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Default Final Fantasy VII: Gaia's Core


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He had endured a restless slumber. His body had already started the blood pumping for the long awaited mission ahead. The town - the sleepy little town of Bog Water, which was just as the name described. Leaning forward from his bed, the sheets rolling down his chest, he gazed upon the barren room which encased him. Gazing out his hazed, smoke-fogged window, he noticed the street ligts glowing. Guess it was time to suit up, then.

Finally ascending from his bed with a hop, Duriel stretched, exposing his war-torn chest which was littered with cross-hatched scars - not that any were actually from war. Looking down to the wooden chair beside his bed, he took up a black, heavy vest in his hands, and casually he strapped it onto himself. As the lights on the vest lit upon activation, Duriel stretched, the usual beeps that indicated it was working sounding off. This was his customized limiter vest.

Hoisting the Eviscerator onto his back carefully into it's holster, Duriel immediately afterward grabbed for his pack of black cigarettes which he promptly shoved in his pocket. And of course, no mission suit-up could be complete without him packing his trusty pistol into it's leg holster. Now he was all set. The only thing left to do was to meet up with Slader and wait for the others - or atleast his long time friend, Izual. Exiting the room, he was careful as to leave no trace of MOSES behind for ShinRa to find.

Pulling out his touch screen device known as the ARIS, Duriel keyed in on Slader's location, standing in the lobby of the quiet Inn. He looked up the stairs, and then to the door. Geez, where was everybody? Probably still asleep... or out taking advantage of what the town did have - a bar. Smirking to himself, Duriel pressed the LOCK button on his phone's interface and walked out of double doors silently.

Leaning against the large wooden building which he had resided within, he drew the pack of cigarettes from his pocket. Taking one out and lighting it, he was quick to shove it inbetween his teeth and cross his arms in a casual fashion. The sword on his back was nearly the size of himself, so he was careful as to not lean against it. As the minutes passed by, he was slowly getting irritated with just standing there. Granted, he would only catch the attention of drunks, but...

Reaching into his pocket again, he snatched his phone up and unlocked it. Pressing the green phone button, he watched as it phased into his contact list. Scrolling down to the letter "I," Duriel found Izual's name and clicked it once with his fingertip. Immediately then, he held it up to his head, the screen going dark as he did so. And it rang and rang, but no one answered. Grinding his teeth, he huffed. Gee, some mercenary group they were...

Locking it again and shoving it back into his pocket, he was wondering whether or not it would be wise to curse up a storm. He didn't have to wait for them, he just sort of wanted to. Flicking the butt to his cigarette away, he sighed and stared at the ground, displeased.
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Deleting until further notice.

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Shio pushed open the door to the tavern, letting himself out into humid night air. He quickly shoved the good amount of gil he had won from a few card games in the tavern, luckily all the drinkers were either too drunk to notice or just didn't care that not only was Shio a stranger, but he won quite a lot. He finished the bottle of alcohol he had bought, it instantly went to work on relaxing him. This was his first mission in quite a while, he didn't need his damn nerves getting him killed.

Shio saw Slader walk by, lighting a cigarette and then chucked it into the wishing well, as well as spitting in it. That gave Shio an idea. As he walked over he saw Duriel leaning against the all of the inn, probably waiting for Izual and their new recruit.

'What was her name?' Shio wondered, 'Gabby? Grechen? Gertrude?" Shio shrugged, he didn't have to know her name, she was working with Duriel and Slader tonight, and he didn't exactly trust her, she was still very new.

As he reached the well he tossed his empty bottle in the well, followed by the cards he had hidden up his left sleeve. He didn't win all those games due to luck. He looked over at Duriel and noticed the new girl had decided to lean against the wall next to him, now they were both probably waiting for Izual.

As Shio walked away to the reactor, following Slader, a small smirk came to his face.

'Maybe Duriel has a thing for girls with rabbit ears and a tail.'

As he headed for the reactor, taking care to keep from sight by anyone, Shio made a fist with his right hand. The blade on the armor on his right arm slid out. The ice materia glowed slightly in its niche where the end of the blade met the wrist armorment. Shio unclenched his hand and blade slid back in, a quick check to make sure it was working before the mission.

