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Old 08/06/2018   #31

Absolutely beautiful and brilliant work by everyone involved.

I will say that I am a little bit sad that the Ultimate Weapon one fell out of the lineup, because it's so very pretty, but we should keep it around, just in case we get something like a Great Old One version of the Contributor or something that it could be used for in the future.

Cyclops. Is. Right.

…Xenomorphaux Pas…

Shademp – on the subject of my seemingly boundless optimism wrote: After Ungoliant had sucked the light from the trees Telperion and Laurelin, she found that there was a third tree but whose light was too potent and immortal for her to absorb. Thusly, Ungoliant left Valinor in tears for she could not absorb the light of the tree named X-SOLDIER.


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BforBrigitta (08/06/2018), f a n c y (08/06/2018)
Old 08/06/2018   #32
f a n c y

^Oh, absolutely! Ultimate Weapon, Cosmo Canyon, and all the others that don't make the cut will stil be available to the site to be used at our discretion for whenever for whatever reason in the future.

Don’t want all of B’s hard work to go to waste after all

I'm excited to see what the future holds in that regard!

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BforBrigitta (08/06/2018), Channy (08/07/2018), X-SOLDIER (08/06/2018)

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