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Default Strange new world development thread



The wiccan race will always be remembered as the evil doers in history. Persecuted in 1692 in the salem witch trials the wiccan race was forced into hiding, the public not knowing that the true instigators of the trials were that of fellow magic users: the sorcerers.

In the beginning magic was used as a way of survival, the blood of the witch calling to them from puberty, ancient words calling out to the young during their sleep usually manifest their personal powers. Unlike that of other race’s the witch’s power comes from their bloodline, not always a hereditary the witch’s first calling is when they discover their power.

The witch’s have never forgotten the betrayal of the sorcerers and as a result the two bloodlines have forever been at war. Hiding in plain site the two races can sense each other when close to one another and as a result many fights have began to break out in the human world.
Some grudges can last a lifetime, others are paid in blood.

The 3 choices of the witch bloodline:

White witch:

Witches who are prone to healing magic have the ability to heal minor injuries to themselves without even thinking about it. This was one of the deciding factors in the salem witch trials when
sorcerers openly cut a witch in front of the entire town.

As well as self healing the “White witch” has the ability to heal others around them, this often is from a mixture of words and concentration: the larger the wound the more energy needed.

White witches can also manipulate objects around them, more often than not harnessing minor telekenetic magics to aid them such as the opening of non electronic locks and telekenetic pushes to targets.
This magic is the only way a white witch can defend herself and as a result most coven witches now practise telekenetic spells as a means of breaking down malleable objects and using them as weapons, propelling them at their foes with incredible force.

(Please note that with this class you have to explain what you are manipulating with telekenesis as well as mentioning the concentration that will be needed as a result of more manipulated spells.)

Black Witch:

Witches prone to destructive magics are known as “Black witches” their lust for revenge against sorcerers have grown over the centuries and manifested into a terrible force.
The black witch uses the elements themselves to destroy anything that they wish, more often than not the size and power of the spell is in direct refference to the caster.

The elements known for witches to harness are that of:


(Please note that the choice and use of spells are up to the RP’er and as a result need to be explained and considered in terms of energy used.)

The Anomaly:

The so-called anomaly witch is new to the world of the supernaturals, the anomaly breaks the rules of witchcraft and the so called constraints that blood holds on a witch. The anomaly is born with amazing power, their “calling” often happening at an earlier age than most and with it bringing an incredible increase in power.
The anomaly witch is often sought after by many covens as a tool for their own benefit causing the families of those who are born with the power to go into hiding.
The anomaly witch can cast both white and black magic spells however not as effective as those of pure blood, the anomaly witch has the ability to manipulate each class’s magic and as a result has the ability to create new spells to aid them in whatever situation they see fit.

(Please note that with this class you are given the ability to have minor healing from the white magic witch as well as the ability to use destruction magic’s, however the ability to apply more energy mainly means that the spells used as often simplified in their nature but have alot less taxing effects on the witch and have alot more power behind them.


A fireball spell that often could be manipulated into various directions and movements by a black witch would be a simple one shot spell that could shatter through walls and cause inferno’s in it’s wake with the anomaly witch feeling less drained that a black witch would.)


In the early days of magic the two races lived together, however one group of sorcerers in Salem sought unto themselves to dispose of their fellow magic user’s. Seeing the witch’s power grow at a faster pace than their own the sorcerer’s in Salem caught a local white witch and repeatedly cut the girl in front of the town sparking off what was later known as the Salem witch trials.
As a result those select sorcerers started a war of magic that would continue for over 400 years escalating into an all out war in the human world that has now engulfed the remaining supernatural races.
The sorcerer bloodline unlike the witches was never predetermined through lineage or the calling. The sorcerer only discovers their power from their fathers, often at puberty their spells and powers manifest in various ways only following one trait in common with the witches, the greater the spell the more taxing on the spell caster.

Over the years the sorcerer’s have risen in power to head cabals: powerful organisations of supernatural employee’s to which can control and monitor others as well as cover up the skirmishes that have occured over the years.

