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Old 08/01/2017   #1
Default A new high/high power setting match up. The Vault Hunters land on Gaia.

There was a legend... Many people tell it. The legend of the Vault. My father would always go on about the Vault; even with his dying breath. Advanced alien technology. Infinite wealth. Fame. Power. Women. So you can understand why some little kiddos who hear the stories grow up to become Vault hunters. Well, I have a story you may not believe. But I tell you it is true. The legend of the Vault is real! And it is here, on Pandora.
Marcus Kincaid

It's cute that y'all think you're the heroes of this little adventure, but... you're not. Welcome to Pandora, kiddos!
Handsome Jack

All around the Stactus plant the stalker chased the bandit, the stalker thought t'was all in fun, POP! goes the bandit.
Tiny Tina

Cloud says they are trying to save the planet. Honestly, I don't think it can be done. For even if they stop every reactor on the planet, it's only going to postpone the inevitable. Even if they stop Sephiroth, everything will perish. But, Nanaki. I've been thinking lately. I've been thinking if there was anything WE could do, as a part of the planet, something to help a planet already in misery... No matter what happens, isn't it important to try? Am I just wishing against fate?

That's right. I'll let you hear my new appointment speech. ...My old man tried to control the world with money. It seems to have been working. The population thought that Shinra would protect them. Work at Shinra, get your pay. If a terrorist attacks, the Shinra army will help you. It looks perfect on the outside. But, I do things differently. I'll control the world with fear. It takes too much to do it like my old man. A little fear will control the minds of the common people. There's no reason to waste money on them.
Rufus Shinra

...My sadness? What do I have to be sad about? I am the chosen one. I have been chosen to be the leader of this Planet. I have orders to take this planet back from you stupid people for the Cetra. What am I supposed to be sad about?

Aerith: It's still not right. A wig! That's what you need!
Owner: Umm, I thought you might, so I talked to my friend about getting one. You know the gym? You'll find a lot of people there like you. Go and talk to them.
Cloud: ...'like you'? Aerith, what did you tell him?

This uses a similar premise to my Borderlands and ASoIAF/Game of Thrones crossover idea. The war to topple Handsome Jack from his rule of Pandora is ongoing and the Vault Hunters, both old and new, are getting desperate. Hyperion troops led by Wilhelm, mostly loaders and engineers handed crappy guns and sent out to fight, have been attacking and massacring towns that defy Handsome Jack's rule. They need anti-personnel and anti-aircraft guns and area shielding for defending Sanctuary and other rebel cities. Instead their navigation craps out on them and the Vault Hunters find themselves in atmo over the wrong damn planet. Though this isn't a crash landing like the one that happened or could of happened in the North of Westeros.

Instead the Vault Hunters, plus Tina, Claptrap and Moxxi, have Scooter slow their rental spacecraft down as they spy an all too familiar sight for them, one guy, a tall dark-haired, athletically built and boyishly handsome one to be precise, fighting off a whole Goddamn army, with a sharpened metal surfboard on a stick of all things. All to protect what must be his friend, a shorter blond-haired young man with the same general build, who seems to be fading in and out of consciousness.

"So", Lilith says, turning to her fellow Vault Hunters, current and former, "wanna go help the poor dumb crazy kid with the ridiculous 'sword'? Just saying, he and his friend could use our help."

"Yeah Lil", Roland replied, "let's help those guys out. Looks like they might even need some help taking down corporate bastards on this world too. Kinda like us."

So the ten Vault Hunters, past and present, spring into action. First, Gaige activates her new ECHOcast recording drone with custom ear piece for hands free narration, at the same time Salvador leaps to the ground, with a Hyperion pistol in his right hand and a Malawan goddamn rocket launcher digistructing in the left, bellowing, "It's time for compensating!" Then the truly badass madness began. Mordecai and Zer0 are clinging to the team's vessel, using it as a mobile sniper's perch, with Mordecai yelling, "Give 'em hell Blood!", and unleashing his alien bird-thing on screaming Shinra troops.

