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Final Fantasy VII All events from the 1997 classic RPG, with which it all began.

View Poll Results: I actually meant to make this a couple days ago, but I forgot
Under the Rotting Pizza 2 6.90%
Barret's Theme 0 0%
The Oppressed 1 3.45%
Ahead on our Way 3 10.34%
Anxious Heart 6 20.69%
If You Open Your Heart... 0 0%
Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony 2 6.90%
Shinra's Full-Scale Assault 1 3.45%
Costa del Sol 2 6.90%
Mark of a Traitor 1 3.45%
Gold Saucer 1 3.45%
Cosmo Canyon 9 31.03%
On the Edge of Despair 0 0%
Wutai 1 3.45%
Provincial Town 0 0%
Who...Am I? 0 0%
Voters: 29. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 04/15/2013   #1
Kermitu Kleric Katie
Default Favorite Town Theme in FFVII

I'm going with Cosmo Canyon, with honorable mentions to Anxious Heart, Gold Saucer and Under the Rotting Pizza.
Here's themes, and examples of towns they play in:
Under the Rotting Pizza: Sector 7
Barret's Theme: Sector 7(after agreeing on the Sector 5 reactor mission)
The Oppressed: Wall Market
Ahead on our Way: Kalm
Anxious Heart: Nibelheim
If You Open Your Heart: Fort Condor
Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony: Junon(during and after said ceremony)
Shinra's Full-Scale Assault: Junon(after the weapon attack)
Costa del Sol: Guess
Mark of a Traitor: North Corel
Gold Saucer: Guess
Cosmo Canyon: Guess
On the Edge of Despair: Rocket Town(after meteor is summoned)
Wutai: Guess
Provincial Town: Bone Village
Who...Am I?: Mideel(after Cloud is found)
May Kermitu be with you
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Old 04/15/2013   #2

Oh Gold Saucer most definitely

Old timey!

YouTube Video


YouTube Video
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Thanked by:
Kermitu Kleric Katie (04/15/2013)
Old 04/17/2013   #3

I still don't think Forgotten Capital counts as a dungeon. Sure there is hidden treasure, but all towns have hidden treasure and the way you find it (in FC) is in the same way, entering houses ect.

Anyway it's probably Under the Rotting Pizza for me, really sinister stuff.
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Thanked by:
Kermitu Kleric Katie (04/18/2013)
Old 04/17/2013   #4
The Man

Not sure I can choose between Anxious Heart, Underneath the Rotting Pizza, Open Your Heart, From the Depths of Despair, and Cosmo Canyon. Wutai is really good too.

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Thanked by:
Kermitu Kleric Katie (04/18/2013)
Old 04/18/2013   #5

There's a lot of great tracks up there and I really don't want to vote for Anxious Heart yet again. But, it does such a great functional job of defining the creepy and surreal mood for Nibelheim.

#1: Anxious Heart
#2: Cosmo Canyon
#3: Under the Rotting Pizza
#4: Wutai
#5: Rufus/Junon
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Thanked by:
The Man (04/18/2013)
Old 10/31/2016   #6

Yes, I always thought the Kalm theme was popular; I enjoy it too. Sometimes I'll even leave the party in town, and leave the PS2 running, while I check emails. (:
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Old 10/31/2016   #7

Close between Nibelheim and Cosmo Canyon for me.
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Thanked by:
jacoobmiller (10/31/2016)
Old 11/01/2016   #8
Mr. Ite

This is bloody impossible, so I picked Costa del Sol. It was the first video game song I ever downloaded (this was summer 2001 after the death of Napster and the rise of Morpheus and KaZaA). It's the perfect background music for tedious situations like customer service, elevators, traffic jams... INSTANT COMEDY.
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Thanked by 2:
jacoobmiller (11/01/2016), Turlast (11/01/2016)
Old 11/01/2016   #9

It comes down to Wutai, Cosmo, and Costa.

I choose Wutai. I couldn't enjoy the theme as much when I first found it because of Yuffie's deception, but that theme is so good. I can listen to it all day.
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Thanked by:
jacoobmiller (11/01/2016)
Old 12/25/2016   #10

Cosmo Canyon(piano Collection) so Noble.
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Old 01/11/2017   #11

Cosmo Canyon for me, as I remember it was the first tune make me realize how good the BGM music of this game is.
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Thanked by:
The Twilight Mexican (01/11/2017)
Old 01/11/2017   #12
Obsidian Fire

Ugg.... this is so hard...

In no particular order: Mark of the Traitor, If You Open Your Heart, Under the Rotting Pizza, Anxious Heart and Cosmo Canyon.
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Thanked by:
The Twilight Mexican (01/11/2017)

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