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Old 11/20/2016   #1
Default What does music mean to you?

Or: how come nobody talks about music here?

I was flicking through the list of threads here in the Venue, our music section, and noticed that (a) there are very few new threads, and (b) most threads die out with only a handful of replies.

It seems like lots of our most active members never post here at all. As someone for whom music is one of the most enjoyable parts of life, I find that puzzling. But I know everyone's different, so I wanna know: What does music mean to you? What do you like to listen to, and how much do you listen to it? Do you listen to different types of music based on your mood, what you're doing, or the occasion? Do you enjoy live music? Do you buy music, stream it, get it illegally, just listen to what's on the radio, or do none of the above? Even if you never listen to music or actively hate it, I'd be interested to know why. Let's get a general conversation going on the subject.

P.S. Aaron's enthusiasm for discussing music is one of the reasons I miss having him around here.
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Ghost X

What does music mean to you?
It has a range of functions for me. Some times I need it to function. However, sometimes I need silence. Currently I'm in a phase where I'm not listening to much music.

What do you like to listen to, and how much do you listen to it?
- I like to listen to music to feel something from it, and that's generally the more well-constructed less-manufactured more-artistic stuff. Eg: Tame Impala.
- I like to listen to music to concentrate. Listened to a lot of Com Truise and similar stuff during uni for this purpose. For lack of better description the "drone" of the music puts one in a trance, ideal for study.
- I like to listen to music to let out energy / stored emotion. This tends to be the more heavy music. Metal, rock, techno, etc. Can cross over into my first category above. Eg: Pink Floyd and King Crimson are both heavy and creative.

How muxh I listen to the above depends on the circumstances of my life.

Do you listen to different types of music based on your mood, what you're doing, or the occasion?
Yes :p.

Do you enjoy live music?
Most often, I do not. There are only a few live versions of songs I prefer over studio recordings.

Do you buy music, stream it, get it illegally, just listen to what's on the radio, or do none of the above?
Used to pirate music, but now have no need. I'll stream or listen to radio.
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"Writing about music is like dancing about architechture"

I think there is some truth to that, if I was sitting in a room with friends listening to music we could more effectively discuss it, but online it's like 'I like dis song it's gud' and I don't feel like I can communicate better than that. Or something.

But yeah music is very important to me, although I go through phases of being unable to listen to it - I don't know if thats because of depression or what.

It's also very much wrapped up in my identity. There are some bands I fucking hate with a firey passion, it's mostly illogical.

Erm, what I like most about good music, is that it conjours up visuals in my head. I reckon if I had the resources I could make some pretty amazing music videos. Sometimes I've seen a video for a song I've already heard and I'm like 'this video is fucking shit what were they thinking?!' because the thing in my head was much better.

I think I have a fairly 'eclectic' taste in music. Though I'm wary of saying that because it comes across like being a pretentious cunt. I suppose I lean towards 70's/80's/90's stuff. There hasn't been much recent stuff that has piqued my interest apart from recent work by older bands.

I obtain music though mostly illegal means, though I have bought more recent stuff. I rationalize it because its like if the artist is dead, or at least the song came out 9000 years ago, I'm not too worried about depriving a millionaire of £10. A recent/new artist or a new piece of music is different.

I don't really enjoy live music that much, often it's inferior to the album version. With a few exceptions. Talking Heads -Stop Making Sense contains quite a few songs that are superior to their album versions.

I'll have to have a think to compile a list of bands/artists I like.
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Lots I guess . First off, it's a very personal thing, as in, I don't really dig discussing my music preferences with others. Unless they also happen to be into it, but even then it's awkward and there's never 100% alignment. I was close ish to Aaron in terms of music preferences and I got a lot of my music via a recommendation of his, but not the weirder stuff. There was a lot of dudely competition of sorts going on in the "what are you listening to" thread too, idk.