Lilith and Maya, respectively, are Phasewalking and Phaselocking though Shinra troops too stupid or stubborn to surrender or just drop their guns and run away screaming. That's when the two Sirens aren't just shooting at them with their SMGs, because no matter how much of a badass you are with swords, knives, magic or crazy cosmic powers, you still need guns to be a Vault Hunter. Roland and Axton have their turrets set up facing away from each other to form a protective kinetic barrier for two young men, later revealed to be Zack Fair, age 23 and Cloud Strife, age 21. Roland pauses from firing just long enough to hand Zack two shields, one for the ex-SOLDIER and one for his incapacitated friend.

Meanwhile, Krieg is tearing through Shinra soldiers with his buzz-axe like a tornado through a trailer park, Brick is bowling them over them over like a Mack truck over fine china, while occasionally firing his shotgun and Gaige's robot buddy Deathtrap is even worse. The Mechromancer's creation slaughters many Shinra troops that day and leaves the survivors traumatized for life. As for Gaige herself, she wildly fired off her Vladoff shock assault rifle in her foes' general direction, and though she misses many of them, little old Gaige gets them on the ricochet. Not only that, but Gaige programmed her ECHO drones to remotely hack into the nearby TV stations and broadcast her new ECHOcast on every channel, just because she could.

So we have Vault Hunters on Gaia, the world of Final Fantasy VII. Now, since New-Us aren't canon just assume that the Vault Hunters got as far as they did through sheer badassery, not respawning. So, a whole lot of people on Gaia are going to be in for one hell of a big surprise when they learn that they're only part of a much larger universe than they could have ever imagined. Also yes, in time Handsome Jack will learn about this world and might even make his presence known. So how should the major players on this world, AVALANCHE, Shinra, Hojo and Sephiroth react, and how do you think they actually would react?

Now going into this crossover I have a few parameters and conceits I'd like to share with everyone.
-Yes, Marcus will be sending Ammo Dump Ect. and Guns vending machines for them.
-Since New-U stations aren't canon I'm assuming that the Vault Hunters fought, survived and killed every thing they did on their own merits. They're honestly that badass.
-This is before killing Wilhelm, installing the power core and being forced to fly Sanctuary away from Hyperion forces and of course before Nisha's, Angel's and, certainly, Roland's, canon deaths.
-Don't count out Athena and Janey Springs getting involved. Actually, consider it inevitable, they WILL get involved and come to Gaia.
-Same for Torgue, he'll jump into the fray too.
-Handsome Jack will troll everyone else. Crimson Raider, AVALANCHE, Shinra, it doesn't matter to Jack. I wouldn't put it past him to try to send an ECHO device to Sephiroth of all people just harass him and take the piss out of him.
-For the purposes of this crossover anyone of cetra decent is by definition a cetra. Hojo was/is talking out of his ass on the topic.
-Some cetra managed to escape, or at least help their children escape Gaia to avoid Jenova's corrupting power. As a result there are cetra all over the galaxy, it's just that they're an endangered sub-species on their homeworld of Gaia. Aerith's not alone as a cetra any more.
-I've decided on six prominent Borderlands characters, three male and three female, that are definitely cetra. The three male cetra are Mister Torgue High-Five Flexington, Mordecai the Hunter and Krieg the Psycho. The female cetra will be Tiny Tina, Athena the Gladiator and Nisha the Lawbringer. Yes people, Handsome Jack's homicidal, bloodthirsty, puppy killing girlfriend is going to be a cetra in this crossover. Genetics/ancestry do not determine morality.
-Due to the intervention of the Vault Hunters, Zack Fair lives and his pal Cloud Strife won't suffer a complete mental breakdown and following fugue state like he did in canon.

I haven't put a whole lot of thought into how some of the cetra would have evacuated their children, but it would have been unguided, so to speak. Sort of like Superman's birth parents sending from Krypton to Earth, but without any coordinates or predetermined destination in mind. Out of sheer desperation these cetra cast their beloved children, their very future, to the cosmic wind in hopes of a better world, or worlds, for them.

