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Old 08/15/2017   #1
Jason Tandro
Default Desert Island Games - 2017

It's summer and I like making lists. I figure it's time we break out this party favorite. Using any criteria you like choose 13 games to take with you on a desert island? Why 13? Because it is a satisfying number to me.

1. Any criteria is fine, but try to explain. Also 13 is really just a guideline, don't sweat the actual number so much.
2. Assume that you would have on this island power, the console required and (if needed) and internet connection to play.
3. The idea is to say what games you find most fun / can't live without, not necessarily what games you find objectively the best or on the flip side what games you consider guilty pleasures. That said, see rule 1.
4. The joke "I get X online game and use it to call for help" is not funny.


1. Final Fantasy XIV - Should be obvious that I'm a 14 junkie at this point and the constantly expanding world jam-packed with stuff to do is endlessly entertaining. I would want this to be first and foremost.

2. Super Mario 3 - I can always - ALWAYS - play this classic NES title and even to this day I consider it the best mario game ever made. I would need this in my life for my platforming kick.

3. Pokemon Blue - I would definitely want some Pokemon too. The options to raise and master various pokemon and the emergent gameplay that comes from crafting the perfect team (or doing insane self-challenges) would be high up there for me.

4. Final Fantasy VII - I know I have always said that 8 is my personal favorite and 6 is my objective favorite, but I really think VII is just a story and world I would really miss. Plus there is the Gold Saucer which could serve as a worthy distraction.

5. Skyrim - Yeah I know that this is on everyone's list and even I have made fun of how overhyped it is, but the core game and its expansion packs is still a solid title, and with the addition of Hearthfire I could pretend to have a family to fill the soul-crushing void of being alone!

6. Soul Calibur II - IMHO, the finest fighting game of all time. I love the characters, I love the music, but I especially love the story mode of this game. I would want the GC version for muh Link. Yes I know 3 also had a good story mode with a tactical edge but I prefer 2. 3's character creator is kind of nice but I wouldn't miss it.

7. Age of Empires II - Strategy game of choice. It is the one RTS game that I keep coming back to and nothing makes me feel more like an expert tactician. Because true generals know when to charge, when to strategically retreat, and when to spawn Corvettes!

8. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater - I had a hard time choosing between this and MGSV (or the original MGS for that matter) but I think Snake Eater would keep me coming back. The camo and survival aspects are incredible and while V does have great gameplay and shooter fun I actually find that I get bored of it pretty quickly these days, whereas I can always play some MGS3.

9. GTA V - Though I would miss the murder sandbox and for that I'd stick with GTA V. The story mode is okay but the options that exist in the world in terms of gameplay and handling are really fun. Yes I know other games like San Andreas actually had more to do but I think it's okay to go for a balance. I still play this one almost daily when I need to unwind.

10. Tony Hawk's Underground 2 - I need my skateboarding fix too and THUG2 handles the skateboarding genre damn near perfectly. It's basically a series of giant playgrounds to skateboard through and if you get board (get it) you can make your own, complete with createable goals.

11. Dynasty Warriors 3 - And sometimes I need to feel like an unstoppable warrior and that's where this comes in. Nothing has ever felt quite as satisfying as just marching into a horde of enemies and slicing them to ribbons without breaking a sweat.

12. Super Mario Maker - A recent acquisition but worthy of inclusion. I think the key challenge in desert islands for me is games with replayability and for those with a little patience Mario Maker offers you literally millions of possibilities.

13. Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Lastly I'd need my zelda fix and while it may be a little cliche I think OoT would stand the test of... time.


Okay that's my list. How about ya'lls?
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Flare (08/15/2017), Joe (08/15/2017)
Old 08/15/2017   #2

Persona 5.
Final Fantasy X.
Final Fantasy Tactics.
Final Fantasy XIV.
Chrono Trigger.
Chrono Cross.
Pokemon HeartGold.
Dark Souls 3.
The Witcher 2.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
Mass Effect.
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Flare (08/15/2017), Jason Tandro (08/15/2017), Joe (08/15/2017)
Old 08/15/2017   #3

Okay... here we go.

1. Final Fantasy VII - Because it's been a long-time favorite, and I like to play through it at least once every couple of years.

2. Fallout 4 - I've invested a ridiculous number of hours into this game, and the settlement building is a lot of fun.

3. LoZ: Ocarina of Time - Preferably the Master Quest edition with both the original game and version with the revamped dungeons. I love this game sooooo much.

4. Shadowgate - A guilty pleasure I first played back in the NES era... I have a thing for point-and-click escape games.

5. Mario Kart 64 - This is the best racing game in existence and I defy anyone to say otherwise.

6. Portal - Because I love puzzle games and Portal is awesome.

7. Portal 2 - See above.

8. Final Fantasy VI - Let's face it... as much as I love VII, and even though VII is still my favorite, VI is a superior game overall.

9. Dirge of Cerberus - I'm one of those people that actually enjoyed this game.

10. LoZ: Link to the Past - My second-favorite Zelda title.

11. Tiny Toon Adventures - I really don't even know why. It's a platformer for NES that no one seems to even know exists, and I love it. I still have it, in fact, and bust it out every now and then.

12. Castlevania II: Simon's Quest - Mostly because I have NEVER FUCKING FINISHED THIS STUPID PAIN IN THE ASS GAME even though I've made multiple attempts.

13. Super Mario Bros. 3 - I have to agree with Jason on this one. Best Mario title ever. Plus, it had an entire feature length movie that was basically just a reveal for it.

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Jason Tandro (08/15/2017)

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