As he reached the reactor, Shio slipped into the opening Slader had made. Inside it was dark and quiet, perfect for him. Shio slowed his breathing immensely and took careful steps, it was just barely disearnable in the quite but was sure he heard Slader going around too. He could try and be quiet but that giant sword he always carried was not made for sneaking around, that's why Shio's weapon was hidden and easy to carry.

As he made his way to the reactor he was a large Juggernaut SOLDIER guarding the doors. He wore thick armor and his broadswords were strapped to his sides. Shio smiled a little cruelly as he watched the SOLDIER, armor was tough, but when it was frozen it shattered like glass. He gently made his way to the SOLDIER, slowing his breathing even more. If he could get close enough he could flash freeze the armor, it wouldn't reach the person inside but then it could be taken off. Hopefully if Slader was nearby he'd be able to quickly get there and use his weapon to bust through it in one go, otherwise Shio would have to break it off piece by piece, and the last thing they needed here was a prolonged fight to draw attention.
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Old 05/24/2010   #5

Izual opened his eyes to find darkness and a strange pulsing on the scar on his chest. A voice in the darkness called to him, beckoning him to come closer, demanding him to give in. Izual tried to shout, but it was no use, no sound came from him. The voice continued ”Come to me…” Looking far into the darkness to discover the source for the voice a flame erupted in front of him. A claw reached for Izual’s face and the voice screamed ”Come to me!”

Objects in the room were floating and Izual shot up in the bed he had rented within the inn. Every object that was in the air hit the floor loudly. Wiping the sweat from his forehead Izual stood and looked in the mirror on the wall. He saw his face, yet with horns and red glowing eyes, but with a quick blink the horns disappeared and Izual’s eyes were the same blue, with a small tint of red. Izual brushed back his hair and sighed. ”Another nightmare…Nothing more. Izual collected his e-set from the end table and grabbed his jeans from the floor. Getting dressed while clicking the missed calls button on his phone, he then set it on the table. The e-set was an interesting device. The only of its kind and wildly multi-versatile, being Izual’s best invention by far. It was four steel bars connected in a small rectangle. The whole circuit board was in them. The screen was a hologram, yet completely touch screen. Millions of different gadgets in Izual’s pocket, whenever he was asked about this machine Izual would gladly give them the whole story.

A feminine voice from the e-set said, ”Good afternoon Izual, sleep in again?” This was the computer’s AI Izual had named “Nat”. She ran the computer hardware in the base and the e-set, along with most of Izual’s security system and robots. Izual sighed ”Stop giving me a hassle Nat… Who called?” Nat then continued ”Duriel called but a few moments ago, I knew you were asleep so I ignored it.” Izual, now fully dressed, reached for his belt with his two weapons on it, Frost and Shade. Shade was already glowing a jet black, which made Izual stare for a moment, but quickly the aura went down to a dim. Pushing off the strangeness, Izual placed his belt and the blades in place and said ”Ok Nat, finish the sentry gun I was working on for the base and I’ll call if I need you.” The e-set returned to its normal screen.

Izual took one more look at himself in the mirror, to make sure his hair was in place, and walked down the stairs of the inn. Looking across the loud bunch of characters in front of him he shook his head and reached for his silver framed, dark blue tint sunglasses and put them on. Opening the door of the inn he found Duriel and Gabriel leaning against the wall. A small wave towards them then he said ”Sorry, overslept a bit… So you guys good to go?” Izual was anxious for the mission. He had thought of a better idea for this reactor. He had recently discovered a virus he could implement directly into the computers in the reactor, allowing his e-set to remotely destroy it when they are safely out of the reactor. Izual had a thought of whether he should bring a bomb, or even test the virus at first, but then laughed under his breath and thought ”Almost forgot I was me for a second.”
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"Are you nervous?" This voice aroused his senses, and upon raising his eyes from the ground they were met with the sight of one of the newer recruits - Gabriel, the Viera. Smirking to her, he looked cracked his neck in a confident fashion. "Unfortunately, there's not alot for me to be nervous or scared about anymore." Thinking about grabbing another cig from his pocket and lighting it up out of boredom, he glanced up to actually see Shio, sneaking off somewhere in the distance. Curiosity prodded at him.

