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Final Fantasy VII Remake The remake of FFVII announced at E3 on June 15th, 2015 -- OUR WHOLE LIVES HAVE BEEN LEADING UP TO THIS MOMENT!!

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Old 09/29/2015   #706

I don't think they'll mess too much with the main story as long as they don't try to force a lot of compilation stuff into it. However since it's a thread about it, I do have a wish that unfortunately I don't think Square Enix will realize with this remake.

I don't know if someone ever mentioned it in this thread but I hope they'll keep the scary parts into the remake or even add more.

Remember how it was to be the only one to wake up and see that your prison cell's door is wide open, leading to a bloody hallway filled with corpses?
Remember how frightening it was to witness the powerful and gigantic Midgar Zolom being impaled on a tree? (Still send chills down my spine even in the original, though)
How unsettling it was to discover a massacre occurred in the amusement park you were having into just a moment ago?

At several occasions Final Fantasy VII was scarier than a lot of full fledged horror games out there. I was a kid when I played it for the first time and at multiple occasions I wanted to quit because it was going too scary. However, I still continued and it was awesome. I think those scary parts are very important to the game's atmosphere. Moreover they had awesome soundtracks to go with it like Trail of Blood or Who are You, even the silences were perfectly placed!

I want this kind of scenes to be very intense in the remake. I want it to be as scary as it was the first time I played it. It would be even better if they try to do more on that side. However I doubt they'll actually do it. In fact, I think it is very likely that they will actually tone down all these parts. A look at the compilation is enough to tell. Take Jenova for example. Glancing at her headless body in the OG was horrifying, all of her forms were disgusting but in the compilation she looks more like a blue lady than an alien.
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Old 09/29/2015   #707
Mayo Master

^ To be honest, as far as the "gory" aspect of the game is concerned, I believe it will strongly depend on whether Square will feel bound to comply to a certain Rating (I mean the CERO/ESRB/PEGI kind) or not. Personally, I feel like if Final Fantasy VII were rated today, it would get a M (17+) rating here (blood, references to drugs, alcohol, sex, language, etc.), whereas it was rated for Teens back then. I personally fear that Square will want to shoot for a Teen rating for the remake, which will have them water down a lot of content (not just blood) - however there's still hope it won't be the case (Type-0 was rated M (17+) and Square didn't have a problem with that).
Now, as some folks here already mentioned, I believe the scarier part of Final Fantasy VII may rather be about Cloud's mental state. In particular, I think the notion of "losing control of your own self" is scarier than seeing trails of blood. That being said, I understand that for a kid, seeing blood is scary while losing one's mind seems abstract - sensitivities change as you grow up.
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Mr. Ite (10/04/2015)
Old 09/30/2015   #708

I'm hoping to see the scenes with Cloud and Reno both in Gongaga and in Wutai, especially Wutai with that Sicko-Corneo searching scene, and Reno giving out a clue to Cloud.

I think this is when Reno is starting to understand Cloud's intentions up to the point of their last meeting at the Railway, and do not see each other again for two years.
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Old 09/30/2015   #709

Let's hope the remake will be as mature as the OG was.
Personally I never found Cloud's mental state to be scary, even now. I mean he wasn't like any other human anymore since Hojo experimented on him. When you take this into consideration and add all the physical and psychological trauma he undergoes afterward, it's only normal that he ended up like this.
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CrashOuch (11/22/2015)
Old 09/30/2015   #710

(Sorry for the double post but I didn't find an edit button)
Moreover, I think it must actually feel good to just stop caring and only listen to Jenova's will. You don't to have strive (strive, Strife, see what I did there?) for anything anymore, and it gives you a purpose to fulfill.
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CrashOuch (11/22/2015), leadmyskeptic (10/03/2015)
Old 10/13/2015   #711

(I'm a bit late in coming up with this list)
What I want in the remake:

A Bestiary

Trophies for real accomplishments
- no wimpy trophies!
- all the Overlord trophies and Weapon trophies
- all items/armors/weapons/enemyskills trophies
- gold chocobo trophy
- no-cheat trophy, awarded after the point of no return
(or just no opportunities to cheat in the first place)

this key item
Get the Mystery Panties back in the game.
For that matter, make underwear count for points.

affection points
No need to add the originally-intended battle affection factors. Too complicated.
The original point system we got was fine except for the repeat glitches.
Then again, additional unknown factors may have the player feel some kind of mystery about the eventual outcome
and forget about the math and choose dialog and actions more instinctually.
Because Cloud is "none the wiser".

