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Old 09/07/2017   #1
NERV Agent
Default Stuck with Windows 10. Impossible to downgrade to Windows 7.

I recently bought this laptop:

I tried to downgrade to Windows 7 Pro by booting to a Windows 7 Pro disc inside of an external drive connected to the laptop.

The Windows 7 installation stalls with a red bar on top.

So I called Eluktronics Contact Phone Number. "Will" told me to disable UEFI boot from the BIOS. So I did just that.

Afterwards, I get a BSoD saying that the BIOS is not ACPI compliant. "Will" tells me that this means that "Windows 7 is not an option with this computer."

I need to use Windows 7 for "reasons". My reasons being:

Privacy. From what articles I've read online, Windows 10 is basically adware sending out user information to Microsoft servers and such. Yeah, I know I can dodge this by:

A.) Never going online.
B.) Installing Linux, but I don't have the time to learn a new OS (but I really should someday, srsly).

How would I go about preventing this breach of privacy from happening within Windows 10 (aside from never going online)?

Another reason I want to stick with Windows 7 is resource consumption.

A few years back I used Windows XP on a laptop, and it ran just fine. Then I used Windows Vista on that same laptop, and it slowed down to a crawl. Even my current Windows 7 computer from 2014 (that I am typing this message on) has slow speed issues compared to my Windows XP computer from 2007.

What settings should I adjust to make Windows 10 less ravenous?

Otherwise, I pretty much have a thousand dollar brick on a table that I'm not sure if I should just send back for a refund.
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Old 09/07/2017   #2

The privacy things can be enabled / toggled, and there's 3rd party tools to do additional tweaking to them, er. That's about all I can offer .

Microsoft's not going to support their old OSes for eterntiy anymore, they've done that for the last idk, 20-30 years and it's costing them bajillions and nevar again. You get a menu when you install Windows 10 for the first time asking you about the settings. Should be plenty of internets to help you with those, too.

Alternatively, just bite the bullet and go for Linux. Or sell it and get a Mac, but no guarantees they don't do data collection without telling you though.
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Literally Who? (09/08/2017), X-SOLDIER (09/07/2017)
Old 09/07/2017   #3
Literally Who?

Privacy. From what articles I've read online, Windows 10 is basically adware sending out user information to Microsoft servers and such. Yeah, I know I can dodge this by:
If you were really that concerned about Privacy you wouldn't be using Windows at all IF you really really need/want privacy at the OS level get Tails.

That said though Yop is right on basically the whole point. You can toggle all that shit off and if you still don't trust MS to not snoop on your Win10 installation then you shouldn't trust them to not do so on your XP, 7 ,8, 8.1 etc installs as well. Heck wasn't the majority of that Microsoft snooping BS a few years ago done before 10 was even a thing?

Going with the privacy thing further. It's also pretty terrible to use an unsupported OS as it ages it becomes more and more vulnerable opening you up to more undetected possibilities to get your shit snooped on anyway.

@Slowness questions. Well Vista was garbage.
Furthermore after 8.1 and up till the current build of 10 resource consumption on Windows is actually lower than 7 on average. Most enthusiast gamers generally suggest switching to 10 just because it could actually add extra frames if your on a potato.

That said though with that laptop if you are having issues with resources being used up at the OS level ( service host and DLL Hell amiright?) something is fucked up with that PC

TL;DR though the Win10 is gonna get your nudes shenanigans is vastly overblown. Short of you legitimately doing some TOR Tier illegal shit your fine, and even in that case Win7 wouldn't save you either.
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Cthulhu (09/08/2017), Lex (09/07/2017)
Old 09/07/2017   #4
Addy Carver

I specifically bought a laptop where I could downgrade to Windows 7, I feel your pain. Windows 10 isn't compatible with a lot of the specialist software my ex-partner uses (he's an energy assessor), so we were in the same boat and bundle-bought from a PC specialist to get a good deal. I used Windows 10 on my mother's laptop and just found it excruciatingly shit.
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Old 09/08/2017   #5
NERV Agent

This PC specialist you've mentioned...they wouldn't happen to have an online store I can order from, would they?
Pen Pen Toblerone Vomit Pooh is waifu of the year.
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Old 09/09/2017   #6
Addy Carver

Not as such, the website is rather dreary but the staff are helpful.
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