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Old 05/18/2018   #31

I can't seem to find the article, but someone went into REALLY good detail about why it failed but isn't necessarily a bad thing to do, and a lot of it was upscaling the tiles in the texture sets where they're stored, and not upscaling them against one another to make sure that they mesh together properly. Essentially it was done in an amateurish, slap-dash sort of way, rather than taking time and care into the implementation, which they seem to be recognizing with a lot of the really good changes that they've made after-the-fact now.

EDIT: Found it
The first 3 points are the ones I was getting at.

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leadmyskeptic (05/19/2018)
Old 05/23/2018   #32

I have actually been mind-boggled (in the best sense) by the detail and specificity some of these articles have. A lot of times, with situations like this, articles will attempt to merely describe, or will contain a single static screenshot, but things like that 'slider' to compare in a flash the different graphical settings really puts it into sharp relief. I think the only thing to do at this point, when I decide to start the game, is to DL the Steam version, playing the opening in both "Classic" and "Hi-Res" for comparison, and simultaneously DL an emulated version with fan-made cleanups, and see which one just feels the most powerful overall. I know a purist would just say "PC, Classic, no question", but I can't seem to shake the FEELING that the cleaning up of the artwork has a...potential I guess would be the word, to be something great.
That said, I've been playing a lot of SNES greats on my SNES-Classic, on a big HDTV, generally using the CRT filter to avoid the 'accidental jaggies'...and I haven't had any complaints whatsoever. And that's alternating from Persona 5 on my PS4 on the same TV. So, overthinker over here. Then again, shit like "Mega Man X" is a lot less plot-based and delicate than CT...le sigh...
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X-SOLDIER (05/24/2018)
Old 05/23/2018   #33

As I've said elsewhere, FFs 1, 2, and 4 on PSP are remasters that realize the potential of cleaning up the artwork. They are gorgeous.
Lazy up-rez mobile and PC ports do not.

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X-SOLDIER (05/24/2018)
Old 05/24/2018   #34

Oh yeah man, I agree with you on that one. And, part of what's nice about those examples is that it's clear-cut: THIS is the way to play these games, unless you are really just a diehard purist who insists on the 'original' experience, graphically. My issue with things like CT is that there's less of a total consensus on a version, and more of a 'pros and cons' checklist. Talking it out here with you guys and getting some feedback has helped a lot, though.
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ForceStealer (05/24/2018), X-SOLDIER (05/24/2018)
Old 06/06/2018   #35

The Steam version receives yet another patch to its UI
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