Looking over at Gabriel, he then questioned her, though sort of rhetorically. "What about you? Nervous about your first mission?" But just as he finished, he heard movement from inside the Inn that they both leaned against innocently. Gritting his teeth, he casually let the hand that was about to glide into his pocket glide onto the hilt of the Eviscerator on his back. But thankfully, what emerged from the Inn was far less harmless than he imagined. Izual - toying with his phone, it seemed.

Watching his dawn his sunglasses as the doors closed behind him, Duriel smiled toward him, letting his grip loose of the sword. "Sorry, overslept a bit… So you guys good to go?" Chuckling a bit, Duriel felt his blood begin to pump erratically beneath the skin. Talking back to him proudly, Duriel let a wicked grin loose. "Hell yeah I'm ready! Infact, I have a good idea where we might be headed..." Unclipping the holster for his pistol just in case, Duriel looked toward the wooded area where Shio had treaded.

"Keep up if you can," he said, his classic cocky nature showing. "I'm dying to spill some blood here." And with that said, Duriel gave no time to answer. He set off running, right arm moving up to hold the familiar position it had prior to Izual's arrival - as if he could strike down God himself. He wasted no time, following Shio's apparent trail. His own hunting instincts, and that tracking device on his PDA, helped him find right where Shio had gone. His grin slowly drifting into a more serious expression, Duriel carried on.

Eventually, he came across a pair of iron gates. The way that they were torn apart from each other, he could tell this was Slader's handy-work. He knew he was close now, and he could feel Izual and Gabriel close behind. Feeling as if he was fulfilling his previous "natural born leader," boast at MOSES basic training, he slinked through the gates as quietly as possible. And before him stood the putrid giant itself - the Bog Water mako reactor. Not giving himself time take in the scenery, he hurried along.

Okay. According to his readings, both Shio and Slader were inside of this place somewhere. He figured Slader was having the same issue as he - sneaking around with a giant sword and such. But damn, did he ever hope he was going to get the first hit in on that Juggernaut SOLDIER they had been told about! That smile coming back a bit then, he could feel his skin, sticky from the shear humidity that accompanied the town. The radar detected Shio up ahead as Duriel moved in the shadows.

And then, it came into view - the beast of an adversary, the Juggernaut. If a bead of sweat could roll down his head in that 70% humidity, it would have. He was expecting a much smaller tough guy, but it was no matter. But eh, what did he have to lose? After all, in battle, stealth and perfect precision were not part of his plan. Clearly seeing Shio as Duriel strode in, he stopped behind him, smiling. As it came to be in his mind, the only thing he could think was, "Yeah, fuck stealth."

Crouching then as he approached Shio from behind, Duriel lept in one swift motion, letting out a ferocious battle cry as he did so, clearing the top of his team mate's head. Swinging the Eviscerator bravely, he tried his very hardest to bring the sword right down on the monster of a man's head. Unfortunately, this was not to happen as planned, as Duriel's blade was blocked by the SOLDIER crossing his now drawn blades in midair. The pushing contest went on for several seconds, but eventually Duriel decided to repel backward of his own accord.

Hoisting it into a battle stance, he faced the Juggernaut who finally brought his blades down, his face masked from the nose up. Huffing a bit, he dared not turn his back, but he did address him. "Hey Shio. Haven't seen you all day!" And with the last syllable spoken loudly, Duriel rushed in again for a second assault, this time as the blade's clashed, Duriel's producing some mild fireworks due to it's Fire materia. "Give up, you big oaf!" The blades grinded back and forth, neither of them giving an inch.
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Deleting until further notice.

