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Old 07/27/2018   #16

The Fray was the best thing to come from the comics imo

Honestly the only reason I'm not super stoked about a live action reboot is because I am still low-key holding out for an animated series

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Addy Carver (07/29/2018), Lex (07/28/2018), The Twilight Mexican (07/28/2018)
Old 07/27/2018   #17

The Twilight Mexican wrote: What the writer tweeted is still very vague, but it doesn't necessarily speak to a continuation in my mind. And taking into account the wider mythos, a continuation wouldn't really fit into the continuity established by "Fray," which the current "Reckoning" arc of Buffy's comic (the final season of her comic) looks set to establish.
Like with most continuations of big properties (if this is indeed a continuation) most fans will unfortunately have to settle for the fact that anything from the comics will most likely be ignored, phased out, or at best, loosely referenced. It's just how it goes really.

The Twilight Mexican wrote: If I had to guess, I'd say they're going for a reboot with a different cast of characters. The lead may or may not be named Buffy, but the others won't be Willow, Xander, Giles, etc.
You mean, something like the Charmed reboot/revival/whatisit? They keep changing their minds as to how connected they new show seems to be every couple of months. I can't see them really going down that route and doing similar characters but with different names. It would infuriate the fans to no end.
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Old 07/28/2018   #18

With Jose's name attached to the project I can see them avoiding some pitfalls.

That charmed reboot is a whole other level of weird. There are analysis videos on YouTube and some of the acting is shockingly bad, but I'm not prepared to hate it yet. I loved charmed, even if it felt like a neutered Buffy at the time lol

Especially for me, by the awesome GLD!
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Ami (07/29/2018), Claymore (07/28/2018), The Twilight Mexican (07/29/2018)
Old 07/28/2018   #19
Kingdom Hearts530

I wonder just how much of a continuation its going to be. Like will they reference ATS and the comics as well?

I guess we'll just have to wait and see
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Old 07/28/2018   #20

I don't think there's enough info for me to decide how I feel... was a great Buffy fan back in the day, but lost interest about halfway through Angel. I still have an autographed photo of Giles though :3
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