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Old 05/24/2018   #1096

Strangelove wrote: i still feel like i just got my ps4, don't be throwing a ps5 at me
Same, hopefully they'll at least wait until 2021 range.
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Old 05/24/2018   #1097

Agreed. I don't know why so many people are so eager to have everything move to the next $400 device. Especially since nowadays the improvements are so incremental.

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Alex Strife (05/24/2018), Literally Who? (05/26/2018), SeaDragon (05/24/2018), Strangelove (05/24/2018), Theozilla (05/24/2018), X-SOLDIER (05/24/2018)
Old 05/24/2018   #1098

Yeah I'm inclined to agree tbf. Another major factor is (IMO) that games take longer to make ('member when we got 1 60 hour plus FF game a year?), and another one is that replay value is a lot higher thanks to online play and the like.

I feel like it's taken until Horizon came out that the PS4 games were finally able to stand on their own. I'm probably wrong, but it feels like the games before that (and the new GoW, etc) were more PS3 ports and the like.

It took years for people to figure out the PS2 (culminating in MGS 3) and the PS3 (with its er, interesting hardware; GTA V is probably the peak of its performance); the PS4 is easier to figure out because it's simply PC hardware, but even there it took a while to tweak all the knobs.
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Literally Who? (05/26/2018), SeaDragon (05/24/2018), Theozilla (05/27/2018), X-SOLDIER (05/24/2018)
Old 05/26/2018   #1099
Literally Who?

I'm all for a longer life cycle and think people should remember the PS2 and 3 end of life cycle was several years as well. Some of the best PS2 games came out when the PS3 was already released etc.

Now with that said I really hope the following portion doesn't come off as PC Master race etc. but I really don't agree with stuff like this

Especially since nowadays the improvements are so incremental.
I don't think the upper end is that incremental at all especially in regards to performance. We have to remember the PS4 hardware was outdated even before it was released and while yes we do get pretty games the devs are pulling a lot of tricks out of their ass to even make sure they run at 30fps. And even then...

Were talking bad FOV's , sacrificing FPS for shinier textures, Megatexture shenanigans, awesomely bad shadow and lighting (comparatively to PC ports).

There are still vast improvements to be made in the shiny department but with even that aside I really want to get back to the 30fps part I mentioned earlier.

It's absolutely wrong that the "3D" generation of consoles repeatedly forego 60+ FPS especially after the point where they can actually achieve it if they dumb other features. Especially when we came off the tail end of every game ever prior to the N64 being 60fps.

And that's assuming there are games that run stable 30. There are PLENTY of games this generation that struggle to maintain 30 frames per second even games that were touted as "highly optimized".
And again not to wax poetic about PC Master race but settling for 30 really sucks. Heck my eyeballs are used to 144fps now for petes sake, and have been for years now.

It's just one of those things where you don't know till you know/get used to it but having more frames really is a better and smoother experience. And that's just considering the aesthetic nature of it, we could talk about input lag, dropped/buffered inputs and all the other shenanigans that come with low and bad frame rate in games.

I'm still hopeful this generation lasts a bit longer. I really enjoy it and don't want to shell out for a new console soon. But there is certainly at on of room for improvement here that the current hardware doesn't come close to achieving.
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Cthulhu (05/27/2018)
Old 05/26/2018   #1100

tbh my complain has nothing to do with technical advancements or lack there of and all to do with being a cheap motherfucker who wants to spend money on more games rather than a new console
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Lex (05/27/2018), Literally Who? (05/26/2018), Theozilla (05/27/2018)
Old 05/26/2018   #1101

My PS4 isn't even three years old yet. I'm good not hearing about another one for now.

Leaves me time to save up for the inevitable full 4K HDR TV upgrade when the time comes.
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Lex (05/27/2018), Literally Who? (05/26/2018), SeaDragon (05/29/2018), Theozilla (05/27/2018)
Old 05/26/2018   #1102
Literally Who?

Tetsujin wrote: My PS4 isn't even three years old yet. I'm good not hearing about another one for now.

