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TLS Awards 2013 The Annual TLS Awards, 2013. Users must be registered and logged in, with at least ten posts, to view content.

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Old 01/09/2014   #61
Kermitu Kleric Katie

Martha Jones wrote: Exactly. Thanks are like the taxes you pay every day, from your paycheck and on bread. The awards are like the annual taxes you file every year.

Did I officially sap the fun out of all of it just now?
This is coming from a guy who gives thanks out like candy. Oh wait...
May Kermitu be with you
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Thanked by 5:
Alex Strife (01/10/2014), Selphie Tilmitt (01/09/2014), Tennyo (01/10/2014), The Pyro (01/10/2014), The Twilight Mexican (01/10/2014)
Old 01/29/2014   #62

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand I remembered that these happened.

Seven-way tie for Bronze for “Best Quality Poster”
Oh yay!! I made it on a list with a shitton of other great folks!

Seven-way tie for Bronze for “Hottest Male”
Same response as above, but replace "great" with "stunning-looking"

Five-way tie for Bronze for “Biggest Non-FF Geek”
Alright! Down to a five-way tie with the geeks!

Solid Bronze for “Best Thread Starter”

Three-way tie for SILVER for “Wish You Were Here”
All of you.

Cyclops. Is. Right.

…Xenomorphaux Pas…

Shademp – on the subject of my seemingly boundless optimism wrote: After Ungoliant had sucked the light from the trees Telperion and Laurelin, she found that there was a third tree but whose light was too potent and immortal for her to absorb. Thusly, Ungoliant left Valinor in tears for she could not absorb the light of the tree named X-SOLDIER.


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Thanked by 8:
Ami (01/29/2014), Chloe Frazer (01/29/2014), Dawnbreaker (01/31/2014), Flintlock (01/29/2014), Kermitu Kleric Katie (01/29/2014), Octo (01/29/2014), The Pyro (01/29/2014), The Twilight Mexican (01/29/2014)
Old 01/29/2014   #63

All my awards were sexually-related. Are you guys trying to tell me something?

"I'll make you happy," said Life, "But first, I'll make you strong."

"You can do everything right and still lose. That is not weakness; that is Life." Jean-Luc Picard / Patrick Stewart

"It may well be that we will have to repent in this generation not merely for the vitriolic words and the violent actions of the bad people, but for the appalling silence and indifference of the good people." Martin Luthar King Jr.

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Thanked by 4:
Ami (01/29/2014), Kermitu Kleric Katie (01/29/2014), The Pyro (01/29/2014), The Twilight Mexican (01/29/2014)
Old 01/29/2014   #64
The Twilight Mexican

That we want to plow you.
Quexinos wrote: I wish I had been there when Cloud realized he had geostigma. I bet he cried.
hito wrote: man i miss flip phones, they were cool and now everything is a boring slab
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Thanked by 4:
Ami (01/29/2014), Dawnbreaker (01/29/2014), Kermitu Kleric Katie (01/29/2014), The Pyro (01/29/2014)
Old 01/29/2014   #65
The Pyro

Leave it to Tres to just go ahead and say it. We should have a Most Blunt award next time around.
TresDias wrote: Your post is full of sweet punnage and winning diction. I like you.
Come play with me in Pyroland...

Yeah, I got more to brag about than ever...
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Thanked by 4:
Ami (01/29/2014), Dawnbreaker (01/29/2014), Ghost X (01/29/2014), The Twilight Mexican (01/29/2014)
Old 01/29/2014   #66

^ I also concur with this.
Now the world is only white noise
Frequences that I can't understand

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Thanked by:
Dawnbreaker (01/29/2014)

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