There's a small group of people at work nowadays that I share some music preferences with (including, gasp, an attractive woman who iirc went to see Meshuggah live the other day. On that note, concerts aren't my thing. Or they would be, if it wasn't for the loud noises, darkness, people, shit conditions, etc ), so there's that. I spam them a lot. Sometimes I get a "woww yeh sooper coole yo \m/".

I've faffed about with trying to get into making (or performing) music myself a lot, but never serious enough - as in, video games and faffing about on the internet are always more gratifying. I've played some brass instrument for two years or so when I was y00f, bought a keyboard when I was probably 18ish if that (still have it), and an electronic drum kit some five years ago. That one's the moast successful I guess, did some band related stuff with it, but again nothing that stuck beacause people, am I right. Not really my kind of music either, but, my kind of music is hard to play so

Anyway, I listen to music during my commute (my car stereo is valid), sometimes / if possible while at work (headphones ftw), and it's on while I'm at my computer, so I guess I listen to music for like 6-8 hours a day. Usually the same stuff, I haven't gotten much new stuff for a while now. A new album here and there. Listening to familiar music I've had for ten years is comforting or something, it's familiar stuff so it sorta tunes out. It's hard for me to get into new stuff (esp. if it's very different) because of lack of familiarity. Or just not to my taste.
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I'm into music in a really deep emotional way that I've tried to talk about on TLS before and kinda got laughed at lol.

I use Spotify, but given that I like a bunch of weird/ obscure stuff it sometimes doesn't have exactly what I want to listen to, but it mostly suffices.

I don't have specific tastes. I used to say the only genres I disliked were jazz and rap but that's changed since there are a few slow jazz/ blues and rap songs I actually really enjoy.

I actually listen to a lot of video game music on a daily basis, it's often a talking point for the guys in my car en route to work XD.

I love live music. In terms of individual songs I think a studio version is usually going to win in a contest, but I don't think anything can compare to a full stage show if the band is good. I went to see Muse when I was 13 - my first "proper" band concert - during their "Absolution" tour, and it is to date one of my favourite memories, ever. They were out of this fucking world amazing and I'll never forget the atmosphere they managed to create. It helped that the bass literally vibrated my whole body and they have that whole apocalyptic genre thing going on.

But I do also think live music is a double edged sword. I was a huge fan of Blink 182 before and during the release of their first self-titled album and I'll say right now I stopped being a fan after going to the show. They were so shit. I've since learned that it was apparently a bad day for them, they're normally quite good live, but that put me off them for life. They were out of sync, playing in the wrong tempo etc. It was just so baaaad.

Especially for me, by the awesome GLD!
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Old 11/20/2016   #6

Music gives me inspiration and fuels my imagination. It's an endless source of enjoyment and honestly, I dunno how life would be without music. Pretty terrible I imagine. It can encourage me and alter and change my moods, oftentimes music is a way for me to feel better. Or it's a good way for me to get into a different mood, oftentimes for art purposes and writing (such as an intense scene in a novel). It can also help me enjoy something that's otherwise menial, and help time seem to go by faster.
Basically, music means a lot to me. <3

I pretty much listen to it every day. If not stuff from my iTunes, then its the radio. Either free stuff or stuff I've bought or ripped from cd's, I've never pirated any songs.

As for what I listen to... almost anything. From Frank Sinatra/oldies to new releases today. Pop, rock, metal, country, dance, electronic, classical styles, instrumentals (which vary of course), game soundtracks... there's also som rap-ish type songs I like and, though I'm usually for upbeat music, sometimes slower songs and genres can be very nice as well. Calming, etc.
I really don't have any specific bands I listen to often, nor genre of music, because that changes depending on my mood each week/month. Sometimes I'm on a country music kick, other times it's all pop, then I just wanna listen to game music and then Lindsey Stirling and Sons of Serendip. I'm not fussy over who sings a song or the instruments either. I like what I like, if the tune is good in my opinion, then I'm game.