I know some people wouldn't like this, but:
I don't want the w-item glitch, nor the repeating affection points glitches.
That includes Yuffie: need a limit on how many times you can not get her,
because she'll eventually get with the party because that's what she secretly wanted anyway.
In other words, you can't reject her infinity times (points or not).
Maybe 3 or 4 times.
I do think the early Quadra Magic maneuver is cool, though.
It's not a lazy man's accomplishment,
it's about exploring the game and learning what the airship can do and forging your path towards the goal.
Just like you can get Beta early on if you employ clever strategies.

from the compilation
In the story I want it known that Zack, Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie
reawaken for and contribute to the lifestream's assault on meteor
as described in one of the versions of Maiden Who Travelled the Planet.
I want it to be cheesy too, like including a "yah---hooo" from one of them.

I want to see the characters suffer. Physically and emotionally.
Rich non-verbal communication and facial expressions in the animation.
I want to see their angry faces. And a rare smile from each, at rare times.
And to see them fight, hurt, comfort each other.

No need for new story content, but of course a clearer and richer translation.
And actions speak louder than words, especially in HD, adding to that.
And a hawt 'under the Highwind' scene-
fade to black doesn't have to come immidiately after Tifa's famous line.

battle encounters
fewer/no random battles:
visible patches of monster activity on the world map
chrono-trigger-style visible enemies on the field maps

battle system
turn-based or not, as long as I can still control all the characters if i want.
Setting some on auto mode at my discretion would be acceptable.
I believe time bars are realistic; one would need great strength/skill/rage
to continuously attack without retreating.
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Channy (10/13/2015), ChOcOboO (11/07/2015), Flare (10/14/2015), Theozilla (10/16/2015)
Old 10/13/2015   #712

I definitely want the characters to be more expressive. And I want a concrete Highwind scene. I almost don't even want it to be player influenced, just something canon. I dunno, I take that scene too seriously I guess but I just think it's an important scene and I want it to be part of the story line.
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robotwarui (10/14/2015), Theozilla (10/16/2015)
Old 10/14/2015   #713

So I'm playing FF7 on my PSP and I forgot some dumb things:

---How to get the Mythril from that one house near Gongaga
---Why talking to that old man every time your battle count ends in 00 or 55 66 or 77 (or other double numbers) is important besides Great Gospel.
---I got lost in Nibelheim Mountains and can't find all the item paths (some places are deadends it seems).

I sure hope this remake makes it easier not to get lost.
^Here's hoping for:
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Old 11/03/2015   #714

I just hope they don't change too much in the remake. I'm still hoping they'll add in the content from the Compilation of FFVII and add in a new secret ending leading to the next sequel set after DOC or at least a secret ending leading to a remake of BC.

But knowing my luck, that'll never happen. One thing I do know will most likely happen, is, like FFXV, they'll move the remake up from PS4 to PS5. I can just see that happening.
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Old 11/21/2015   #715

One thing I'm really looking forward to is finding out what the hell bugenhagen is.
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CrashOuch (11/22/2015), Flare (11/21/2015), Lex (11/24/2015)
Old 11/21/2015   #716

I'm more curious about the chocobo sage.
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Old 11/22/2015   #717

Pixel wrote: One thing I'm really looking forward to is finding out what the hell bugenhagen is.
He is a tiny old man standing atop what is probably a very large magic materia to facilitate flight -

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Flare (11/22/2015)
Old 11/22/2015   #718

See, and it took me years to figure that out...

So, why do you come here?
Same as you, I think. I've been here a lot...
You must have a lot going on your mind, I suppose.
Yeah, but I'd rather have nothing for a change. How do you do it?
Well, it comes with practice. I can think of nothing.
I do not feel the need to occupy my mind with nonsense, just to avoid thinking about what really matters.

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Old 11/23/2015   #719

Ruby Rose wrote: See, and it took me years to figure that out...
Ditto. I literally though the green ball beneath his feet was his feet or something like that, or that he was wearing a dress or whatever... lol.
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Old 11/25/2015   #720

^Likewise. I'm sure characters like Bugenhagen and the Chocobo Sage made perfect sense in the developers' minds, but graphics weren't exactly on their side in the end.

Of course, in the case of the Chocobo Sage, I do like this comparison being drawn here: bottom of 'Supporting and main cast' section
Anyway, I wonder will the Sage have a place in the remake. I can't see why not, and yet I can see why the developers might omit him - might just depend on the overall tone they try to portray.
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