Leaves me time to save up for the inevitable full 4K HDR TV upgrade when the time comes.
Thank god some brands are approaching reasonable prices now. Hopefully by the time the PS5 comes out a few hundred more dollars get knocked off lol.
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Old 05/27/2018   #1103

4K is a load of wank though, I'd rather have 60fps at HD than 30 at 4K, an shit.
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Literally Who? (05/27/2018), Theozilla (05/27/2018)
Old 05/27/2018   #1104

My thoughts on the PS5 are these:

Nowadays game consoles are becoming largely homogenized where the videogames (in terms of design creativity) can't keep up with the actual technical specs of the hardware they exist on.

Another way to put it: Game design isn't doing anything "new" in a huge hurry. I mean, they DO try to be creative, but there's only so many ideas that can go in to a game before it hits a limit.

I like that game developers like Yoko Taro are trying to shake up the status quo... but it's going to be a while before people start taking those "risks" and expand upon the creative possibilities that games are capable of in the coming era of videogames.

So when Sony starts bragging about PS5 specs or whatever... all I see is a Sega Saturn from yesteryear... a Game console without hardly any games ON it.

The only way that's going to change is if and when game developers get the courage to develop ON that level of technology, and that takes time to adjust to.

Take ARC System Works for example: they only JUST started learning how to mess around with Unreal Engine 3 and 4, and the transition from UE3 to UE4 was actually a big leap to what they were adjusted to doing.

If they suddenly had to jump to PS5 hardware, who KNOWS how long it would take to learn what to do.

And ARC System Works is a SMALL COMPANY... they aren't making Triple AAA blockbuster games like Square Enix or Nintendo do.

So, it isn't just the consumer who has to play catchup here... it's the developers too.

So, I'm not going to sweat it, because:

1. Steam is pretty universal nowadays, and very rarely will you find stuff that exceeds your hardware specs (unless your PC is a fossil).

2. Developers need time to do what they do, and they need even MORE time to come up with something NEW and DIFFERENT, so even with the best specs in the world... some things aren't going to change all that much.

Just my two cents.

Maybe someday we'll get those VR games like Sword Art Online or Overlord we dreamed about or whatever, Final Fantasy VR or somesuch... but that's a long ways off before it's a perfected technology.
^Here's hoping for:
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The Twilight Mexican (05/27/2018), Theozilla (05/27/2018)
Old 05/27/2018   #1105
Literally Who?

4K is a load of wank though, I'd rather have 60fps at HD than 30 at 4K, an shit.
Yeah. And 1080p gaming still looks great on most monitor sizes.
1080p with a bunch of settings cranked up is sooooo smooth. I've only ever tried out "4K" via virtual resolution options on my old AMD rig so idk how true to form the virtual resolution was to the real thing but honestly I didn't dig it as much as I enjoyed smooth frame rate and cranked up settings.

That and virtualized 4k on a monitor that was clearly not designed for it was pretty jank. Everything was so tiny That probably hurt the experience more than anything.

I do intend to eventually buy into the resolution probably with in a year or two for at least my TV and then like 30 years from now when 144hz 4k Monitors with decent latency aren't bs expensive I might spring for one on the PC if the TV watching experience is ok lol.

Though I'm not sure what would cost more , a PC that runs 4k with decent quality options at 144hz or the monitor to display it

In any case my wallet won't be too happy about that adventure.
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Old 05/27/2018   #1106

keeping it real here, i want to get the psvr set before a ps5 because i'm like 90% sure it won't take off and then it'll end up like the ps/vita tv which i wish i'd gotten but didn't when they were new
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Old 05/28/2018   #1107

I only got a new PS4 a week ago (I gave my old one to my son). I really don't want a PS5 to come out anytime soon...

I mean, I wouldn't be able to afford it, for a start. Also, I don't really like the nowadays games so much and Final Fantasy VII Remake will probably be the last game I get.

But yeah, I don't really want a PS5 to come out any time soon. I want all of the FFVII Remake to come on the PS4 so that I don't have to get a PS5.
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Old 05/28/2018   #1108
Lucis Caelum

You can't prevent tech from getting outdated (we are talking about a late 2013 hardware that at most was slightly more powerful than mid tier pcs at the time) and needing to evolve.
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