I've never actually been to a concert. Not something on my list to do per say, but if I had a chance, I would go to see Nobue Uematsu, Lindsey Stirling, Sons of Serendip, and possibly some other game music. I think an orchestra would be cool to see.
I've watched live shows before or something similar, and even if I like their voice sometimes the instruments drown out the voices and it's like I can't hear the singer.
Also I have been to live music but it's a family band mostly and usually the shit is so loud I can never enjoy it. Like you're playing in a little bar, and I can't hear myself shout. What the fuck

Anyhow I love music. I couldn't imagine life without it.
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Nanaki Skywalker

Music is something that I've been exposed to going back to my younger years. My mom has had an Epiphone 12 string acoustic guitar for as long as I can remember, and my parents have listened to everything from the Stones to Van Halen. I was natural exposed to what they listened to, but gravitated to the harder stuff, such as Zeppelin, the aforementioned Van Halen, Aerosmith, and the like. For me, it's something I listen to regardless of what mood I'm in. The kind of music I listen to is perfect when I'm in a pissed off mood, so obviously it's something to calm my mood. It's also something to relieve boredom, and I even listen to it as an energy booster.

As mentioned before, I listen to hard and heavy rock n roll, primarily Metal, and a bit of punk on the side. Pretty much everything from Hendrix to Deicide. The first band I really got seriously into was Metallica. Basically, when I was 15, I switched radio stations from the now defunct classic rock station KZEP 104.5 to the modern rock station 99.5 KISS (which is the actual call sign for the station...not to be confused with some pop music stations around the country)...that modern rock station in my hometown is still active. I had caught up on the Grunge era stuff I missed out on, then heard Metallica for the first time. I thought, okay, I see those obnoxious kids in school who like this band are onto something, but when I heard Master of Puppets for the first time, I lost my mind, then thought to myself...this is the most badass song I've ever heard. I've got to buy this band's records! So the first 2 albums I bought with my own money were Metallica's first 2 albums, Kill 'em All and Ride the Lightning. From then on, I started getting into Pantera, Megadeth, Slayer, etc. When my dad noticed my musical tastes, he got me into Metal bands he listened to, such as Black Sabbath (the selling point here was Ozzy), Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Motorhead, solo Ozzy (fun fact; Ozzy got banned from my hometown for 10 years because he peed on the Alamo. He recently returned to the scene of the crime to publicly apologize.), etc. I'm still a diehard Metalhead to this day. I tried getting into other styles when I was younger, such as rap and country, but quickly figured out they weren't for me, so it's just hard rock and metal, with punk on the side for me.

I still listen to terrestrial radio on the road, still 99.5 KISS, but I also have Sirius XM via my Dish Network subscription. I listen to Sirius XM channels 38 (Ozzy's Boneyard), 37 (Octane), and 40 (Liquid Metal). I use YouTube and sometimes Spotify as a means of discovering new music, but I prefer to buy CDs due to sound quality and access to liner notes (especially if I want to get them signed by the artist if I meet them), but I still rip my CDs onto a digital format. I'd like to start a vinyl collection though. I hear vinyl has the best sound quality.

I've gone to quite a few live shows for the past 17 years. Notably, I was a frequent attendee to Ozzfest every year from 2001-2007 every time they came to town (back then, it was an annual tour). My first concert was Motley Crue/Scorpions in 1999. I think the band I've seen most frequently would have to be Disturbed. I saw them every time they came to town between 2000 and 2003...including Ozzfests. Now that I think about it, I can't even count how many shows I've been to. I did enjoy the mosh pits though (unfortunately, I'm getting too old for moshing...those bumps and bruises in the pit are easier to recover from when you're in your teens and 20s than they are in your 30s). My last concert was this year's River City Rockfest. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for Metallica tour dates though.

Oh yes, and I have a couple of guitars. A BC Rich Warlock and an Ibanez GRX20, and a Marshall ministack, plus a few pedals to complement them. Everyone PLEASE talk about what musical instruments you have if you play them.

