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Old 01/03/2017   #1
Default Colored Storyboards from canceled Kingdom Hearts TV pilot

From the director:
You asked for it. You got it. I hope I don't get in trouble for this.

This is all I have been able to find. My sister insists that she has a DVD of the animatic somewhere but she hasn't been able to find it yet. Looking back, I wish I could fix every single one of these drawings, but I still think this would have been bad ass. When they get to Agrabah, I boarded it so I could use original backgrounds from Aladdin that I was able to get copies of from the Disney Archive. So...when Riku grabs the lamp and suddenly becomes possessed by Maleficent, it's the same background as when Aladdin first grabs the lamp in the movie.

Woulda/coulda/shoulda been cool. Maybe they'll do it at some point but just to head off some of the frequently asked questions, I have no control of this project. It's completely owned by Disney. I just directed and boarded the animatic pilot.


- Seth Kearsley
Here's a couple:


And more here:

This is really neat... they canceled this because I guess Square and Disney wanted to make other games first or something... I'm not sure, but either way it's interesting to see some differences like Sora waking up on the Gummi ship and Riku being a prisoner of Maleficents... this would have been fun but I guess they decided not to. Maybe in the future they'll pick it back up

Who knew Gummi Ships had beds?

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Kinda surprising there hasn't been a tv series or anything yet. Often you get people asking for a CG movie or something but I feel it's kinda obvious that the world travelling nature of the games lends itself much better to an episodic approach.
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Old 01/04/2017   #3

People have asked for a movie actually... and there's always the manga I guess... maybe they'll someday turn it into a anime
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Old 01/06/2017   #4

I think it's more of the case that as they progressed with this, they didn't like how the storyboards or the plot was going since it was too...icky and didn't want their fans to cringe.

If that was the case, then I can see why.

Plus, the plots of the games are much better and the manga designs gives you more of the feeling of a TV series than these images anyway. These are just....well, cringe-worthy in my opinion so I don't want to blame Square and Disney for not releasing the TV series because...I can fully understand them on this part.

Besides, the upcoming Back-Cover is like a movie in and on itself since it'll be only 80 minutes long.
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Old 01/06/2017   #5

Well, storyboards aren't entirely representative of a show's look. I'm still not sure if I'd be interested in how it did up looking though.

This was really weird when it was found out... a few years ago (Damn, that long?). As hard as it is to judge to something like this based on test pilot storyboards, it is perhaps for the best that this did not come to pass. Some of the initial story changes had left me unconvinced, and I'm not entirely sure Kearsley had a perfect understanding of the story when he played it (Bless him for trying though!)

And yes, the project was well received but ultimately rejected as nobody wanted to step on any toes when the Kingdom Hearts series expanded.
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Old 01/07/2017   #6
The Twilight Mexican

It probably was for the best, yeah. With a manga out there and the game series still gradually winding its way around, a third ongoing continuity would just be a little much.

Not that I ever really bothered with the manga, but I know some people like it more than the game.
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Old 12/28/2017   #7
Super Mario

Sorry to revive this thread but is it possible that they are reworking on a new KH tv series project again? Found some stuff online with the same guy who planned it in 2002.

The man is also being helped by Star Wars Rebel's producer Henry Gilory:

Damn hope it becomes true. <3

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Old 07/10/2018   #8

YouTube Video

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