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Marquis Halim Ondore IV's Lies I'm Captain Basch. Don't believe Ondore's lies!

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Old 11/20/2009   #121
Mama Dragon

Mantichorus wrote: Thanks for sharing that, Glaurung.
Pomona Sprout wrote: LOL That was hilariously cute. Thanks for sharing that.
Any time!
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Old 11/21/2009   #122

Mako Eyes wrote: Well Zidane didn't act the exact same way from FFIX either, so

Terra did get her memory wiped, remember?

And yeah, Cloud acts more like his AC persona, because he's close to the time AC would begin. It's post FFVII.
Well, that's true. He snapped out of the wangst easier.

Is this info in the Ultimania or something? If so, SE suck for not making such things clearer in the actual game itself.
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