(Please note that when choosing a sorcerer class you must make your own type of spells, either specialising one type of spells to your choice or having a spell caster with multiple types but less power than those who would specialise.)


Werewolves fall under two categories, hereditary and bitten.

Hereditary Werewolves are those who were born with the blood of their Father’s coursing through their veins. Werewolf adults would often pair with a human woman in order to satisfy their animalistic urges in sex and violence and also to have heirs. The women always give birth to males as the Werewolf blood affects the human genome in a way that female embryos never develop. As a result all hereditary Werewolves are male and taken away from their mothers at early birth so that the mothers never see’s the child’s first change.
A normal hereditary werewolf can expect their first changes at puberty, as this is an excruciating process the fathers tend to isolate their sons for the first changes as the body can change at any given emotional reaction. After the first change is accomplished however it is then that the boy’s begin to show true physical prowless, gaining increase in all major senses and being far stronger than that of a normal human.
The strength of a werewolf in human form is increased but not to the extent of superheroes, the werewolf can still die through normal human physical trauma and their strength is still in direct link to how much the werewolf works out whilst growing up.
The hereditary werewolves are often assimilated into the “pack” mentality, their fathers and brothers etc being part of a larger group with one alpha werewolf to whom they obey.
Werewolves also age slower than normal humans meaning they can easily pass for 20 while in their early 40’s meaning the pack leaders often reign for long periods of time unless challenged or the alpha succeeds his position to another.

Bitten werewolves fall under a pseudo structure.
Being bitten means they follow no family line making them outcasts in the eyes of the “pack” and therefore are treated with distain and disgust by those of their own kind.
As being bitten is an extremely dangerous process the catagorised “mutts” are far and few inbetween and often the result of a kill gone wrong.
Female’s bitten are the only way that women are assimilated into pack’s, as their aroma is an aphrodisiac to almost all werewolves.
A pack will war with others in order to claim these bitten females mainly for sexual urges but also for the heightened abilities the female werewolf brings.
Already heightened in abilities like all werewolves the females have a keener ability to track by scent than the men, this is mainly traded in direct response to the females being physically weaker than most male werewolves.
The werewolves are the ultimate hunters as a result and can easily assimilate into human culture with the proper training, if attention is drawn to a specific pack through deaths then the wolf to blame is often killed as a show of strength among the pack.

(Players must adhere to either a pack or mutt mentality with their character. If a mutt and the player is female please place in your bio who bit you and if you are a mutt as a result or a pack wolf)

Half Demon:

Half demons are essentially human’s which gain special traits through their fathers blood. Often the mothers of these humans are tricked into sex by a demon guising itself as another or enticing a human to produce an heir. As a result a human child is born and when puberty is reached the childs latent powers begin to show.

(Note im leaving this as free reign, players can choose their own powers but please keep them somewhat believable and within the limits of power of the other classes. E.g. an aspicio demon from lore is a half demon with the ability to cause great blazes with their touch. The bigger the blaze the more it drains power)


Unlike in fiction the vampire genetics stem from a genetic abnormality in the early 1300’s when a plague befell a small village in eastern Europe. The genealogy of a family was warped whilst afflicted with the plague and as a result the family all died later to return to life as a vampire.
The vampire gene makes them thirst for blood but not to the same extent a werewolf would crave violence, a vampires need is in direct response to their use of powers and injury.
The vampire is essentially invulnerable to injury as their bodies heal at an accelerated rate due to the warped DNA but can be killed by decapitation or removal of the heart. Without either the vampire cannot function and as a result the DNA cannot repair the damage.
Unlike lore the vampire cannot fly and when dealing with their strength it is explained that the longer the vampire has lived the stronger its blood is. This means that strength and speed is enhanced much more than that of a normal human and the older the vampire the less it requires to drink.

(Those choosing this class are reminded that im making the vampires a small sub section of the races as the vampire is essentially a tank to take damage and as a result the hardest to kill)

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