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Default FFXII Audiobook idea pitch

My name is GokaiWhite, and I have been working on a short story about Vaan from Final Fantasy XII, sort of as a commentary on how alot of FF fans hate him and thing he has little to no relevance to the game's story. So Pixel, or whoever it is that directed and produced the OTWTAS Audiobooks, if you're interested in us working on an audiobook of my FFXII story together, please don't hesitate to leave me a message!
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Pixel is no longer with this website but you should be able to contact him over at his Twitter.
My YouTube Channel!
Clement Rage wrote: All hail Shademp, God of Dirge.
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I just finished the first draft of my story today.
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GokaiWhite wrote: I just finished the first draft of my story today.
I never told anybody this before, but some time after that fateful day of the Battle Above Rabanastre(1.), I had a run-in with one of Vayne Solidor's last remaining loyalists, who viciously assaulted me and accused me of aiding Princess Ashe in discrediting and trivializing the "greatness" of the Archades and House Solidor(2.), an undeserved "greatness" that was built on the suffering of many, and on the sins of Vayne, his father, and their forefathers before them. I didn't get the chance to disprove his words, as he beat me senseless without even letting me think of anything to say.
"You're weak!" he said, "Unlikable! A waste of everyone's time!"
Blow after heavy blow, he said horrible things, called me things I know I'm not. No one came to defend me as I was being attacked, physically, mentally, and emotionally.
"That harlot Queen and her fellow insurgents don't even know why they ever allowed a street rat like you associate with them in the first place! Why would they care about you? You're a nobody! You don't matter at all!!"
The loyalist grabbed the trinket holding my vest together and socked me in the jaw with enough force to rip it off from the straps, leaving me flat on my back. No part of my face was damaged, but I was quickly losing the strength to remain awake.
"You're not even fit to be her meat shield! The Queen may as well have left you behind, for all Ivalice cares!"
The loyalist took off before any guards can show up to detain him, and I just laid there, trying to call for help, but ultimately falling comatose in a matter of seconds.
"Penelo, Balthier, Fran, somebody.... help.... me...."
And that was just the beginning of what is perhaps my greatest crisis.
"*gasp* Vaan...! Hang in there!"
Some minutes later, Penelo found me lying unconcious, and brought me to a clinic to have my wounds treated. Despite the severity of my injuries, the doctor assured Penelo that I was going to be ok, thanks in part to her proficiency in white magic. But that's when the nightmares only started to begin. The next night, when I was laying shirtless in bed, I had a dream about the time my companions and I came face to face with a bitter, hateful Esper that called itself Zeromus the Condemner(3.), after a terrifying creature from another world(4.).
"Know suffering!! Know death!!" the vile Esper bellowed, as it threw scathing insults at me particularly and brutalized us with an onslaught of gravity-based magic. Even as we triumphed and made Zeromus our ally by proxy, his malicious, raspy voice spoke to me in my mind when I was either alone, or trying to catch up with my group for the rest of our journey.
"I shall not be yours to command for long, hume-child! Just as your 'precious' princess will not keep your in her company forever! They say they need you now, but when they realize how wrong they are, they'll cast you out like the refuse you truly are! Ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!"
I didn't know if Zeromus has or had some connection with the man who beat me half to death, or if it was a mere coincidence that he returns to haunt me in my nightmares every now and then, since the encounter. But I knew for certain my crushing defeat, and the Condemner's vitriol towards me were eating away at my self-esteem. I felt as if constantly forced to ask myself, "Am I really unimportant? Annoying? Am I really nothing more than a view-point?" Every night I found myself waking up at midnight with my bed sheets as drenched in sweat as my mind was being overcome with anxiety. One night, I recalled the Elder Wyrm of the Golmore Jungle, one of our most annoying adversaries ever, and how it kept tormenting us with it's Sporefalls. In this dream, I was constantly brushed off by my allies, being called dead weight as they deliberately neglected to use a Phoenix Down to restore my strength the moment I was knocked out by the Elder Wyrm. I fear this is just one of the reasons that loytalist called me useless. And some nights later, I had a nightmare about me and my party constantly getting lost at the Great Crystal in the depths of Giruvegan, a nightmare that ended horribly with everyone leaving me behind to die all alone, or worse yet, spend the rest of eternity being taunted by the voices of Vayne and all those who appeased to his lust for power. After 12 days worth of similar episodes, I decided that I have to get stronger, in mind and body, if I am to reject the ghastly visions of that spiteful Zeromus for good! I waste little time announcing my plans to Penelo, as she comes into my room with a glass of water in hand for me.
