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Old 07/20/2018   #46

^ I didn't see this post before.



 A special report on the movie "Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version: || (originally the right vertical line is in bold)" was released on July 20, at the theaters nationwide. According to the special report, it will be released in 2020.
Eva's official site updated the teaser image with the release window of 2020, I can't seem to post the image so here is the link to the site.

AND the best part, out of that theater announcement we got our first teaser for 3.0+1.0.

Eva Unit 08 in this teaser along with Mari comes from these images tweeted earlier by Khara.

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Old 07/20/2018   #47


It's still quite a ways off, but still.

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Old 07/20/2018   #48

So possibly 2021 for me then.
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Old 07/20/2018   #49

Here's a great video by Eva Monkey

YouTube Video

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Old 07/20/2018   #50

The way they number and chart those key frames show how many are actually drawn. I am guessing the in betweeens are produced digitally?

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Old 07/21/2018   #51

Given Khara’s record with how they did 3.0, yes.

One can only hope they tone down the CGI this time around. 1.0 came out 11 years ago and still looks amazing, so it’s kinda disapointing to see them rely on CGI so heavily.
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Old 07/21/2018   #52

1.0 used tons of CG as well though.
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Old 07/24/2018   #53

I have to admit... I wasn't sure this would happen before 2030.
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Old 07/24/2018   #54

Not gonna lie, the hype for this was built in 2017, I was expecting CONTENT this spring... but now they're pushing it back to 2020? I'm getting an FFXV vibe from this.

Hell, Peter Jackson probably would have made more progress in that amount of time... of course he had more money and top talent.

Part of me wants to be disappointed, while another part of me says this is only part of an even bigger pool of ideas.

Let me explain what I mean:

Evangelion is breeding LCL tank of ideas... it has been inspiring other studios for decades and then some.

I've encountered at least TWO videogames that grabbed a ton of inspiration from EVA, not just the character development but the pure science fiction elements that came along with it.

BlazBlue and Guilty Gear, ESPECIALLY GUILTY GEAR are HUGE walking EVA references... even right down to some of the cutscene footage.

Basically, whatever they come up with, regardless of whether or not people accept it as canon or even part of EVA, is something people will use as material for their own ideas... True, that could be said of any grand artistic work, but this is EVA, this is a series people treasure in their hearts as fans.

Anyway, point being, I'm aware that people didn't like 3.0, but I didn't think it was that bad... and I certainly don't think 4.0 will have as big an issue compared to EVA's final episode of the TV series.
^Here's hoping for:
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Old 07/24/2018   #55

At this point, I think I've been waiting for 3.0+1.0 for so long that I'm just glad we finally have something more or less concrete.
I doubt there will be any delays from the 2020 release unlike FFXV. It is disappointing that its like still at least 2 years out and we've been waiting on it for 6. But a lot of that has to do with the fact Khara wasn't even attempting to work on it after 3.0. Like the preview of 3+1 from 3.0 is literally like....

"Hey what could we do for the preview?"

"You know Eva-13.... but Asuka and Mari.... and the Eva is a perfect 1/2 Unit 08 and Unit 02."


Like now that we've seen Unit 08. It's very clear that the preview from 3.0 won't be accurate. And it makes it clear they really didn't have a whole lot planned for 3+1 back at the end of 2012.

It makes it even more ironic because the original plan(as Eva Monkey said in his video)called for these movies to be done by 2009. Literally spanned 3 different decades.

As for whatever end 3+1 decides to throw at us, i'm sure it will be as confusing as EoE, but not like the way episodes 25 and 26 were. EoE was very much the physical end of NGE, yes it goes into Shinji's head once Human Instrumentality happens and everyone is tanged, but it also gives a physical ending to the show. While episodes 25 and 26 were much more about getting across Anno's message and just about ditches the plot to focus on the message.

I do believe 3+1 will have a less confusing ending compared to EoE and Eps. 25/26.

Also I do believe this will be the last animated Evangelion we will see, like yes there will continue to be promotions, merch, and all of that stuff, but as for Anno creating another story within this universe, doubt it.

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