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Old 03/02/2018   #3391

Red Sparrow – Nothing whatsoever like a Black Widow film. Much more like a gritty, realistic spy film, and dear god it was good. There's barely any soundtrack, and it makes it exceptionally oppressive in the best way possible. I loved it.

Cyclops. Is. Right.

…Xenomorphaux Pas…

Shademp – on the subject of my seemingly boundless optimism wrote: After Ungoliant had sucked the light from the trees Telperion and Laurelin, she found that there was a third tree but whose light was too potent and immortal for her to absorb. Thusly, Ungoliant left Valinor in tears for she could not absorb the light of the tree named X-SOLDIER.


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Old 04/21/2018   #3392

Trying to catch up on the films I've missed in preparation for Infinity War...

Spider-Man Homecoming

Freaking awesome. I was laughing throughout, I loved Parker's entire development, I wanted more Ned, and the Tony Stark interactions were well placed without it feeling like he was intruding.

Unlike Toby, I never once stopped thinking that this was Parker AND Spider-man. Awesome job.
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X-SOLDIER (04/23/2018)
Old 04/21/2018   #3393

I just watched Tale of Tales a few nights ago. Surprisingly good: Anthology of fairy-tale inspired stories happening at the same time among royals. It's semi-horror, with some rather good practical effects. Made me tear up with some of the tragic endings.
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X-SOLDIER (04/23/2018)
Old 04/23/2018   #3394

A Quiet Place

Very good. Very tense. I love how much they thought about how you would live in a world where you can't make sound. Including what to do with a baby.


I had a blast with this thing. It's exactly the movie I thought it would be (except more brutal and gory than I was expecting, for example there shots of people cut in half), and it was just damn fun. Lots of little additions that were much appreciated.

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f a n c y (05/10/2018), X-SOLDIER (04/23/2018)
Old 05/09/2018   #3395

The Lion King. Three times. On a 12 hour flight. I still love that movie. I don't care what anyone says. Simba is so cute.

It. The newest movie. I watched this both before the long flight I mentioned before (several weeks ago) and on the flight. It is surprisingly good for a remake. Remakes are usually... "not very good". Urgh, what am I saying, remakes are usually awful. But It was actually very good. And Pennywise was scary in a different way to the Pennywise in the tv series.
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Cthulhu (05/09/2018), f a n c y (05/10/2018), Interslicery (05/13/2018)
Old 05/09/2018   #3396

Where were you going/coming from?
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Old 05/09/2018   #3397

Minato wrote: Where were you going/coming from?
Are you asking me? I was coming back from Vietnam. I live in the UK and I went to Vietnam for 6 weeks with my family. The flight itself was from Hong Kong, though, as we transferred there on the flight from Vietnam to Uk.
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f a n c y (05/10/2018), Minato (05/10/2018)
Old 05/09/2018   #3398

Moana (finally!)
Visually stunning thanks to the amazing art direction that for a while 'lacked on a product disney imho. The plot is pretty and interesting although perhaps I was expecting more, but surely it's an improvement compared to the boredom of Frozen.
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Anemone (05/28/2018), Ghost X (05/28/2018), Interslicery (05/13/2018)
Old 05/10/2018   #3399

Män som hatar kvinnor, aka the Swedish version of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"; I found it really compelling and edge of the seat material, but I think that was mostly because I've read the book and watched the English / Daniel Craig version too, and still forgot some details and the plot twist in the end that is, that Harriet is still alive and had the thing figured out, etc; also the religious connotations and the fact the killer(s) are basically nazis killing women with Jewish names). I also got a stronger feel for the similarities and whatnot between the various storylines that is, Sallander's murder of her father and the death of Martin, as well as Bjurman being a cunt..

I didn't care much for the sequel books though, dunno if I can be fucked to watch the sequel movies.
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Ghost X (05/28/2018), Shademp (05/10/2018), X-SOLDIER (05/10/2018)
Old 05/20/2018   #3400
Keveh Kins

I watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and thought it was shit

Hire claustrophobics. On the whole,
they're better at thinking outside the box.
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Cthulhu (05/20/2018), Ghost X (05/28/2018), Shademp (05/21/2018)
Old 05/28/2018   #3401

The Disaster Artist. I haven't seen The Room (although I am of course familiar with its most famous scenes -- YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA), but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. It even managed to keep me awake during my flight! I ♡ Dave Franco.
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Ghost X (05/28/2018)
Old 06/05/2018   #3402
solo player sab

Finally saw Coco on Netflix this past weekend! The colors were soooOoOoOOOoo pretty...I feel like I totally missed out on seeing all that on the big screen.

Loved the celebration of Mexican heritage. The story was beautiful and I cried like a baby, naturally. Chancla jokes are always necessary and appreciated - although (SPOILER) very smart on Disney to pull a chancla on a grown man instead of a kid I see what you did there!
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Interslicery (06/05/2018)
Old 06/05/2018   #3403
Lucis Caelum

Avengers: Age of Ultron, it's been a while since I saw it. It was fine.

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Old 06/05/2018   #3404

Lucis Caelum wrote: Avengers: Age of Ultron, it's been a while since I saw it. It was fine.

They could have made it better, to be honest. If only they stuck close to the source material (when it came to bringing Ultron to the big screen).
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Old 06/10/2018   #3405
Ghost X

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Better than I anticipated, but 3/5 stars .
Winner is me!

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