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Final Fantasy VII All events from the 1997 classic RPG, with which it all began.

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Old 07/24/2018   #16

Lex wrote: AC as a spiritual object absorbed years of fandom anticipation and longing
So what you're saying is that Advent Children is materia

and us, the original FFVII fans, are the Ancients whose thoughts and knowledge have poured into this movie to imbue it with its magical powers

...And when you insert the DVD or Blu-ray disc into your player, is that like equipping a materia to your weapon or armor?
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Clement Rage wrote: All hail Shademp, God of Dirge.
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Old 07/24/2018   #17

I love you. Don't ever change.
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Old 07/24/2018   #18

I think what made me cringe is that they were trying to pose that show as explaining the game to someone who never played or even seen the game before, and yet they bounced all over the place with information that wouldn't make any sense unless you already HAD played it. So to a layman, this podcast would be almost impossible to follow, while a familiar gamer would feel like this isn't exactly a deep or personal look, and from someone that doesn't really sound like they know or care about the game.

It's a podcast episode that has no idea who it's talking to, or how to talk to said mystery audience.
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Old 07/24/2018   #19

You hit the nail on the head, chip.

I also think they were wrong about the stereotypes. The game was subversive because it subverted the stereotypes. The guy who talked about Aerith being pure and gentle seemed to know less about the game than the other two.

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Old 07/24/2018   #20

......people still hate on AC? sad, just sad.
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Howl (07/25/2018)
Old 07/25/2018   #21

Advent Children is largely unforgiving to the uninitiated. But I don't think you can really call it "objectively bad." It's really its own beast, but it works as part of the whole compilation.

As far as the podcast goes, it reminds me of having to hear people I know talking about Final Fantasy VII without me. It's painful only because I have no input in the conversation.

The subversion aspect of the story is very interesting, and something I've talked about in my own videos on the game. So I liked hearing about that.
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Old 07/26/2018   #22
Clement Rage

AC isn't meant to be a standalone, it's right there in the title crawl "To those who loved this world, this reunion is for you."

The funny thing about things that are objectively bad is that people seldom agree on why they are so.. I'm not sure what an objectively bad film looks like, at what what point does it hit an objective level of badness?
Octo, and possibly some other people wrote: You should be able to build your side without tearing another down
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