.

On that same level comes both Total Annihilation and its unofficial sequel, Supreme Commander. Both games feed my robot nerd lusts, and both are executed excellently. Total Annihilation pushed the envelope by a factor over nine thousaaand by what's possible in RTS games in terms of actions - and, in fact, it still does. If you've played it, you've probably witnessed wave upon wave of weak enemy forces being blasted to bits in a cacophony of laser blasts and flying rubble on that metal planet thingy. Yeah, that. And Supreme Commander took that, and expanded upon that by a factor of nine thousaand and then some, with, if you've got a really really really really heavy computer, up to seven or eight thousand robotic units, on sea, air, and land, fighting each other in maps of a massive scale. I'd like to play it again with such settings once I get a computer that can handle it, .

SotC is still too fresh in memory for me to consider this in an overall list, but I would like to add that it is quite good. It loses points in the fact that the story only really starts once you've finished the actual game. That, and the lack of any content to speak of between the battles makes the overall game feel very empty and, if you're not easily impressed by the distances and landscape, boring. It makes up for that in the sheer epicness of its battles, its music, its very own style, andsoforth.
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Old 07/31/2009   #13

I'm gonna have to work on this one and come back later ;.;
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Old 08/03/2009   #14

My top 10:

1. FFVII, for obvious reasons.
2. The World Ends With You, fun game and just a total reflection of modern culture.
3. FFVII CC, just had way too much fun, and cried more than was healthy.
4. FFVII DoC, I know a lot of people didn't like it but it was total Vincent fanservice.
5. Rock Band 1 & 2, I love music. No music = no life.
6. Kingdom Hearts series, FF + Disney + really random weapons = Lobve.
7. FFIX, A gem game in all, but I suck at Chocobo Hot & Cold. >.<
8. FFIII, Ninjas in a group are amazing.
9. Devil May Cry 3, Dante is awesome. I just suck at the game. >.<
10. Pokemon series, call me a freak, but I still enjoy going back and playing RBY. Pika pi!
A few kind words of appreciation would be appreciated.

This psycho chick just got into college! *party*
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