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Old 11/24/2016   #8

Lex wrote: I love live music. In terms of individual songs I think a studio version is usually going to win in a contest, but I don't think anything can compare to a full stage show if the band is good. I went to see Muse when I was 13 - my first "proper" band concert - during their "Absolution" tour, and it is to date one of my favourite memories, ever. They were out of this fucking world amazing and I'll never forget the atmosphere they managed to create. It helped that the bass literally vibrated my whole body and they have that whole apocalyptic genre thing going on.
I wish I had seen Muse live when I was younger and still living in the UK. I really wanted to see them, and I even got my Dad to agree to get me tickets to a concert in maybe 2003 or 2004 as a birthday present, but it was the usual story: tickets went on sale at 09:00, I was refreshing the website at 09:00, tickets were sold out at 09:01 and I hadn't got one.

Nowadays I wouldn't bother going to see them live because (a) their concerts in Finland always cost a ridiculous amount, and (b) because I think everything they've done after Black Holes and Revelations has been terrible (even BHaR was only mediocre compared to their first three albums, but at least it had a few good tracks on it). Their best songs remain Citizen Erased and Hysteria for me.
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My favourite album is definitely Absolution for songs like Hysteria, Butterflies and Hurricanes, Apocalypse Please etc. but I was into them prior to that with Bliss (still a fave) New Born etc.

The years you were trying to go is the same tour I went to. I'll never forget it, I remember coming home and having a need to listen to their music because I was aware even at that time that I'd never experience it again (as in, the same tour/ set). I remember feeling really emotional after it XD.

I'd say they're still worth going to see because they tend to play a "greatest hits" set rather than "here are all the songs from the new album".

Also I don't mind Black Holes and Revelations - I even like "Uprising" from The Resistance album, but in general agree with your assessment because their earlier stuff is more my style. I don't pick them up and listen to them anymore, not bothered about any of their new albums compared to the way I was mad for Absolution and Origin of Symmetry.

Especially for me, by the awesome GLD!
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I love music that can motivate me, that can bring me back to a special place; which is why most of the music I listen to are related to movie, anime, and video game soundtracks. As far as other songs that aren't related to those, there are just a handful from various artists. I don't listen to all of their music, but ones that catch my eye..ear? Back in the early 2000s, I started getting into trailer music ever since the first Spider-Man trailer; Pompeii by E.S. Posthumus. I also listen to some Chinese music being exposed to martial arts films(Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Stephen Chow). I enjoy live music, but not to often do I attend live shows.

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Old 11/25/2016   #11

Music is an essential part of my life. It has been for as long as I can remember. It runs deep in my blood. My paternal Grandmother was a fantastic singer. Her brother was/is a drummer. My Dad's brother was and still is a fantastic guitarist. I have been a vocalist in several bands. I honestly don't think my life would be remotely tolerable without music.

From a very young age I was taught music appreciation. I listened to Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, and other Big Band music artists with my Grandma. My Uncle was a hard rock/heavy metal guitarist in the 80's. He would give my Dad tapes of musicians he was listening to all the time. I found an appreciation for Led Zeppelin, The Cars, Aerosmith, Queen, White Lion, Cinderella, Journey, and many many others because of this. None of the bands that my Uncle introduced us to was more influential on me though than the amazing Van Halen. The first Van Halen album I really remember listening to was "1984". As a kid, I absolutely adored the song "Jump". I loved the video for that song. However, no Van Halen album has meant more to me, as not only a lover of music but as a musician, than their first album with Sammy Hagar: the terrific "5150".

From Sammy's first vocals to open the album ("HELLO BABY!") to the ending moments of "Inside", "5150" is pure rock perfection. My love for Sammy Hagar and Van Halen grew over the years. Sammy's time with Van Halen ended up introducing me to other Sammy fronted projects like HSAS and Montrose and his solo stuff including, my personal favorite, "Standing Hampton".