Those cetra children who reached hospitable worlds, and families and communities willing to take them in, themselves had children who went on to have children of their own, and so on and so forth. In some cases these cetra refuges became the origin of their adoptive world's inherent sorcerers and mages. On other worlds they largely blended into the preexisting homo magi communities. Either way, the descendants of these fugitive cetra can be counted among many of the greater shamans, mediums, psychics, spiritualists, spirit healers, beast empaths and necroscopes of their worlds. That's not including their capacity for more general sorcery.

Yes, I know that's not quite FFVII canon, but the way I figure it, expanding on canon is alright so long as you don't contradict explicit setting lore, within reasonable bounds and with some explanation, especially for a fanfic.

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f a n c y (08/02/2017), Tennyo (08/02/2017)
Old 08/02/2017   #2

So, any comments that anyone would care to make? Maybe some asking if I've gone mad. Perhaps some discussion on whether or not any if the FFVII characters might add these Borderlands 2-style guns to their arsenals, and what those guns would be. Maybe Torgue arm gun mods for Barrret.
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Old 08/02/2017   #3
f a n c y

In reference to the question about how the folks on Gaia would react, my shallow, unimagitive self reckons that AVALANCHE would try to get the Vault Hunters to join their cause, only they have little incentive to do so because there isn't much in the way of financial gain for them. This could change should Hyperion manage to get in contact with ShinRa and agree to work together in order to bring down the mutual threat of Vault Hunters and AVALANCHE. Naturally, Hyperion and ShinRa would have intentions of betraying each other eventually because that's what paranoid wackos in power do. Realising that Hyperion is now in cahoots with ShinRa, the Vault Hunters have reason enough to side with our favourite domestic terrorists.


I feel immediately critical of the idea of the idea of more surviving Cetra. What purpose would that serve? And wouldn't they need ships to evacuate? I was always under the impression that such technology didn't exist back then and that they were only just on the brink of it with Cid? In fact, the idea of Cid being enraptured by the ships of Pandora amuses me, lol.
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Old 08/07/2017   #4

Okay then, it took me a few days to think of a reply so here it is. Part of why I thought up this Borderlands 2/Final Fantasy VII crossover is for the sheer culture shock aspect. Including the people of Gaia learning that, "not only are we not alone in this universe, but we are hopelessly, hilariously outgunned." It would also be great to see how far Handsome Jack and the Vault Hunters can push Sephiroth and or Rufus Shinra until they just start ranting and raving like your typical psycho. I'm also of the opinion that after interacting with the Crimson Raiders, Zack Fair, Cloud Strife and ect. will decide that Aerith doesn't need protection, she needs backup.

On the topic of-non Gaian born cetra, my main reason for that bit of extra canon addition was that it sounded like an interesting potential plot detail/expanded setting detail. Also, if you were fighting what may be a losing war, or at least a hard fought defensive war, wouldn't you do every thing in your power to move your side's children, your very future, to safety? What place on Gaia could be said to be truly safe from Jenova, the Calamity From the Skies?

I hope that explains a few things.
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f a n c y (09/15/2017)
Old 08/10/2017   #5

The City of the Ancients, from the outside at least, seems to have been grown rather than built. So any theoretical cetra "escape pods" would have likely been formed the same way. Either way, this prolonged discussion on a relatively minor detail in this crossover. What I'm mostly looking for is what kind of changes to the world/plot would the Vault Hunters bring to Gaia, how might this encounter alter the course of the Crimson Raider and Hyperion war on Pandora and what would be the odds of Shinra vs. Hyperion corporate war. I'd also like your takes on how long it would take Handsome Jack to start trolling AVALANCHE, Shinra and Sephiroth and everyone else would react to Jack's "Spoon Story".
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f a n c y (09/15/2017)
Old 09/15/2017   #6

From my private messages with FancySycamoreTree.

I'm not saying that Rufus Shinra is weak personally, I'm saying that Shin-Ra Corp. is weaker than Hyperion. Let's compare and contrast the two.

