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TLS Awards 2011 The Annual TLS Awards, 2011

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Old 01/10/2012   #61
Celes Chere

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The Twilight Mexican (01/11/2012)
Old 01/10/2012   #62

I'm just wondering why she's calling it a "he". I don't name my body parts so I really wouldn't know, but if a girl was bent on naming her "pet", wouldn't it be a... she?

I'm jumping on the awkward train.
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Member of the Year, Best Site Contributor (2nd), Best Newcomer, Hottest Female, Bounciest Boobies (3rd), Member You’d Most Like to Meet in Real Life, Most Improved (3rd), Best Drunk/Stoner, “Needs to Spend Less Time on TLS” Award (3rd), Best Ship (1st, Avengu) (3rd, Sprexanghululock), Most Likely to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse (3rd), Most Likely to Save the World, Most Suited to Be on Cosmos’ Side (2nd)

TLS Lifetime Achievement Award (3rd), Best Site Contributor (3rd), Hottest Female, Biggest Non-FF Geek (3rd), Most in Need of Daylight (2nd), Member You'd Most Like to Meet in Real Life, Member You'd Most Like to Bone (2nd), Horniest Member (2nd), Best Drunk/Stoner (3rd), The TLS Literature Prize, Most Talented (Art, Writing, Music, Etc.) (3rd), Best Ass (3rd), Most Fervent TLSer, Most Likely to Go the Extra Mile (3rd)

Member of the Year (2nd), Best Site Contributor (3rd), Hottest Female (2nd), Nicest Smile, Member You'd Most Like to Meet in Real Life, Member You'd Most Like to Bone (2nd), The Lifestream Literature Prize, Best Ass (2nd), Sexiest Voice, Best Ship/TLS OTP (3rd, Sprexanghululock), Most Fervent TLSer (3rd), Most Likely to Make the Best-Tasting Food (2nd), Most Likely to Go the Extra Mile (2nd)

Member you'd most like to bone (2nd), Best Drunk/Stoner (3rd), Hottest female (3rd), Sexiest voice (3rd)

Best Drunk (2nd), Most Likely To Suggest An Award They'll Never Win
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Old 01/11/2012   #63
Master Bates

This is totally unexpected. I never even considered to be nominated, much less get an award. Doesn't matter if it's bronze, I'm still grateful.

Thanks guys. And Congratulations to all the winners.
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Thanked by 4:
AvecAloes (01/11/2012), Dana Scully (01/11/2012), The Pyro (01/11/2012), The Twilight Mexican (01/11/2012)
Old 01/14/2012   #64

Thanks to everyone who voted for me in the Most Missed category... the nomination itself is touching, but to come second (always prefered silver to gold, colourwise )...

Again, thanks guys. And congrats to all medalling members.
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The Twilight Mexican (01/15/2012)
Old 01/14/2012   #65

i just want to formally accept my award for "most likely to post drunk"

i feel like i've achieved something in my lifetime

Cause even though you got all these highfalutin morals and fancy reserv8tions, you know as well as me that a killer is a killer is a killer!
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Thanked by 9:
Alessa Gillespie (01/14/2012), AvecAloes (01/15/2012), Celes Chere (01/14/2012), Chloe Frazer (01/14/2012), looneymoon (01/14/2012), Serah Farron (01/14/2012), Strangelove (01/16/2012), The Pyro (01/15/2012), The Twilight Mexican (01/15/2012)
Old 01/14/2012   #66
Addy Carver

I feel compelled to type the 'this is a contrived POS you're all double-dyed whores and I wish syphilis and a fiery rain of death upon you all' statement.

I enjoyed the awards........CTHULHU FHTAGN.
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Gold Best Chest
Gold Most Likely to out Bitchslap a bitch on the Sister Ray or some shit
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Silver Cheekiest Bastard
Bronze Most Likely to Burn Down a Village
Bronze Most Sage/Knowledgeable
Copper Best Arse
Copper Would Like to Bang Most
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The Twilight Mexican (01/15/2012)
Old 01/14/2012   #67
Max Payne

El Diablo Gato wrote: Who are you again?

you're a nigger
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The Twilight Mexican (01/15/2012)
Old 01/14/2012   #68


I am just kidding, laugh out loud. Great job team.

"It's not the net worth of one's life that's important. It is the day to day concerns, the
personal victories, and the celebration of life... and love!" Terra Branford

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