"Another rough night?" Penelo asks, worried as she usually is as she makes room on my bed to sit down with me, and hands me my water.
"Yeah..." I reply a bit flatly, and take a sip of the glass, "These nightmares are getting old real fast!" I take a deep breath, and gather my thoughts as Penelo wraps her arms around me, and then I say, "Penelo, I know you don't think I'm useless, but try to put yourself in Balthier's position, or Fran, or Basch, or Ashe. How do you think they look at me?"
Penelo replies, "I'm sure if you asked them, they'd say they wouldn't be where they are without you."
"Perhaps, except Ashe hasn't seen us much since her coronation as Queen of Dalmasca, on account of the weight of her responsibilities and commitment to her people as a whole. Just thinking about how far apart from us she's becoming only makes me feel like everything I did for her on our journeys ultimately meant nothing!"
"That's not true Vaan," says Penelo, "it simply isn't. I'm sure if you told her how you feel, she can work something out."
"Yeah right! Like she'd even look a street rat like me in the eye. She's a queen, and I've never really been good at conversing with royalty... not the right way, at any rate...! *sigh* Look, what I'm trying to say is, that I don't think I'm good enough to be taken seriously by anybody. In fact I'm afraid I never was in the first place... I just, I gotta go!"
"Go where?" Penelo asks with a worried expression on her face like she thought I'm going away forever, which is fortunately not the case.
"Not very far, to the Dalmasca Estersand. It's kinda for personal training."
"Are you sure I' can't come with?"
"I wish! But this is something I gotta do myself. It's the only way I'll get stronger. You understand?"
I can tell she really doesn't want me to go through with this alone. I can read her face like an open book, and yet, she feels inclined to respect my decision, as much as I want to agree with her on the notion that I'm not a feeble screw-up like most of my enemies either had or could have said.
"All I ask is that you be careful."
"I will! And I'll only be gone for 10 weeks at most. You have my word!"
I take only enough potions and other healing items to last me at least a year before I venture right into the hottest part of the Estersand where I can see the River Nebra, not very close, but not too far either. I want the harshest training conditions I can think of, while taking the necessary precaution of being close enough to the Bank Village. As soon as I find a good spot, I take off my vest and the red sash wrapped around my stomach area, and begin training like crazy under the blazing hot sun. I don't mind the beads of sweat that formed all over my well-sculpted upper body and began to drench my pants, as I'm already quite used to the generally hot climate of the Dalmasca region. Feeling the sweat all over my half naked body is almost theraputic, yet getting stronger is what really matters at the moment. I ignore the malicious voices popping up in my head as best as I can, punch any pots and urns I can find in the desert as hard as I can, reducing each to rubble in less hits than the last. Luckily, there are no monsters around to harm or annoy me, and when the sun begins to set down, it was time to stop for today. Before long, I find an oasis close by to the Bank Village, where I strip down, wash myself and my garments, then sit in the shallow end, still naked, with the water up to my chest and watch the beautiful sunset. Later, with the moon in full sight, I close my eyes and lay back into a peaceful slumber, trying to think peaceful thoughts to get my mind off my recent insecurities. But Zeromus' voice came to me again when I least expect it.
"Fool! No matter how strong you become, you'll not be of any imporance more to anyone than a rotting corpse! Fuhahahahaha!"
Flinching in terror, I wake up breathing as heavily as my heart was pounding, my hand clutched to my chest like I'm having a stroke. The suddenness of my startled awakening almost makes me lose my footing, and I would be close to drowning, but luckily I didn't. I couldn't find the words to say in response to Zeromus, but I know the solution; to train harder, come the next sunrise!
"I'm not weak! I am 'nobody' to no one!"
