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Old 12/14/2014   #1
Default Video game characters you'd bang

I'll go first

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Ami (12/14/2014), Dawnbreaker (12/15/2014), Howl (12/14/2014), Kermitu Kleric Katie (12/18/2014), Octo (12/14/2014), Tennyo (12/15/2014)
Old 12/14/2014   #2

Hojo, Ruby Weapon, Mog, giant mutated Sephiroth dick Sin, and Norg.

But really, I'll go with Squall's dad.
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Channizard wrote: fuck a cracker that is beautiful
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Dawnbreaker (12/15/2014), Kermitu Kleric Katie (12/18/2014), Minato (12/16/2014), Octo (12/14/2014), Tennyo (12/15/2014)
Old 12/14/2014   #3

I'm going to be clichéd and say a Dead or Alive character

I used to, uh, "enjoy" this picture of Lei Fang, and a few others like it, from DOA2 when I was younger and had no internet access...

I guess there might be a few others, I haven't really thought about it that much since I was a teenager
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Dawnbreaker (12/15/2014), Kermitu Kleric Katie (12/18/2014), Lex (12/14/2014), Minato (12/16/2014), Tetsujin (12/14/2014)
Old 12/14/2014   #4

Tseng, Reno preferably at the same time. Also Luigi but make Mario watch....uh...

Edit: going to second what Howl said -Laguna is like probably the only genuinely nice non psycho, non morally dubious FF character that I actually like.

(Mostly Manics related things but some other stuff and more things being added all the time! <3
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AvecAloes (12/15/2014), Dawnbreaker (12/15/2014), Ghost X (12/14/2014), Kermitu Kleric Katie (12/18/2014), LicoriceAllsorts (12/14/2014), Shademp (12/14/2014), Tennyo (12/15/2014), Tetsujin (12/14/2014)
Old 12/14/2014   #5

you know in devil may cry 4 where dante gets stubble

yeah, that
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Dawnbreaker (12/15/2014), Kermitu Kleric Katie (12/18/2014), Lex (12/14/2014), Tennyo (12/15/2014), Tetsujin (12/14/2014)
Old 12/14/2014   #6
Keveh Kins

Lightning, because she's awesome first and foremost and the smokin' hotness is but a bonus Also Quistis or Aerith.

For the dudes, I'd totally bang Joel from The Last of Us or mayhaps Nathan Drake...ooh, Trevor Belmont from Lords of Shadow. Dem Belmonts and their chains

Hire claustrophobics. On the whole,
they're better at thinking outside the box.
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AvecAloes (12/15/2014), Dawnbreaker (12/15/2014), Kermitu Kleric Katie (12/18/2014), Shademp (12/14/2014), Tennyo (12/15/2014)
Old 12/14/2014   #7

What game characters I would have in my reverse harem: Sephiroth, Maxie, Archie, & Steven Stone from Pokémon Sapphire and Ruby, Professor Sycamore from Pokémon X and Y, Sly Cooper, Shadow the Hedgehog, Jon Talbain from Darkstalkers, Ganondorf, Vega from Street Fighters, Hyo Imawano from Rival Schools, and Erazor from Sonic and the Secret Rings.
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Dawnbreaker (12/15/2014), Kermitu Kleric Katie (12/18/2014), Tennyo (12/15/2014)
Old 12/14/2014   #8
Mr. Ite

Huh? Finger!? What the hell?

I'm the position cursor!! Call me whenever you're walking around confused!
Push the [SELECT] button and I'll appear over your shiny little head.

Geez, you stand out even more than I do...

Am I in the way? If so, just push the [SELECT] button one more time.
I'm pretty busy myself, and can't always come when you need me. If I don't show up sometimes, don't get mad.
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Alex Strife (12/15/2014), Ami (12/14/2014), AvecAloes (12/15/2014), Dawnbreaker (12/15/2014), ForceStealer (12/14/2014), Kermitu Kleric Katie (12/18/2014), Keveh Kins (12/14/2014), Lex (12/14/2014), LicoriceAllsorts (12/14/2014), Shademp (12/14/2014), Tennyo (12/15/2014), Wolfhart (12/14/2014)
Old 12/14/2014   #9

Basch. And whatsisname, Al Cid.