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Izual scratched the back of his right leg with his left foot, put his hands behind his head and sighed. He turned to Gabriel and said ”Always wanting to have fun, he is… Anyway.” He then tapped his sunglasses opening a computer menu on the right lens. Giving him the fastest route to the reactor in a second, hoping to gain an edge on Duriel, he leaped over the dumpster on the side of the inn and set off in a different direction. Much to Izual’s dismay, Duriel had too much of a head start, and he ended up right behind him. Izual heard Duriel struggling and Izual stopped in his tracks at the sight of the monster of a man.

A huge man in thick armor, yet, something was strange. Icicles flew towards the Juggernaut ”There’s Gabriel I guess.” Whilst Duriel and Gabriel fought Izual continued to analyze. He stood now knowing what they were up against by hacking into ShinRa’s main frame, allowing him to get a full description of the SOLDIER. While Duriel was struggling to push the man back Izual moved into action.

Izual darted towards the enemy with precision, rounding behind him. He withdrew his blade, Frost, and channeled energy into a frost slash. A devastating blow crashed onto the back of the Juggernaut, yet, it didn’t even notice the blow. The slash, however, was not ineffective. It had left a huge hole in the armor and allowed Izual to see right into the SOLDIER, or rather, the android. Reaching inside of the Juggernaut-bot, as the information on it rendered its name, he ripped the power-cell out from its back and the android fell to the ground.

Izual sheathed Frost and stood while sighing. ”Apparently ShinRa wasn’t able to duplicate their creation of the Juggernaut Soldier… So they created several of these androids… They are hidden within this reactor.” Duriel seemed annoyed by how easily Izual was able to defeat this and he could only assume what Gabriel was thinking, but using technology to outwit his long-time friend always made him extremely happy.

Looking towards Shio, who Izual hadn’t even noticed until now, Izual waved childishly, flailing his right arm high above his head. ”We killed the scary monsters!” Izual called to Shio. He then cocked his head back to Gabriel and Duriel, ”We should begin our mission though… I’m sure Slader is far ahead of us… And if we hang back for too long we won’t have any fun.” Izual walked to the door and lifted his hand slowly. He formed a Shadow Orb and blew the door off its hinges, knocking out the two guards behind it. ”Sorry guys…” He stepped over them. He then called behind him ”It’s pretty clear guys! We should get going!”
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Shio was just about to attack when Duriel jumped right over his head and attacked the SOLDIER. Shio watched as he crossed moved to attack, but was blocked. Shio stopped building up the ice attack he had prepared and just let Duriel take the enemy, if the idiot wanted to wake up the whole town and let the whole place know they were there, then he'd just slip back into the shadows and let him deal with the mess he created.

"Hey Shio. Haven't seen you all day!" Duriel said to him without taking his eyes off the SOLDIER.

"Gee, I wonder why?" Shio replied in a lazy voice.

As Duriel went in for a second attack, the rookie landed three feet from him. As she stood she threw a blue orb at the Juggernaut, effectively freezing it's left arm. Shio was impressed, at least she had enough of a mind to know to immobilize the giant enemy so he'd be open to attack.

And finally Izual showed up. As Duriel dealth with the giant Izual just stood back and watched. Finally he moved and got behind the giant, freezing it's back, opening it up, and pulling out the power-cell.

Shio ignored whatever he said after he stopped the enemy, but he did take note of the fact that several more were around. Seems like ShinRa was starting to take MOSES seriously now.

”We killed the scary monsters!”Izual yelled out, waving like a child. But the action suited him.

"If you thought that was scary," Shio pointed his thumb at the android as he walked up, "Then you really need to find a new line of work."

Shio rolled his eyes as Izual blasted through the door, did he or Duriel understand anything about stealth. The two might as well just draw their weapons and kill him right now, and Shio went on guard in case they actually decided to do that.

"Izual makes a point." he said as he stepped over the bodies, "Duriel, you and the new girl are supposed to help Slader with the SCORPION, so I suggest you get moving unless you want him to have all the fun with it." he turned back to Izual, "I hope you remembered to bring the bomb or something to shut downt he reactor for good." he started walking towards the reactor, "And don't worry Izual, if any 'scary monsters' show up, I'll be sure to keep you nice and safe." and for added insult, Shio reached out and ruffled Izuals hair like a childs, then started off before the man could react, blending back into the darkness.
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