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Old 08/09/2018   #3661
Clement Rage

(SPOILER) Jackie just got arrested.
Octo, and possibly some other people wrote: You should be able to build your side without tearing another down
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Obsidian Fire (08/10/2018)
Old 08/10/2018   #3662

Played through Vampyr, getting the second best ending. It's a good game ( albeit with a maddening system of autosaving everythimg so you lose used bullets and healing items if you die but the enemies you killed using them respawn) but what vampire games is concerned it's no Vampire: The Masquarade
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Ami (08/10/2018)
Old 08/10/2018   #3663

^ I'm going to pick that up at some point... when I have time and it's a decent price, which is anyone's guess.

Currently in between Final Fantasy XV and the original Resident Evil. The former is a replay with the Royal Edition stuff and the latter is fresh, as I've never ever played it before. Quite enjoying it so far, not so big on the puizzles, but the Twitch chat helps from time to time.
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