<img src= border=0 alt= />

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Dawnbreaker (12/15/2014), Kermitu Kleric Katie (12/18/2014), Lex (12/14/2014)
Old 12/14/2014   #10
The Man

(Adult) Rydia
(Adult) Yuffie
Lara Croft

That's a fair kickoff selection I guess

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Thanked by 2:
Dawnbreaker (12/15/2014), Kermitu Kleric Katie (12/18/2014)
Old 12/14/2014   #11

Let's see...

-Tali (obv)
-Liara (obv)
-Ashley Williams (somewhat less obvious duh)
-Dr. Chakwas (wanna fight about it?)
-Tifa (duh)
-BEATRIX (!!!!!)
-(Adult) Rikku
-FRAN (!!!!!!)
-Lara Croft (2013 imoooo)
-Triss Merigold
-Lilith and Moxxi (Borderlands)
-Jade (MK)
-Kinzie (Saint's Row)
-Carley (TWD)
-Cassandra Pentaghast
-Mhairi (DA Awakening)
-(Adult) Lucca
-Valeria (Suikoden)
-Every incarnation of Jeane (Suikoden)
-Cynthia from Pokemon

that's just off the top of my head though

god this sounds really bad
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Thanked by 5:
Cthulhu (12/14/2014), Fangu (12/14/2014), Kermitu Kleric Katie (12/18/2014), null (12/15/2014), Tetsujin (12/14/2014)
Old 12/14/2014   #12
Super Mario

- Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)
- Riven (League of Legends)
- Ahri (LoL)
- Ashe (LoL)
- Lightning Farron (FFXIII)
- Yuna (FFX)
- Paine (FFX-2)
- Evelynn (LoL)
- Bayonetta
- Zelda (Legend of Zelda)
- Aqua (Kingdom Hearts)
- Fran (FFXII)
- Tifa Lockhart (FFVII)
- Katarina (LoL)
- Mila (DoA 5)
- Tina Armstrong (DoA)
- Ayane (DoA)
- Jun Kazama (Tekken Tag 2)
- Zafina (Tekken 6)
- Christie Montiero (Tekken 5/6)
- Ivy (Soul Calibur)
- Litchi (Blazblu)
- Taokaka (Blazblu)
- Chun-Li (Street Fighter)
- Cammy (Street Fighter)
- Elena (Stret Fighter)
- Nami (One Piece Pirate Warriors)
- Boa Hancock (One Piece Pirate Warriors)
- Nico Robin (One Piece Pirate Warriors)

I take it back this is bad for my health.

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Thanked by 5:
Cthulhu (12/14/2014), Dawnbreaker (12/15/2014), Kermitu Kleric Katie (12/18/2014), Omega (12/15/2014), Tetsujin (12/14/2014)
Old 12/14/2014   #13

I remember my friends in high school claiming to have straight-up fantasized about video game (or other animated) characters. While I can of course identify ones that are attractive both in aesthetics and personality, I was never able to actually fantasize about one. It is not at all a matter of judgement, or that I find it to be any different than any other kind of fantasy...I mean, that's what fantasy means, after all. But I was just curious if you all ever had/do/could or have the same block I do.

Anyway, on topic:
Lulu (FFX)
Beatrix (FFIX)
Celes (FFVI)
Elena (Uncharted)
Chihiro (P3)
Milla (Xillia)
...are all great options, but...

Game heroines don't get much more drop-dead gorgeous than that. Such a drag that tasteful fanart of her is an incomparable rarity.

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Alex Strife (12/15/2014), AvecAloes (12/15/2014), Dawnbreaker (12/15/2014), Kermitu Kleric Katie (12/18/2014), Lex (12/14/2014), Omega (12/15/2014), Tennyo (12/15/2014), Tetsujin (12/14/2014)
Old 12/14/2014   #14

Rebecca Chambers (Resident Evil)
Aqua (Kingdom Hearts)

I could name more but I'm tired and these are the ones that came to mind immediately. :p
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Thanked by 2:
Dawnbreaker (12/15/2014), Kermitu Kleric Katie (12/18/2014)
Old 12/15/2014   #15

Liara T'soni
Triss Merigold

Reject common sense to make the impossible possible!

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Dawnbreaker (12/15/2014), ForceStealer (12/15/2014), Kermitu Kleric Katie (12/18/2014), Omega (12/15/2014)

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