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Old 09/14/2016   #1
Default Last concert you attended

Musical version of Last Film You've Seen. (Side note: holy cow that thread is old; it's ID is 74. )

I saw LANY play Tavastia, Helsinki, last night. I'd never heard them (or even heard of them) until Monday, when a friend offered me a free ticket. It was a decent gig. A bit more poppy that most of the stuff I listen to but they sounded good.

What was the last concert you attended? And how was it?
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Octo (06/18/2017)
Old 09/14/2016   #2

Shinedown in Twentynine Palms, California. It was the last concert of their tour in 2013, and because some of them are military brats they wanted to have a concert that was free to attend on base. I don't know if it's something they do often; I assume so, because they were pretty happy about performing for us on base.

But it was a good concert, and they play a pretty good live show. It wasn't like many bands you hear today that don't even sound anything close to what you hear on their album. They played a lot of good songs, including my favorite, 'I'll Follow You', which I still have recorded on my phone. 'Twas a good time.

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Flintlock (09/14/2016), Octo (06/18/2017)
Old 09/14/2016   #3

Gackt in Saitama, back in July. The last two shows of his "Last Visualive -Saigo no Tsuki-" tour in Japan.

Was pretty cool, the Saitama Super Arena felt massive to me as I was mostly used to those small, dingy venues in weird parts of the town where metal bands usually play and such
Pics from inside

I was fairly close to the stage. In front of me was space for camera crew

The concert was like four hours long. Longest show I've ever seen that doesn't have a supporting act. The concept was that there was a story that was being told alongside the concert so there were cinematic clips being shown for the intro and ending of the show as well as during intermissions.
The stage itself had a massive LCD as a backdrop that would dynamically change the background for each song.
You could get those big glow sticks to wave around and there were instructions which colors to use during which part of the show.
So during one part of the concert the lights would be all blue, then all red during another etc. Looking around the arena and seeing all those lights wave around in unison looked quite beautiful actually

One song also had the screen display something like a rhythm game where you were basically supposed to use the sticks for taiko air drumming
YouTube Video

There was a part in the middle where Gackt basically just interacted with the audience for like, an hour. That was kind of boring to me though what with me barely speaking Japanese

Overall a very entertaining show though. The sound was great and Gackt was in top form. It was an audiovisual spectacle.

At the end of the last show there was an announcement of a world tour for 2017 so I'm curious how that'll go.

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Flintlock (09/14/2016), Octo (06/18/2017)
Old 09/14/2016   #4

Weird Al in Bloomington, IL last year. He's always awesome in concert. Got an autograph after the show, too.
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Flintlock (09/14/2016), Octo (06/18/2017)
Old 09/14/2016   #5

Great review, Tets!
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Octo (06/18/2017), Tetsujin (09/16/2016)
Old 09/14/2016   #6

The V97 1997.... Foo Fighters were headlining.

Er...other than that some gig in the basement of a bookshop in Liverpool. A guy off teacher trainings band were playing. We spent most of it sitting in the backroom eating soup and talking to his mother.

I don't get out much.
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Flintlock (09/14/2016)
Old 09/15/2016   #7
Nanaki Skywalker

River City Rockfest 2016.

Bands included...
Bullet For My Valentine
Sixx A.M.
Pop Evil
The Sword
Texas Hippie Coalition
Red Sun Rising
Wild Throne
plus 4 local bands

All across 3 stages.

Let's just say, I can't wait to see next year's lineup. Megadeth was what got me to buy my ticket, but for Scorps and Disturbed, it felt like coming full circle. Scorpions coheadlined my first ever concert, which was the Maximum Rock Tour in 1999 with Motley Crue, while Disturbed was a supporting act for the next one I went to, which was Static X and Godsmack. Disturbed had just released their debut album, and while I was somewhat impressed by what they put on, I grossly underestimated how big they were about to get. It wasn't long before my dad and I bought tickets to every Disturbed show that came to town over the course of the next 5 years (including their Ozzfest appearances, which we bought by default anyway). I just never thought in my wildest dreams that I would see Scorpions and Disturbed on the same bill...and boy, did both bands bring their A-game. Disturbed even did a covers medley including Nine Inch Nails, The Who, U2, and Rage Against The Machine.
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Cthulhu (09/15/2016), Flintlock (09/15/2016), Octo (06/18/2017)
Old 09/15/2016   #8

Back to the Future in Concert this past March. It was pretty awesome hearing the score live as the film played; they also included "new" music in scenes where it didn't have it. They say new but those themes were recycled from the sequels.. like that Doc and Clara love theme was played during the scene when Lorraine told the story of how she and George met. Alan Silvestri was also present for the introduction.

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Flintlock (09/15/2016), Octo (06/18/2017)
Old 11/14/2016   #9

I went and seen Coheed and Cambria back in may and brought my friend along who had never been to a concert before. I didn't really know who they were beforehand I got the tickets by cause my friend liked them. They were pretty good and played well live. Also I want to grow out my hair like the singer long curly hair already have the curls.

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Flintlock (11/18/2016), Octo (06/18/2017)
Old 06/17/2017   #10
Nanaki Skywalker

Metallica - June 14, 2017 at the Alamodome, San Antonio, TX

This was my 3rd time seeing them, but my first time seeing them in my hometown. My first time was in 2000 at Texas Stadium in Irving, TX (the home of the Dallas Cowboys from 1970-2008) on the Summer Sanitarium Tour. I had just gotten into them the year before, and was so itching to see them that my dad got us tickets to see the show all the way in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area (this was the only show on the tour in the state of Texas, so this had to do. Plus, we have relatives that had just moved into the area at the time, which effectively provided us a free place to stay).

