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Compilation General Discussions on the entire timeline of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII not limited to a single title, including the tie-ins from Final Fantasy X, and speculation on future content.

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Old 07/16/2017   #1
Question What are Weapons made of?

Hello, I'm new here and my first post is to ask a question. I don't know how it works around here so forgive me if I stepped on any toes. And sorry if this had been asked before.

So I've read that the Weapons are what the Planet creates to protect itself from Jenova but ended up unused. But what were they made of? I'm thinking lifestream. Wiki says they're bio-mechanical, but mechanical would imply artificial. But since the Planet spawned them wouldn't that be full bio (i.e. natural)? I'm just nitpicking at this point.

Another part to my question is in regard to their power source. Would they have been born with a rechargable battery system thing? (meaning they'd continue to sap off of some energy source, most likely the lifestream, as long as they move about) Or would they be unrechargeable and just disappear once they've used up the "life" the Planet gave them?

The Diamond Weapon clearly took external energy to destroy Midgar in that one cutscene so my bet is on the former.

That was kinda long. I'm curious about what everone thinks regarding the Weapons.

Thanks for reading!
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