I waste no time putting my pants back on and doing warm ups for a couple hours before searching the Estersand for a group of strong looking palm trees to start punching at. I climb on them to remove the fruits and any other dangerous objects so they don't fall down and hit me on the head. No need to bust my skull open, for that matter! After that, I count how many hits it takes to knock a tree down, and beat the record on at least ten succesive trees. Of, course, I get a seed out from the fruits I picked to plant a new tree for each one I knock out, and just barely finish the session before it's time to return to the oasis and get cleaned up for tomorrow, taking a little swim afterwards for leisure before I sleep on the hard ground under the stars that night. Surviving alone in the wild isn't easy for anyone, but for me, it will be worthwhile, relaxing, even. In fact, the nightmares finally started to become less frequent and troublesome after the first two weeks. I steadily move on from shattering urns to reducing boulders to rocks, and knocking palm trees down to leaving large cracks in walls of rock. After nine weeks, not only am I feeling at the peak of my prime, but the nightmares are finally grinding to a halt. I might as well take on a Judge Magister in unarmed combat if I want to! I gather up my things and begin the journey back home on foot. Getting back to Rabanastre seems much faster than leaving now, thanks to my training. At the last stop before the main gate, I lay myself flat on a sleeping bag for the first time in weeks to watch the sunset again before going to sleep. The last thing I need right now is for anyone to follow me back to where Penelo and I live and get her involved. But at the middle of the night, just when I thought the nightmares had finally ceased, I hear the voice of the man who tried to have me killed some months ago. He quickly pulls the sleeping bag right off me like the covering of a table at a dining room.
"Well well, look who came crawling back out of the gutter!"
"Say what you will, but I'm not afraid of you..." I tell the loyalist, with a serious, confident look on my face, as I get up and take off my metal vest, "Let's see what you're really made of, old man!"
He seems a bit suprised that I'm actually going to challenge him so quickly after what he did to me, but the loyalist sneers and says, "All right then, if that's how you want to play it..."
I dare not overestimate myself, even with all my recent training, but I nonetheless manage to hold my own, dodging or blocking his every move, wait for the opportune moment to deliver a swift sweep kick to the legs and then put him in a headlock.
The loyalist is almost tuckered out, and though he retaliates with an elbow to my gut, he had finally exhausted himself. I fall right down beside him, breathing in satisfaction at knowing I won, as a few guards arrive and carry the loyalist away.
"Bah! You've changed nothing, you irksome little bugger!" says the loyalist, "You're still just a boy, and when I get released, you're dead! Hahahaha!"
But he will never get another chance to make good on his threats, as he is sent back to Archades, where he will be dealt with under their laws. Next thing I know, I wake up a few minutes later at my place, expecting to find Penelo sitting by my bedside once more. Instead, I was paid a most unexpected visit by Queen Ashe herself.
"You're alright!"
I get up slowly as I open my eyes, remaining seated on my bed.
"Y-Your Highness! I was starting to worry you've become so distant, you wouldn't even remember me anymore."
"Why would I, after all you've done for me, Vaan?"
"Well, there was this guy who told me I was nothing but dead weight dragging you down on your quest to defeat the empire."
"You mean that loyalist I had just sent away from Dalmasca?" The Queen asks.
I gently nod as if to say yes.
"I'm sorry you had to go through this, but whatever he said and did to make you question your self-worth is more unjustified than I can put into words. Your faith in me was more than encouragement enough to see us through our journeys, and I couldn't have stopped Vayne without your help."
I know she isn't lying, I remember all too well running Vayne(5.) through with one of Gabranth's(6.) blades, and how Ashe and I dealt the final blow to Vayne(7.) together.
"Yeah, you're not wrong about that. But still, I wanted to prove how reliable I can be on my own."
"And, once again, you certainly have." said Ashe as she, in a heartwarming act of humility, snuggles beside me, wrapping her arms around my still bare shoulders. Her loving, if almost sensual embrace feels to me like I'm being held in my mother's arms again after many years.
"No matter how far apart we'd become, even if we may never see each other again, I will never forget you or the bravery and idealism you've, many times, shown in the face of adversity. Not Balthier, Fran, Basch, Penelo, Larsa, and especially not you, Vaan."
Ashe gives me a small, yet affectionate kiss on my forehead and gets up off the bed.
"I wish you a swift recovery, and the best of luck for all your days." says Ashe as she takes her leave.
And to you too, my Queen, I thought, as I put my arms behind my head and go back to sleep with a lively smile on my face.
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