I remained mostly a fan of 70's and 80's rock through most of childhood and my teenage years. It created a lot of awkwardness for me in High School when most everybody had forgotten about 80's rock and roll and were listening to bands like Oasis, Weezer, STP, Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, and The Smashing Pumpkins. Not to mention the growing movement for a little band called Tool. While I didn't mind some of this music, I can't say it was my cup of tea back then. The sole exception to this was a band called Creed. Most of you are going to look at that and go...but Mike they are the biggest sell out band of all time, Scott Stapp sucks, egomaniacal bastard, etc, etc. You, of course, are right. However, I still maintain that their first effort "My Own Prison" is one of the best pieces of 90's alternative rock of all time. Fuck the shit that they did with their subsequent albums. That first record is fucking killer. Mark Tremonti's guitar licks were fucking great. He's still one of the best guitarists out there (see Alter Bridge or his own solo stuff).

However, when I graduated from high school and took my first real job at AT&T my musical tastes finally took a shift. I started discovering my own taste for music instead of the stuff I had grown up listening to with my family. I started to find an affinity for all the stuff that I had overlooked or missed out on in the 90's. I found a love for Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, STP, Pearl Jam, The Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, Weezer, etc. It was through my love for that music that I also started digging into some heavier shit. I discovered Pantera. The first time I put on their "Vulgar Display of Power" record I was fucking blown away. Subsequently, I purchased their entire back catalog. Holy fuck what a band! Dime's guitar work is just fucking amazing. The band was fucking ruthless.

It was during this time that I started to going to a lot of concerts. I couldn't take in new music fast enough. I was making killer money at AT&T and I was spending easily $100.00 a week on CD's. My music consumption was just off the charts. I started hanging out with a couple of guys that I worked with that shared some common music interests. They turned me on to a genre of music that I had only been familiar with through Tool previously: progressive rock. I started listening to King Crimson, Rush, Dream Theater, and Spock's Beard among many others. I also started really enjoying bands like Radiohead and Muse.

It was during this time of discovery that I joined my first band. I remember very clearly being at a show with one of my friends from work. We were watching 30 Seconds to Mars on their tour for their first record. I looked at my friend, Vince, and said "I could do this." He had been in several bands before. He was a very talented drummer. We put together a band called Trapjaw (named after a He-Man and the Masters of the Universe villain). We weren't together long but since Vince had a studio built into his garage we recorded all of our practices and did a demo in the short time we were together. We could have been classified as nu-metal in sound. Very early Staind sounding.

After Trapjaw disbanded, I desperately wanted to get into another band. I auditioned for a few bands and finally got another gig. We called ourselves Daedalus. We were shooting for a more prog/experimental sound. We were heavily influenced by bands like Tool and Primus. Our bass guitarist was terrific. He remains the best bassist I've ever worked with. We were together for a year or so. We never recorded anything. We played one gig with disastrous results. We weren't ready. Not even close. I tried to talk the band out of doing the gig and I was outvoted. Shortly after the bad gig, I was ousted from the band due to conflicts that arose surrounding the bad gig.

After that, I was pretty angry. I started listening to some heavier shit. I discovered Lamb of God, Chimaira, Killswitch Engage, Arch Enemy, Hatebreed, God Forbid, Shadows Fall, and many others. I decided for my next musical project, I wanted to get into this scene. So, I auditioned for a couple of bands and landed a gig with a band called Broken. The band had two amazing guitarists. These guys could fucking melt your face off. They were undeniably the most talented band on the whole that I had been with. We had a very Pantera influenced sound. I was with them for a few months and then my Dad got diagnosed with lung cancer. I started missing band practices to spend more time with my Dad. Eventually, I told them I was quitting because I didn't feel like I could put the proper time in with them. One of the two guitarists called me up the next week and begged me to come back. It made me feel good but I declined. I explained my heart just wasn't in it. He understood. We have maintained contact off and on over the years since. If I had one regret, it was not staying with those guys. I think we could have gone places. I haven't really been in a band since. That's been about 11 years ago.