The second time was in 2004 at the Alltell Arena in Little Rock, AK. How, oh how, does a San Antonian manage to score tickets to this show, when a San Antonio date was confirmed for the SBC Center (now known as the AT&T Center) on the same tour? Well, 99.5 KISS was giving away a trip for 2 to the Little Rock show, with hotel, airfare, and tickets already paid for, and this contest just so happened to be a guess the lyrics game. Since I had the band's entire catalog at the time, it was only a matter of time before the rest of the field choked.

This time, my cousin texted me where she and her husband got tickets so I could get a nearby seat. To my luck, there was an available seat right next to them, and I wasted no time getting that seat. I wanted to go with them in one vehicle, so I had to wait for both to get off work. Because of traffic and parking, we missed Local H's set, but we did catch Avenged Sevenfold. In a "trivial shit that annoys me" incident, we went in line for beer after Avenged Sevenfold ended their set...and this particular vendor had a long-ass line. We waited for 45 minutes. Finally, when there were only about 5-7 people left in front of us, The Ecstasy of Gold played on the PA, which always signals the beginning of Metallica's set. At that moment, the venue cut off all beer sales. I responded by raising my middle finger as high in the air as my right arm would reach...then we rushed to our seats. The first song in the set was Hardwired (which was fitting, given our beer situation...we were indeed "so fucked" and "shit out of luck"), but the rest of the show was badass. We got railing seats, and I'll tell you what, that railing makes good air guitar material, especially when the guy sitting 3 seats to your right is playing air drums.

Here's the setlist, as well as a pre-order of that show, in case anyone is interested.
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Cthulhu (06/19/2017), Flintlock (06/19/2017), Ghost X (06/17/2017), Octo (06/18/2017)
Old 07/13/2017   #11

oh wow I can actually contribute for once!

Erm, I blabbed about this already. But Manic Street Preachers in Llangollen. Possibru the greatest night of my life. No definitely.

You just don't understand like. I cannot express...

They're the only band that really mattered to me. And I' liked them since I was 14, saw them only once when I was 15. Its been 20 fucking years. And its crippling anxiety and not having any fucking money that prevented me seeing them. But now I've sort of conquered one of those demons. So like its the culmination of a lot of stuff but anyway

here is a pic of the setlist

And that Leonard Cohen quote is fucking true in my case at least. lol I literally only just noticed that.

And I already mentioned that originally it looked like Nicky Wire wasn't gonna be there cos his mum is seriously ill and for those who have been living under a rock I am totally in love with the guy and I totally understood why he wouldn't want to be away from home. And I had resigned myself to that. Cos I knew it would be a fucking great gig anyway even though I would miss him like hell.

So when they finally came on stage and he walked on I was just it was heartstopping and I just got on my feet as did most of the crowd and I clapped so fucking hard my hands hurt. He did not have to do this gig and that he did means more than words and I can never repay him enough for that.

And yeah it was a great fucking gig and the atmosphere was amazing and obviously because it was their first gig in Wales this year it was extra special, at the climax of Tolerate there was an explosion of streamers in the colours of the Welsh flag and at the end when they closed with Design for Life confetti was flying everywhere. It was fucking magical.

And then I managed to meet Nicky very briefly, and it is mad because I wanted to do this ages ago I thought if I ever meet him I'm gonna give him something I made and I gave him a cookie monster badge and 3 bracelets, one just black metal stars, one that just said 'something meaningful' and one that said Y DDRAIG GOCH DDYRY CYCHWYN which is an inscription you get on Welsh pound coins and basically means 'the Red Dragon will lead the way' Obviously if I ever see him wear any of them then that will be awesome but I don't want to like when your nan gives you a horrible jumper and you feel forced to wear it. Which is why I said 'this is just some tat I made' and that he could throw it away XD

Anyway, I still haven't processed the whole thing. It just seems insane.

And then when I went back to the car, I had to go up a hill to get to the car park, Llangollen is in a valley and its really beautiful and there was a gorgeous bright full moon and....I dunno it was just fucking perfect.

and heres a bit of footage, the girl taking it was like 10 seats over from where I was, phone quality but hopefully it conveys at least something of the atmosphere

YouTube Video

And also I spent the day hanging around with some awesome people that I had spoken to through facebook but like literally met for the first time that day and it just didn't feel weird. If this thing was a videogame boss I think I just racked up over 9000 EXP.

Oh and I got a pin badge:

And pic spam I seriously need to get a better camera the one on my phone is shite.

(Mostly Manics related things but some other stuff and more things being added all the time! <3
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Old 08/23/2017   #12
The Twilight Mexican

So, I saw Bleachers back in June. They were genuinely amazing -- a great energy in the room, and they were as thrilled to be there as anybody in the audience was.

This was also my first ever concert.

I saw Counting Crows with Matchbox Twenty this past Sunday. Their show was good, and pretty much what you would expect from two bands whose heyday was in the 90s -- though I'd have preferred they stuck to mostly their 90s stuff rather than doing half that, and half whatever they've been experimenting on since.

A mostly mellow mood, but definitely a positive vibe all throughout. Also: Rob Thomas sounds the same; Adam Duritz most definitely does not. XD

Also also: a hell of a lot of people showed up for them. They were surprised at how many of us there were.

Seeing Goo Goo Dolls this coming Sunday. Pretty fucking excited.
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Flintlock (08/23/2017)

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