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View Poll Results: Whose death was saddest?
Angeal's 0 0%
Zack's 25 64.10%
the people of Nibelheim's 0 0%
The people of Corel's 0 0%
Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie's 1 2.56%
Dyne's 2 5.13%
Aerith's 7 17.95%
Bugenhagen's 2 5.13%
Sephiroth's 1 2.56%
Heidegger and Scarlet's 0 0%
the Sephy remnants' 0 0%
Hojo's 1 2.56%
Rosso's 0 0%
Azul's 0 0%
Voters: 39. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 05/05/2013   #16
Kermitu Kleric Katie

(SPOILER) Well, when Hojo died, Sephiroth was no longer alive. Instead, it was Weiss and Nero who killed him, when they took back Weiss's body. Though as for when he seemingly dies in the OG, I like the idea of Vincent being the one to kill him. He was at least canonically present during the battle, according to the U10.
May Kermitu be with you
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Kittie (05/05/2013)
Old 05/06/2013   #17

I would like to take my vote back and vote for Hojo. I acted drastically and voted for Aerith, because I've cried on several occasions for her death. But the death of Hojo, oh the words are not enough.
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Old 05/06/2013   #18
Kermitu Kleric Katie

SirVival wrote: I would like to take my vote back and vote for Hojo. I acted drastically and voted for Aerith, because I've cried on several occasions for her death. But the death of Hojo, oh the words are not enough.
May Kermitu be with you
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Old 05/06/2013   #19

The words I would describe Hojo's death is "ding dong the wicked proffessor is dead".
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Obsidian Fire (05/06/2013)
Old 05/06/2013   #20

The dog that dies that was guarding Zack and Aerith for Angeal.

That was also the part signifying where everything went to hell for Zack and he wasn't coming back from it.
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The Twilight Mexican (05/06/2013)
Old 05/06/2013   #21

Aerith's is more symbolic and shocking.

But Zacks? You play the entire game knowing he is going to die, that Aerith will move on, then she will die never knowing what really happened to him, that his parents will never know where he is and wait for him, and that the people he works for will betray him. It's so different I don't know how to compare it to Aerith's.

There's the matter of actually playing him as he is dying with the game mechanics breaking down as you fight. That part was sadder than the actual ending, watching the DMW go on the fritz.

But I think the only thing that really sours it is the last minute smile, hand, happy music thing. That's a mood breaker.

Anyway, I'd vote for Zack but there's a part of me that still wants me to vote for Aerith. For everything it encompasses in the story and the characters.

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Thanked by 7:
Dark and Divine (05/06/2013), ForceStealer (05/06/2013), Kittie (06/09/2013), LicoriceAllsorts (06/09/2013), Mama Dragon (08/10/2013), The Twilight Mexican (05/06/2013), Unlucky (05/06/2013)
Old 06/09/2013   #22

Both Zack's and Aerith's deaths were sad for me (the latter being more of a shock), but saddest death? Cloud's mom, imo. Along with the other townsfolk of Nibelheim.

What's even sadder is she never got as much attention *coughcrisiscore*, not even a glimpse of her in CG, or some dialogue from Cloud about her apart from his flashback..
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Thanked by 4:
Dark and Divine (06/09/2013), Kittie (06/09/2013), LicoriceAllsorts (06/09/2013), The Twilight Mexican (06/09/2013)
Old 06/09/2013   #23

If they'd ended Crisis Core with Cloud dragging the sword off to Midgar and Zack left cold and grey lying alone in a bloody puddle, that would have better and much truer to the OG. Preferably with no music, only the sound of wind and raindrops, and maybe a hint of helicopter blades, almost indistinguishable from the wind, as the Turks fly in to retrieve the body. Gutting would have been complete.

<img src= border=0 alt= />

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Thanked by 3:
Kittie (06/09/2013), Mama Dragon (08/10/2013), The Pyro (06/10/2013)
Old 06/09/2013   #24

Tseng's death was the real tragedy of the compilation. Even his miraculous recovery didn't completely erase the pain for me.

I'm kidding, of course. (SPOILER) I meant Rufus, not Tseng
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Kittie (06/09/2013)
Old 08/10/2013   #25

I'm going to say sephiroth just cause hes my fav character heh.
Geostigma is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 08/14/2013   #26

I voted for Zack. I feel like I should say Aerith, but for some reason her's doesn't make me feel as sad. Maybe it's because I have seen it so many times over the years.
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Old 08/14/2013   #27

I haven't finished Crisis Core yet, so I can't say my feeling won't change and I fully expect to be gutted by the ending, however for now I'm saying Aerith. After Zack dies in Crisis Core, the game is over. After you lose Aerith, you have to go on without her, all the time missing her. There's an ongoing sense of loss because of that. When she dies so early in the game and you know you won't see her again, it's gutting.

For me, Aerith was the first character I actually liked in the game. (Aside from Jesse, but she's not around long enough to really get attached to). I have a stream of continuousness twitter feed that does over my feelings on the game start to where I am now, and with Aerith I sort of fell in love with her. She was like a point of light for me in the game and I always had her in my party.

When she left I was so upset and angry. I wished someone could just grab her and do whatever it took to keep her from running off alone. Then you find her again, only to have her snatched away. And I knew it was coming (though I tried to play the game as though experiencing the story for the first time and really feel it) but ok I did a live stream of this and you can see my gutted face:

at about 5 minutes into this. Which sort of speaks for itself, but let's just say I cried.
I'm playing FFVII for the first time and live blogging it on twitter
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jazzflower92 (08/14/2013), The Pyro (08/15/2013), The Twilight Mexican (08/15/2013)
Old 08/15/2013   #28

As previously mentioned in this thread, I think the deaths of Aeris and Zack are of a different nature and thus hard to compare. With Zack you go through the whole game following a young kid who grows up and faces hardship who you know is going to die, in vain, and in a bloody manner, which gnaws at you as you come to relate to Zack's character. One thing I thought was interesting was how FFVII was about creating your own person and coming to terms with it, defying the force that seeks to destroy your individual identity, whereas Crisis Core was about legacies and living on through others, creating an interesting push-pull dynamic. There was so little said about Zack in the original game, and although this is due to poor writing it actually makes CC more tragic, especially as you see Aeris, one of the few things left of his life, die. Anyway, I think Zack's death follows a more traditional narrative, building you up and then ending with the emotional release, whereas Aeris' death, as it is famous for, cuts right into the story, with little forewarning. When you look at it this way, her death is quite poignant and daring because of its sudden and completely frivolous nature, which makes it that much more tragic and realistic.
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Thanked by 2:
CameoAmalthea (08/15/2013), The Twilight Mexican (08/15/2013)
Old 08/15/2013   #29
Literally Who?

I wanted to vote for good old bugenhagen, but the more I thought about the less sad it seemed.
It was one of those beautiful "im ready" kind of deaths that are rare and his knowledge of the planet made it less tragic.

Ehh still voting for the old guy.
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