Troops: Shin-Ra Electrical Corporation|Hyperion
Assassins/Spies: Investigation Sector of the General Affairs Department/The Turks|Assassins Wot, Oney, Reeth and Rouf undercover as bandits, Hyperion infiltrators, Wilhelm the Enforcer (more machine than man, which Jack thinks is awesome) and Nisha the Lawbringer (also Handsome Jack's girlfriend and the Sheriff of Lynchwood, evil puppy killing bitch)
Grunts: Common Shin-Ra grunts, some of them armed with just fricken swords!|Hyperion engineers, soldiers, snipers, hawks, loot midgets and armored loot midgets. Also include GUN Loader Bots and suveyors.
Elite troops/supersoldiers: Elite SOLDIER members, either all dead or defected and Deepground, only Goddamn Hojo knows where they are.|Wilhelm, Nisha, EXP Loader Bots, HOT Loader Bots, PWR Loader Bots, BUL Loader Bots, WAR Loader Bots, RPG Loader Bots, JET Loader Bots and ION Loader Bots. I almost forgot Hyperion Constructors.

Other: Shin-Ra Electrical Corporation|Hyperion
Leadership: Rufus Shinra, Scarlet, Heidegger, Dr. Hojo, Palmer and Reeve Tuesti|Handsome Jack, Wilhelm, Nisha and Mr. Jeffery Blake
HQ: One, in Midgar right along with AVALANCHE|Two, Hyperion's new city of Opportunity and Helios Station
Spy/rogue employee: Reeve Tuesti/Cait Sith|Handsome Jack's daughter Angel/The Guardian Angel
Shields/personal barriers: No|Yes
Spaceships/moonbases: No|Helios Station and quite a few ships
In house geneticist: Dr. Hojo|Professor. Nakatayma, or Nayakama or what ever the hell his name is.
President's Pet: Weird looking hound named Dark Nation|Living pony made of diamonds named Butt Stallion

As far as Jack would be concerned Shin-Ra is prime for a very hostile takeover.
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f a n c y (09/15/2017)
Old 09/15/2017   #7
f a n c y

Ah, I see your point now. Interesting! I gotta say, you've got quite the imagination and I think it's cool how nuanced these worlds you're imagining are. Do you write fanfiction yourself?

Haha, I was trying to think how AVALANCHE would react to the Spoon Story. I love that story. I think they'd react with self-righteous anger and realise that Jack definitely needed to be stopped, but wonder how high of a priority he would be in comparison to Sephiroth and ShinRa. Whilst Jack is obviously a big bad, he hasn't done personal injuries on the same scale that ShinRa (and to folks like Tifa and Cloud, Sephiroth) has. I think Jack would be a back burner problem.

Sorry for the lame post, ha, I'm afraid I can't quite keep up with your musings and whatnot.
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Agrippa (09/27/2017)
Old 09/15/2017   #8

Elite troops/supersoldiers: Elite SOLDIER members, either all dead or defected and Deepground, only Goddamn Hojo knows where they are
The merits of the regular SOLDIER corps which are not dead aside, President Shinra, Hojo, Heidegger and Scarlet all know of the existence of the Deepground and there's little reason to expect Scarlet and Heidegger to still die to AVALANCHE the way they did given that this story puts Cloud on a very different path before he can ever join AVALANCHE (and consequently Aerith, Red XIII, Vincent and Yuffie). If Shin-Ra enters into a war with a force with greater manpower then themselves, one can expect them to pull out Deepground and their untold thousands of SOLDIER operatives, helicopters and Spider bots.
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Old 09/18/2017   #9

Well, since the Borderlands 2 Vault Hunters will probably end up going against Handsome Jack's Bunker/BNK-3R and maybe even Saturn, Shin-Ra's spider mechs should be right up their alley. Especially if they can find decent cover. The only questions are, would Shin-Ra be desperate enough to start sending out these mechs so soon, just when the Vault Hunters/Crimson Raiders start to fight along side Zack and the unconscious Cloud, and how many would they send?
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Old 09/18/2017   #10

Not against the Vault Hunters but if Handsome Jack makes landfall with a fleet of starships soon afterwards I don't think they'd hesitate.
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Old 09/20/2017   #11

Come to think of it, under this scenario Zack and the Vault Hunters don't even have to fight off the whole Goddamn army Shin-Ra sends out. They just need to hold off Shin-Ra's troops long enough their ship to land so they can load Cloud on board, then climb back in themselves and take off for Midgar. All the while Gaige is recording everything for her ECHOcast and sending out her home built drones to hack Shin-Ra's systems, leak all their sensitive files and broadcast her ECHOcast over Shin-Ra's airwaves.