My musical palette continues to grow. I try not to be completely closed-minded about any genre of music. I'll give almost anything a chance. iTunes, Bandcamp, and other such sites have made it easier than ever to discover new music and artists. You don't have to have a record deal anymore to get your music heard. In my music collection you'll find a wide variety of things. Everything from Sarah McLachlan to Van Halen to Lamb of God to Hank Williams to Dredg to Rush to Dr. Dre and damn near everything in between. Music truly is life for me.

To answer your direct questions, Flint:

1. I do like to listen to different types of music based on my mood. Sometimes I'll listen to a video game score or a film score. Sometimes I want my metal. Sometimes I want something ethereal. It just depends on what's going on.

2. I FUCKING LOVE live music. I don't go to nearly as many concerts as I used to but when I do go, I live it up. I don't drink or do drugs or anything like that. I just let myself be absorbed by the atmosphere and the musicians playing. There's nothing better than live music.

3. I stopped listening to the radio long ago. The local terrestrial radio stations around here play the same shit over and over. I probably stopped listening to radio 15+ years ago. Instead, I lean on my own music collection. I have a massive cd collection that has now all been ripped to iTunes and is collected digitally. I really stopped buying cd's about 5-6 years ago. I just don't have room for them anymore. Plus it is far more convenient to have them digitally accessible from anywhere. I used to care a lot for album artwork and liner notes but I really don't care for that so much anymore. Unless it is some ultra nice special edition version of a record, I just don't do hard copies anymore. I've got over 56,000 songs in my library. Hell, I could probably run my own radio station if I wanted to.

If I do listen to radio, it is usually a SiriusXM satellite radio station such as Liquid Metal or Octane.

People often ask me how I discover new music if I don't listen to the radio. I tell them every Friday I go through all the new releases on iTunes in the genres that I enjoy. I look at the album artwork, I look at the song titles, I'll listen to the samples of a few songs. If it tickles my fancy, I'll go deeper down the rabbit hole. I also surf around Bandcamp and check out stuff on there. I discovered a very cool act called Cloudkicker through them. It's really amazing stuff. The bottom line is music has become more accessible (some would even argue more disposable) in the digital age. You don't need a radio to tell you what you should listen to.
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I love the music I love, but I cannot stand being forced to listen to other people's music, especially in enclosed spaces like their car. I can't hold a conversation with someone if music is playing in the background. I either want to listen to the music or I want to flee to a place where I don't have to hear it. I am in an amateur band now with some friends, which I mostly enjoy, but I really have to grit my teeth when we perform a song they like and I don't. It's a kind of physical torture for me. Piped music in restaurants, pubs and shopping malls is just awful. I don't seem to be able to process human voices and music simultaneously - unless the voices are part of the music.

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Keveh Kins

LicoriceAllsorts wrote: I can't hold a conversation with someone if music is playing in the background.
This. Very much this.

I think it's a brain thing. Because you end up trying to have an even keeled conversation with an elevated voice and feels like the words aren't matching the tone and whatnot. Or something. It causes this weird disconnect and the words are said but the conversation isn't actually had.

On topic: I think I wouldn't be hanging about if not for music. Not a musician or anything, but just listening to it at the right time in the worst circumstances has helped immensely with processing the clusterfuck of information and emotional bombardment that is life. It's great medication for weariness, I find.

Hire claustrophobics. On the whole,
they're better at thinking outside the box.
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I can mostly tune shit out when it's playing in shops and stuff. Except when I was working in a shop. I was working in Next when that 'She's so lovely' song was their theme for Christmas that year. I reckon it played at least once every 15 minutes. And I thought it was utter shite to begin with.

Oh and I don't like listening to music out loud. Headphones all the way.
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I have strong yet fragile feelings about music, if that makes any sense. Talking about it too much tends to ruin it. Either from overanalysis, or realizing that lyrics don't mean what I thought they did, or finding out the bands I like are assholes, or someone sneering about a song I like.

Plus I tend to sneer myself and wouldn't want to screw up someone else's good time.
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