Hell, you may only need half the number of total Vault Hunters to help Zack and Cloud get away with their lives! That opens up five Vault Hunters, first and second generation to act elsewhere. Excellent, and I know just where to have the other ones land.
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Old 09/23/2017   #12

I have no idea what I would name the whole damned thing, but I know the franchises I'm using, aside from Final Fantasy VII and Borderlands. I'm planning on keeping one of those two a mystery, for a little while longer. I could use some help with a third intro, from the Final Fantasy VII side, if anyone would please help.

"As the war against Hyperion and it's leader Handsome Jack raged on, our heroes in the Crimson Raiders grew more and more desperate with every passing day. The power cell for Sacnturary's shield generator had maybe a few weeks, at best, to go before running out. Hyperion was taking more and more territory and that damned jackal, Handsome Jack, was getting closer to opening the second of Pandora's Vaults, an even greater Vault than the first one discovered. The Vault of the Warrior, prison to a grand Eridian beast that Jack planned to unleash upon his enemies. In other words, everyone who didn't want that gigantic egotistical asshole telling them what to do.

"So with heavy hearts the Vault Hunters, both old and new, split into two groups, to scour the galaxy for anything that could conceivably be used to fight Hyperion and its leader Handsome Jack. The first group consisted of Commander Roland, leader of the Crimson Raiders, Dr. Lilith Cashlin, mercenary scientist, Roland's ex-girlfriend and both most beautiful and deadliest Siren in the Galaxy, Krieg, the poor sunuvabitch Handsome Jack had tortured into becoming a psycho, Axton, the ex-Dahl commando with an unhealthy fixation on his auto turrets and Zer0, assassin turned big game/Vault Hunter. I honestly swear that damn bastard's a robot.

“While group number two held Brick, terrifying berserker and Slab King of Thousand Cuts. Mordecai the hunter, chief spy of the Crimson Raiders and heartbroken drunk with a deadly alien bird named Bloodwing. Salvador the Gunzerker, a ridiculously strong and nigh indestructible midget with a body odor almost as bad as his fists and his dual guns. Gaige the Mechromancer, 18 year-old genius high-school drop-out wanted for manslaughter after her school science fair project/pet killer robot detonated her fellow classmate Marcy Holloway. Don't feel too bad kiddos, that bitch had it coming. Last but certainly not least, Maya, the other Siren, and former goddess of the Order of the Impending Storm, an honor she grew to disagree with, very violently.

"As luck might have it for Pandora's true heroes, their nav systems crapped out on them, causing them to land on two previously uncharted worlds, and changing both them and Pandora forever. This is a tale of romance, magic, myth come true, madmen with god-complexes, annoying piece of shit claptrap units, murder, intrigue and high adventure. Now if you don't care for any of that, too bad, I'm telling
this story, and if you don't like it you can get the hell out of here. So gather around boys and girls, have I got quite a tale for you."
-Marcus Kincaid

“Okay Seeker, correct me if I'm wrong. First things first, we have some strange guy claiming to come from another world, one that he says he died on, at least five years ago. Second, this strange young man, who almost seems to be built like a Qunari, just not as tall, is responsible for evacuating the entire elven serving staff from the Temple of Sacred Ashes before it blew sky high. Not to mention the fact that he managed to save the lives of multiple members of Clan Lavellan's, House Trevelyan's and House Cadash's delegations, as well as a few members of the Valo-kas mercenary company. He's a damned hero Seeker. Third, he has a mark on his wrist that closes rifts! Chuckles is right, a whole lot of weird shit is going to be happening, and that kid over there, is the key to handling it. So, he didn't save the late Divine, but he sure as shit saved a whole lot of other people and did his damnedest to save her too!”
-Varric Tethras

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